Chen Jianyu Arrives

Lau An returns to the cafe with a designer suit for Chen Jianyu, she is still smiling the salesgirl thought she was Mrs. Chen when she purchased it from the exclusive shop. His personal tailor made some quick adjustments it should fit perfectly, she knows how obsessive he is about the fit of his clothes, he should be pleased.

     “Jianyu, I brought your clothes.” opening the door to the office she sees he has fallen asleep again. Looking at his handsome face while he is sleeping she has the urge to kiss him, but quietly sits on the edge watching him sleep. Why won’t he acknowledge her as a woman, ever since high school she has been by his side, the only woman he will let close to him. “Mrs. Chen.” the sound of the girl calling her that is echoing in her mind. This Saturday at the party she is finally going to have her father speak to Chen Rong his grandfather about a marriage contract between them. She didn’t want to have to involve her father hoping she could make him fall in love with her but she can’t wait any longer. She didn’t like the way he was looking at that girl earlier in the cafe, for the first time she sensed he had an attraction to a woman.

    Chen Jianyu opens his eyes, she quickly stands up from the couch. “You’re awake I brought your suit and a new shirt.”

     “Has Wang Li returned, where is that incompetent idiot.”

     “I just returned, I didn’t see him in the cafe.”

     Frustrated he waves at Lau An to set his clothes down while he dials a number on his cell. “Answer..” the call goes to voicemail..”Damn you Wang Li if I don’t hear any news from you within the next fifteen minutes, don’t let me see your face again!” He has an oppressive aura surrounding him it almost makes Lau An lose her breath. Suddenly his phone rings, he picks it up..”Speak.”

     “Boss it isn’t as easy as you think to trace that girl, I looked at the footage you never can see a shot of her face, what about inside the cafe does Lau An have security cameras? Didn’t you say she entered it after she messed up your suit?” Chen Jianyu nods his head, good..very good..Wang Li isn’t as dumb as he thought..that is a good idea. “What about the bullet did you retrieve it.”

     “Yes I am having it traced right now through a contact of mine. I sent my brother to the roof of the department store to see if there was any evidence there.”

     “I still want to see the CV tapes bring them to my hotel room later.” he hangs up.

     “Lau An I want to see the security tapes from earlier today when that girl was getting a coffee, you have one aimed at the registers right?”

     She does but she really doesn’t want him to find the girl from earlier. “Yes, let me check through it for you it will be a tedious process”, she plans on erasing any shots that could be useful to find the girl. If he can’t find her soon he will forget about her, or the marriage contract will be settled.

     “Lau An, I’m going to change in your back room, then you can drive me to the Crescent Moon Hotel, I’m exhausted from today’s events.”

     Her desk has a computer where the security footage is fed into, if she can remove any good views of the girl… She isn’t a scheming person by nature but she has waited too long for Chen Jianyu to come around, she can’t have any interference now. The girl seemed happy, probably won’t be adversely affected by this Lau An rationalizes her actions as not to feel guilty. There can only be one Mrs. Chen and that is her, Lau An!

     She has never really bothered looking at the security footage, how does she find the time frame? It was probably between eight o’clock and eight thirty. She is backtracking through the images when Chen Jianyu comes out from the back, she quickly closes her computer. “Jianyu it will take awhile I will drive you to the hotel then search through the computer.”

     “As soon as you find it forward it to my email. Let’s go.”

     They get into Lau An’s Limited Edition red Lamborghini, “When did you get this car?”, he is admiring the leather interior.

     “Daddy got it for me when I had a successful first year with my chain of Morning Glory Cafes.”

     “That was a brilliant idea you had of collaborating with the Blue Mountain Coffee importers to sell to you exclusively.”

     “Well I have to thank you for backing me when I opened my first cafe, no one else thought I would succeed.” She grips the steering wheel suddenly  makes a sharp turn while speeding onto the freeway, Chen Jianyu remarks, “Or you could have been a race driver.” They both laugh she has more speeding tickets than anyone else in their circle of friends.

     Lau An pulls into the front of the hotel a valet comes to take her keys, as she is about to hand them to him, Chen Jianyu turns to her, “An I really need that footage as soon as possible”

     “I thought we could get some dinner , you haven’t eaten all day, you just slept.”

     “ I will just order room service to wait for your email and news from Wang Li.” He hops out of her car he can’t wait to take that shower, coming to the driver’s window, he sticks his head down , “I want all the footage of that time frame, if you have outside cameras, I will take that too. If you need help I can have my computer guy help you, here’s his number”, he sends it to her phone.

     Lau An drives away she was hoping to at least have dinner with him. Well, there is Saturday night.

     When Chen Jianyu enters the lobby all the eyes of the staff turn to him. He is Pushong City’s most eligible golden bachelor, so cool and handsome. He isn’t wearing a tie and has his shirt open showing a little of his broad chest, the black suit highlights his dark aura. His obsidian eyes capture the attention of a woman nearby, she whispers to her friend, “His eyes are mesmerizing, they are like an abyss you could get lost in.” Her friend nods, she met him once at a charity function, he truly is the handsomest man in the City, only his brother Chen Huan has the same outstanding looks.

     A concierge rushes over to him, “CEO Chen we weren’t aware you were staying with us tonight I will have your penthouse suite prepared immediately.”

     He hates the way the staff fawns over him, he just comes to the hotel to stay when he doesn’t want to return to the mansion. So usually he isn’t in a good mood when he arrives.

     “No need.”He brushes past the concierge moving towards his exclusive elevator, it is the only one that goes directly to the the penthouse.

     The concierge glares at his back, he is always so unpleasant.

     He arrives at the Penthouse, he didn’t want the option of the elevator opening right into his living space so you need a card key to enter into the penthouse. He is the only one that possess that card key, he opens the door to the room. It is decorated in black and gray, the only splash of color are some red pillows.  Lau An bought them telling him she needs some color when she comes into his dreary penthouse It has floor to ceiling windows that give a panoramic view of the city. His favorite area is the large balcony, he likes to sit out there with a glass of wine looking out at the lights at night.

     He takes his suit coat off tossing it onto the couch. What a fucked up day! Wine sounds good, after my shower I will order a meal and a bottle of red.

     In the kitchen LiMei has just returned with the empty cart smiling, those losers, she feels the money in her pocket, her eyes twinkling. She wants to brag to Han Wu, but he looks like the type who would mug her at the end of the shift. The Kitchen Manager runs over to her, he lightly grabs her sleeve giving her a worried look, “Did it go okay LiMei? It wasn’t too traumatic for you was it.” LiMei is touched by the sincere concern in his eyes.His daughter is lucky to have a man like the kitchen manager for a father.

     “I will say it was weird, but I just quickly set it up then left.”

     “He didn’t give you a hard time?”

     “Not really, he was busy when I brought the food into the room.”

     “I’m so relieved!” The Kitchen Manager was frantic thinking about what that depraved maniac might do.

     LiMei glances over at Han Wu who is texting someone.

     “ Kitchen Manager he did say he will complain to the owner if Han Wu doesn’t deliver from now on. His requests shouldn’t be ignored, it is a slap in the face of the Lee Family. Even if it is his day off he needs to be called in to deliver.’”LiMei almost bursts out laughing at her improvisation, she says it in a loud voice so Han Wu would hear.

     QiQi and the housewife are in the kitchen waiting for orders, they squeeze each other’s hands, no more worrying about getting that ticket. Han Wu gives LiMei a dirty look, he will get out of it he has enough dirt on Song Yichen to blackmail the shit out of him.

     LiMei sits down, she pulls out her good luck charm, a small gold rabbit with two emeralds for eyes. Her mother gave it to her for her charm bracelet on her sixth birthday. It is the only charm she could pull off in time when her stepsister grabbed her wrist wanting the bracelet. The only piece of her mom she has left. She grips it in her hand, well you didn’t get me the job at Hushang Group, but you saved me from losing this job earlier.

     The next group of orders come in, it is a terribly slow night, she can see the housewife has a worried look on her face. She heard her tell QiQi her husband was laid off she is the only support for the family., her little boy was entering school next week. LiMei feels the money in her pocket she took from the fatty. I don’t really need this much money I could give her some but she might be embarrassed. How should I do it.

     While she is sitting by herself wondering about it QiQi walks over, “Thank you for taking the evil man’s room service, it was very brave of you.”

     LiMei feels her cheeks redden a bit, she really isn’t brave she is just trained to deal with unsavory people. “It’s fine, the beach hotel I worked at was frequented by weird people so it doesn’t bother me I just don’t act fazed and hurry to drop the food off for them. What is your friend’s name I didn’t hear it earlier.”

     “Oh Mari?”

     “Thanks, are you too close?” that might be personal but maybe QiQi could give her the money.

     “I used to tutor her son but then her husband got laid off they couldn’t afford me. When she needed a job I told her to come here, she has no experience.”

     “Are you a student?” QiQi was thinking she looks like a University student like she is.

     “Orders!” The Kitchen Manager calls out for them to grab the tickets.

     Han Wu was distracted on his phone he almost falls over QiQi’s feet to see the room numbers. He is going to trip out, waiting for that mark to order is getting too annoying.

     LiMei is third in line, Han Wu decides to hurry take the small order then return quickly it is only on the second floor.

     LiMei’s order is to the Honeymoon Suite. The order consists of crab soup, lobster, filet mignon, a salad a bottle of champagne. When people order from the Honeymoon Suite the server also brings red roses, flower petals to spread on the table, they need to set the table in a romantic fashion. LiMei is rather excited this order sounds like fun. There shouldn’t be any problems on this room delivery.

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