Dinner With The Doctor

“Well then I will thank you for your kindness and find a way to repay you in the future.” I don’t like taking charity but obviously this man can afford the hospital payment maybe since he is a doctor here he gets a discount.

     Qiao Rui is satisfied she will stay, he is interested in LiMei, “Then I will leave, I have other patients I need to see. Don’t look at your phone for too long you could get a headache, try to relax your mind but it is best you don’t sleep early. The nurse will check on you periodically.”

     LiMei admires his skill, his acupuncture technique was as good as hers and the Chinese herbs he applied numbed her wound area so it no longer stings. “I won’t.” LiMei smiles brightly at him as he leaves. So damn handsome..

     Qiao Rui needs to see a VIP that just was admitted she is a prominent politician’s mistress who fell down the stairs. He plans on coming back and eating dinner in LiMei’s room. He decides he will have his cook at home prepare something, his assistant Bai Chyou can go to his home to pick it up. He is walking down the hall smiling thinking about LiMei’s cute personality, so refreshingly honest.

     Two nurses pass him in the hallway they are stunned by his smile, handsome as he is he always appears cold and angry. They heard he was in the Emergency Room earlier stitching a wound on an accident victim. The nurse who assisted him said she has never seen a doctor do it so quickly and perfectly.

     Qiao Rui is in an excellent mood when his cell rings, “What do you want?” suddenly his mood darkens.

     “Your father is expecting you for dinner tonight Rui, don’t disappoint him.”

     “I’m busy at the hospital I need to monitor an important patient.”

     “I told you a week ago so you could clear your schedule.”

     “Well, this can’t be changed tell him I can make it for Sunday brunch, is Xiaotong going to be there?”


     “Then tell him to come on Sunday if he wants to talk about the board meeting. Goodbye Mother.”

     After all these years now they want me to be part of the family, well I haven’t forgotten what happened five years ago. Fuck them all.

His stepmother slams the phone down, that insolent brat, he hasn’t changed. “Xiaotong I don’t see how you are going to convince him to fall in line. Ever since your father brought him back into the family he has opposed us at every turn.”

     “Mother if it involves the Lau family he will acquiesce, you know he still loves Lau An.”

     “Hmmph..don’t you think he holds a grudge about five years ago?”

     “He has no idea we were behind his falling out with father. Saturday night at the Lau’s party I have a nice surprise planned for that stepbrother of mine.” Xiaotong twirls the ring on his finger, that bastard won’t have the nerve to oppose me at the board meeting.

     While LiMei is playing a game on her phone a notification pops up she has a new email. She checks it, I got the job at Hushang Group! She is to train on Monday in the new Accounting Department. LiMei can’t believe her eyes, how did I get the job? So many other applicants were more qualified.

     She reads down further ‘we are happy to have you join our company, our selection was based on your qualifications, and we want to see a recipient of our A University scholarship to succeed within our company.’ That must be it, the man interviewing said he was an alumni of A University. Oh Yesss!

     LiMei hugs her phone to her chest, this is great! I can work there and keep the job at the hotel on the weekends.She lays back on her pillow, I will make so much money!

    Qiao Rui looks at his watch it is almost time for dinner, he tells the nurse not to bring food to 2009 he will be eating with the patient. Bai Chiyu should be here soon with the food box so he goes to LiMei’s room. When he opens the door she is hugging her phone to her chest with a big grin on her face.

     “Something must have made you very happy.”

     “Oh Doctor Qiao yes! I am very happy! I just got a notification I was hired at a company I interviewed at on Monday.”

     “Well congratulations.”

     He sits on the couch, “I don’t like eating alone so I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind eating with me tonight. My assistant is bringing the food now.”

     LiMei hasn’t eaten since she had the noodles in the morning she is starving. “Of course we can eat together, I would like to hear where you learned acupuncture, your needle technique is excellent.”

     Qiao Rui is surprised she would be interested, most women find the subject boring. “You would find it boring.”

     “No not at all, my grandmother taught me acupuncture when I was young. We lived in a small village in the mountains there weren’t any hospitals close by and she was the only doctor. She preferred using traditional Chinese medicine when she could.”

     Qiao Rui is watching LiMei talk about her grandmother, she has a light in her eyes as she is reminiscing. He is about to ask her about her grandmother when there is a knock on the door. A beautiful woman in a tight fitting business suit is holding a three tiered insulated basket. “Dr. Qiao here is your dinner.”

    LiMei’s mouth is hanging open, she is stunning, who is she?

   “Thank you Chiyu, place it on the table. You can be finished for the night.”

   “Didn’t you want to finish looking at the blueprints for the new wing?” Bai Chiyu wonders why he is having dinner in a patient’s room, she glances over at LiMei, who is that girl to him.

    “We can do it in the morning. Meet me at the office at 9.”

     “Alright, good night.” After she leaves she stomps her heels she had worn this dress especially to get his attention today while they were going over the blueprints. The blouse under the suit jacket is low cut and sheer, she spent a whole weeks pay on this outfit. Who is that little girl in 2009, I need to investigate his relationship with her.

     LiMei is embarrassed wearing the hospital gown she can’t walk around it is open in the back. “Ah, Doctor Qiao, I think ahh..this gown..”

     Qiao Rui laughs at how cute she looks her cheeks are flushed. He walks over to the closet and pulls out a robe and hands it to her. “Here.”

     “Great!” LiMei puts it on because she is petite it is a little large on her the sleeves hang over her hands.

     Qiao Rui says in a low voice, “Come here.” he rolls the sleeves up for her, he can’t help but notice how small her hands are as he does.

     “Now sit.” He has placed the food on the table, there is crab soup, dumplings, barbeque pork ribs, spicy noodles, cold vegetable dish, sweet and sour eggplant.

     “Wow, it all looks delicious!”

         He smiles she is so unpretentious, he puts some of each on her plate. “Eat”

       “Who made this it is so tasty.” She has barbeque sauce on her face, he reaches over with his napkin wiping it off for her. LiMei is surprised by this action she smiles, then eats a little more carefully.

     “My cook.” Qiao Rui is enjoying this meal with LiMei.Looking at her satisfied expression as she eats he grins,  I will have to give the cook a bonus.

     “Did you grow up in the mountains?”

     “Yes, until my mother and grandmother died . But, I don’t want to talk about it.” LiMei realizes she is too comfortable with this man, she can’t let him truly know about her complicated life.

     “Who was the woman that brought dinner she is very beautiful.”

     “She is my assistant Bai Chiyu.”

     “Is she your girlfriend?”

     Qiao Rui almost spits out his tea, that was blunt, “No, just my assistant. So where is your new job?”

     “It is at Hushang Group in the Accounting Department.”

     Hushang? I don’t like the idea of this girl working for the Chen brothers.  Jianyu is a cold bastard and Huan is a womanizer. He stares at the girl across the table eating happily, she is too naive, that company is full of sharks, it isn’t a simple Corporation. I will need to think of something, maybe I could offer her a job at my hospital.

     His cell starts ringing, its the politician’s mistress’ nurse,  the woman is throwing a fit and wants to see him. Fuck! If I didn’t need that slimy politician’s vote at the board meeting I wouldn’t have  accepted his slut as a patient. Now she is interrupting my dinner.

    “I’m sorry Feng LiMei I have an emergency. The nurse will be in to clean up the meal, remember what I said, rest, don’t strain your eyes playing that game.”

     LiMei has a piece of meat in her mouth, she quickly chews it down, “Thank you for dinner Dr. Qiao please tell your cook the food was delicious!”

     “I will check on you in the morning.”

     After Qiao Rui leaves LiMei leans back in the chair and pats her stomach, that meal was worthy of a five star restaurant, Dr. Qiao must be rich to have a cook with such skills.

     She goes back to the bed removing the robe touching the sleeve he had rolled up, she sighs such a gentleman. He doesn’t have a girlfriend either, it’s too bad we will probably never see each other again when I leave the hospital.

     Picking up her phone she calls Gu Chang, “Chang, it’s me LiMei.”

     “LiMei how do you feel?”

     “Not bad, don’t worry about me I just had a really delicious mea, I’m just resting now. Did you call the hotel?”

     “Yes, I thought you might be sleeping so I left you a text. You didn’t see it?”

     LiMei looks at her phone, “Oh I missed that, so he was cool about it?”

     “Yeah, he must like you he said not to worry he covered your shifts until Monday so you have the weekend, they hired two more people but he secured your shifts for you.”

    “Thanks Chang, how’s your leg?”

   “It hurts, but I’m happy you sound good.”

    “The doctor said I need to stay for observation until Saturday morning as a precaution. Do you think you could bring me a couple things tomorrow, can you get around alright?”

“Yeah, text me what you need, I will be by after school we have a half day tomorrow.”

“Cool, I will hang up now.” Looking down at the hospital gown she definitely needs her pajamas and robe!

   LiMei looks at the clock it is time for her drama, she sees the 50 inch TV on the wall, this will be awesome watching her idols on a big screen. Although her head hurts today hasn’t been too bad, she leans back picturing Doctor Qiao, so handsome in his white coat as he adjusted his glasses with his slender finger then gently examining her, his face so close to hers.

   Oh, my drama is starting… LiMei turns up the volume, I wonder if Camilla discovers Lance’s secret this episode..

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