Director Chen Huan

LiMei’s alarm goes off, she had set it last night for 5 A.M. She still likes to get up early, it is a habit ingrained in her from her years with the Organization. Last night she didn’t have any nightmares, she feels refreshed, stretching her arms in the air she thinks she will go running then go to the little cafe she had stopped in yesterday by the bus stop. 

     The coffee was delicious and she liked the ambiance of the cafe. Then she can plan her day from there, maybe go visit Father Lam, she has the cash from the pervert she can buy some gifts for the kids. Happy with her plan for the day she turns on the shower for it to heat up then runs back to get under the covers, one of the only downsides of her little apartment it is drafty.

     After she showers she puts on some grey leggings, a short black top and her pink tennies, for fun she decides to wear the red wig she bought yesterday, it can be pulled into a pony tail, she always loved wearing different disguises, role playing.

     LiMei only applies a light lip gloss. she doesn’t like the feel of makeup on her face, she only wears it when she has to present a more polished look.The contacts irritate her eyes so she decides she will wear sunglasses, then put them in later.

     The balcony of her apartment is the perfect size allowing her to practice her martial arts, a large shade tree blocks the view from the street making it a fairly private space. LiMei always begins by meditating clearing her mind of all thoughts, then she practices her Tai Chi, lastly the more vigorous martial arts Kuang Bo taught her. This is a routine she has done daily for five years, strengthening both her mind and body. Actually, she feels this structured regime is one of the positive takeaways from her previous life.

     She goes into her apartment when she finishes, her water bottle is on the counter ready to go, she grabs it, her sunglasses, a light windbreaker. Placing the sunglasses in her pocket, the sun isn’t up yet, she runs down the steps ready to meet the day. The park she is going to run around is about three blocks away, no one is on the street yet, she likes the deserted look, a glow from the streetlights gives it an eerie feel. Jogging around the corner past the wig shop she had visited yesterday, past the noodle shop she sees the park. It is next to the river which makes the running path a bit more interesting, across the river the city skyline looms, the center of which she can see the Crescent Moon Hotel.

     LiMei zips up her windbreaker and begins to run when she enters the park. She seems to be the only person there as she runs through the park towards the river walkway. Keeping her breathing steady she likes to power run at first, whipping through the trees and bushes, it reminds her of the practice field at the Compound, of course here no one is shooting at her. She giggles at the memory of the first time she got through the course without being hit by any pellets. They actually had a champagne celebration for her!

     While she is laughing running through the park jumping over bushes and having fun a man is jogging along the river walkway, he can see a girl with a slender frame, red hair flying through the park at an incredible speed in his direction His bodyguards that are accompanying him look the direction he is looking who is that is she a threat? She is graceful, moving so quickly she is almost a blur.

     “Director, should we see who that is?”

     “No, she doesn’t look like a threat.” As she gets closer to them he can hear her singing a strange song as she runs, what a strange girl.

     LiMei almost reaches the river walkway when she sees there are people there, she slows her pace down. She casually jogs onto the path next to the river nodding at them smiling as she moves past Chen Huan and his bodyguards.

     She is glad she wore a disguise she knows her movements through the park were not simple, she just wanted to run freely, hopefully he didn’t see her. Running like that always makes her feel free as though she is a cheetah charging through the jungle.

     As she passes them Chen Huan smiles, really a strange woman. He was at the end of his run, it’s a pity he has to meet with Lau An this morning. He would have run up along side her to find out who she is. thinking about how beautiful she looked running across the park, then hermesmerizing smile as she realized she might have been seen. Not too many women can run that fast and are that agile, maybe she is an athlete with a unique training regime.

     LiMei slows her pace enjoying the scenery as she jogs along the river walkway, I wonder who that man was back there, the men surrounding him were obviously bodyguards. Another rich man of Pushong City haha.. the city seems to be full of them!

     Finishing after circling down twice she sits on a bench, I’m famished, I wonder if the Morning Glory Cafe serves breakfast too. She wipes her flushed face on her sleeve, she takes off her jacket she is hot after her run.

     Standing up she ties the jacket around her waist, puts on her sunglasses and walks along by the river. She feels a little winded after all the exercise, am I getting soft? One time Kuang Fu dropped her off in a forest with only a compass, told her if she didn’t find her way back in three hours it would be the whip. What an evil bastard! I made it back five minutes after the deadline, she shivers at that memory.

     At first she was planning on changing before she went to the cafe but she is starving and the cafe is right down the next street, I wonder what their dress code is, it seemed casual. Well, I will chance it my stomach is grumbling, I should have brought an apple along with me. Looking at her watch it is 8:30, the cafe should be open.

     As she approaches the door of the Morning Glory Cafe she is reminded of the scene from yesterday, I wonder what happened to that man, did they catch the assassin. Oh well none of my business. She opens the door and glances around, with her sunglasses still on, there are a few business types, some students, they are dressed casually and huh, what a coincidence the man from the walkway is here talking to the beautiful woman from yesterday, she is quite popular.

     LiMei walks up to the counter she asks the young flower boy behind the counter for a menu. She takes the menu then walks to a table in the far corner, it looks like a comfortable spot. She sits down removing her sunglasses to read the menu. Yummy… they have Western style breakfast too. Belgium Waffles with whip cream and strawberries. I think I will have those and a side of scrambled eggs.

     The flower boy comes over to take her order, he certainly is pretty. “What would you like Miss?” He can’t help staring at her unusual eyes, they are so beautiful.

     LiMei wonders if she has something on her face he is staring so intently at her, I will run to the restroom to check after I order. “Hmm..I will have the Belgium Waffles, extra whip cream, strawberries and a side of scrambled eggs, bacon”

     He is thinking that is a lot of food she is so tiny. “Miss, our portions are large.”

     LiMei’s eyes light up the gold specks in her green eyes shining, “Great!”


     A man across the room is staring at her, what a coincidence, she must live around here. He could hear her order, she has quite an appetite for a little girl. Chen Huan is barely listening to Lau An, she is trying to enlist his help with his brother.

     “Huan what are you staring at!” She can see he is distracted, it must be a girl. She turns around to see a young girl in the corner on her phone, she doesn’t look his type at all.

     “Nothing, what were you saying?”

     “I was saying you need to make sure your brother comes to the party at my father’s house on Saturday night.”

     “You know I have no influence on him, he does what he wants. Could you get me another cup of tea?”

     “Huan you owe me, I gave you the tip father was expanding into the Entertainment Industry so you could partner with him expanding your influence.”

     That’s true she did help me out with that one.“Fine I will bring him if I need to drag him.”’

     She leaves him at the table to fix his tea.

     The flower boy brings LiMei’s breakfast, she is amazed at the delicious looking Waffles with the whip cream and strawberries, she takes her cell to take a pic, Father Lam is a foodie, I should bring him here sometime, it seems he doesn’t get away from the orphanage much.

     She dives in eating as though she has never eaten before making little satisfied sounds. “Ummm…soooo good.” Chen Huan has a smile on his face as he witnesses this, all the women I know take tiny little bites dabbing their mouth with the napkin after every bite, this girl has whip cream all around her mouth without a care…

     He gets up and walks over to her table, “Do you mind if I sit down?”

     LiMei looks up from her waffles her eyes wide, “Huh?”

     Not he reaction I was expecting. He stands there staring at her face, up close she has beautiful eyes and her jade like complexion is perfect without any makeup, with her body and looks she could be a model in his agency.

     “Oh sorry.” She wipes her mouth staring at her waffles that are going to have to wait a minute,  “ I don’t know you, so no.”

     Chen Huan has never been refused before he is in a bit of a shock. “Well you did smile at me on the river walkway, does that count at all?”

     LiMei takes a closer look, he is the handsome guy but..she glances around the small cafe where are his bodyguardsoh the are inconspicuously in the other corner of the room.

     “Doesn’t count.”

     Chen Huan really is at a loss black lines are forming on his forehead, does she not know who he is? For some reason he wants to capture this girl.

     “How about this my men have a nice video of you running across the park towards me, it could be easily misconstrued you had ulterior motives.”

     “Have a seat, but do you mind if I have my breakfast while it is hot.” Who is this obnoxious guy? He is very handsome, normally that would attract me but I’m starving!

     He watches her as she devours her meal, he wants to reach across and wipe the whip cream from her chin right now. 

     She finishes her meal, so delicious, she didn’t let his staring bother her, but now to find out what he wants.

     “I was just practicing for an event, the obstacle course at school was closed and I need to practice. I have no idea what else that could be mistaken for.”

     He waves over a muscular man, “Yi, show her the video.”

     Oh My God! it looks like I am charging at him, my water bottle looks like a weapon because the picture is blurry.

     “Seriously? It is a water bottle!”, she pulls out it to show him.

     “I just want a few minutes, Yi will erase it then.”


     “Would you be interested in becoming a model?”


     Lau An has his cup of tea and notices he is sitting down with the girl he was unabashedly staring at earlier. Rather than interrupt she sits at their table waiting for him, watching what is going on over there.

     Chen Huan can not believe this girl. He is one of the golden bachelors of Pushong City every girl in his company has a crush on him and she is treating him like air. Not only that but being asked to be a model without going through auditions, it is a chance of a lifetime to become one of the exclusive models in Hushang Entertainment. She will come around when she sees who I am. He hands her his business card, “If you change your mind, call me. I will hold onto the video while I wait for your call.”

     She doesn’t look at the card, “I don’t think so, and any computer expert can discern what i am holding is a water bottle.” He isn’t very good at blackmail, he almost is cute right now trying to save face.

     “My computer expert can also make the video what I want it to be.” He is actually enjoying this little game.

     Chen Huan walks back over to Lau An, “I need to go, but I will make sure Jianyu is there Saturday night.” Smiling at LiMei she avoids his gaze as he leaves the cafe.. entitled men…they are too arrogant!  He has decided she will be his date for the party at the Lau’s on Saturday night,  three days is plenty of time to make it happen. 

After he leaves LiMei turns over the business card, No! It can’t be! Hushang Entertainment, Director Chen Huan






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