Chapter 19 Freighter

Bixue can’t hide her uneasiness as they continue walking towards the yacht, her footsteps slow down anticipating Li Tian’s reaction. Considering the rumors I have heard about him with his temper I should run now. Damn that bitch Sophie identifying me as Song Sara! 

     Thinking about the consequences her eyes redden, first I was abducted and manhandled by those disgusting men now I am going to die when Li Tian arrives and sees I’m not his precious girlfriend! She stops again before they reach the yacht deciding to plead with this man to let her leave tears form in her eyes as she grabs onto Donnie’s sleeve, “I feel dirty I don’t want to see Li Tian right now. Please…please I want to go home.” Bixue begins to cry attempting to soften Donnie so he will allow her to go.

   Donnie sees her complexion looks deathly pale, I thought she would be relieved to hear the boss will be here soon but this chick looks terrified. What happened on that boat? Her clothes are torn and filthy… was she raped? Well it is none of my business the Boss said to bring his woman to him and that is what I am going to do. “ Miss Song I can’t let you leave this area is dangerous…it is the middle of the night there aren’t any taxis anyway.”

   She doesn’t say anything else realizing nothing she says will sway Donnie. Dammit I am screwed! He must have strict orders to bring Song Sara to this fucking boat no one dares disobey one of Li Tian’s orders.

    Once they are aboard the luxurious yacht Donnie notices her shivering, his voice sounds concerned,“Miss,the boss should be here soon do you want anything to drink? I will get you a blanket follow me to the lower deck.”

   Bixue’s legs are trembling as she holds the railing moving down the narrow steps. When she reaches the elegant room below she sighs, I’m trapped now  there is no way to escape. I will have to find a way to persuade Li Tian not to kill me.

    Meanwhile on the freighter Sara no longer detects any movement outside the bathroom door she decides she should stay hidden for awhile longer in case any of the men with guns are still in the hallway.  She weakly holds onto the sink then grasps some paper towels, wetting them with some soap and water she wipes off a corner of the bathroom.

      Sitting on the floor leaning up against the tiled wall she tries to make sense of the situation. Why would someone kidnap me from the hospital I haven’t offended anyone. Wrapping her arms around her knees she pulls the beige coat tightly around her frail body, oww.. the pain in my head…hurts.. Barely able to withstand the throbbing pain Sara rests her head on her knees, I will go check out the situation after I close my eyes for a bit. So painful!

   Sun Peizhi searches through the tall red containers on the middle deck until he locates the numbered ones Donnie instructed him to find. Using his internal force he slams a hammer down knocking the lock off the metal door, he opens up the first one then shines a flashlight inside the dark container, there are four small crates and several larger ones. According to Donnie the jade artifacts are in the two smaller crates.

      Easily lifting the crates out of the container he stacks them by the door then moves through the containers until he finds one marked 6590-098-10. When he opens the heavy metal door this container holds many more crates and boxes than the first one. What I am looking for are two suitcases, they should be hidden towards the back, what a pain in the ass! He swiftly throws the heavy boxes out of the container, this could take me all fucking night! Frustrated he hurlsone of the boxes out the door it splits when it his the floor revealing the two long silver cases. Good…very I need to take the ship into the open water set the explosive devices and get the hell out of here.

   He effortlessly carries the crates and the suitcases up to the upper deck then maneuvers the large freighter heading out from the dock. Sun Peizhi laughs that stupid bastard Viktor never should have messed with the boss now he loses the precious cargo, the women and this fucking freighter. Taking Li Tian’s woman..haha..this won’t even be the end of the boss’ revenge, knowing the Li Tian as long as i have he won’t be satisfied until those miserable bastards lose everything!

   At the other end of the dock Li Tian frantically pulls his Maserati into a parking spot then takes several large strides towards his yacht. He flies up onto the top deck looking for Song Sara, she must be on the lower deck, rushing down the stairs he can feel his heart tighten, I just found you little thing I can’t lose you. Right, I need to calm down she has no idea that I have an interest in her let alone I was the one she was with in the apartment. I need to act as though it is coincidental I was able to locate her whereabouts. She can’t know she was abducted because of me.

    When he reaches the bottom of the steps he glances around the room, Donnie is standing next to an unknown woman on the couch wearing a dirty dress drinking tea but Song Sara isn’t there. His handsome face contorts at the sight of her filthy appearance, Why would Donnie bring a dirty bitch to my yacht? He knits his eyebrows maybe she is resting in one of the cabins. Both Donnie and Bixue look up as he rushes into the room. 

     Surprised by his sudden appearance Bixue drops the cup of tea as her hands begin trembling Oh my God his oppressive aura is suffocating. The cup bounces on the white carpet splashing tea everywhere, Bixue gulps,I...I’m so sorry CEO Li!” Oh Shit! This keeps getting worse!

   Donnie wonders why she looks terrified, CEO Li? Why does his girlfriend call the boss formally? He is a clean freak but she is his girlfriend so she spilled some tea…so what. The boss was losing his mind searching for her he shouldn’t be upset.

   Li Tian ignores them walking towards the other rooms looking inside each one even the bathroom he throws the door open. When there is no sign of the little girl he comes back out to the lounge, glaring at Donnie he says in a threatening tone, “Where the fuck is Song Sara?”

   “Huh?” Donnie glances at the couch realizing that is why the woman didn’t want to come to the yacht and called him CEO Li, the slut  isn’t Song Sara, Motherf****r!

“Don’t make me say it again, Song Sara where the hell is she?”

   Donnie ruthlessly grabs the woman off the couch throwing her down onto the floor, “Bitch! You said you were Song Sara!”

   Bixue starts whimpering, “I didn’t say I was Song Sara, Sophie told the man I was!”

   He picks her up by her hair and fiercely slaps her face,“Why the fuck didn’t you say you weren’t her! You had plenty of fucking chances.”

   Li Tian eyes redden clenching his fists at his side trying to control the rage spreading through his body. He wants to rip this ugly woman to shreds but needs answers. How could his men mistake this nasty woman for the beautiful little girl of his!

   Donnie can see the killing intent in Li Tian’s eyes, if he doesn’t find the chick quickly not just this bitch will die but he will too.  “Boss I will find out right now!”

   He slaps Bixue again, blood is oozing out of her mouth and her face has become a swollen mess.“Bitch where is Song Sara!”  She can barely speak, “Still on the ship…I’m sorry..I was afraid…”

   Li Tian’s face darkens, “Send her to Su Wan.”

   Bixue pulls on Donnie’s pants, going to that hell house is worse than death, “No..No..please it wasn’t me it was Sophie! She made me do it.”

   Li Tian would like to strangle this woman himself but needs to find Song Sara, “Pick up this Sophie woman and take care of her  don’t leave her body intact. Then take your punishment.”

“Yes Boss.” He drags Bixue up, “ Take me to this bitch Sophie.” Bixue looks at Li Tian knowing she can’t plead for her life, his demon like aura sends a chill to her bones as though she is at the gates of hell looking at Yama.

   Li Tian picks up his phone knowing Sun Peizhi has instructions to blow up the boat. An unfamiliar feeling of panic overcomes him, If the little beauty dies… no one lives! Sun Peizhi doesn’t pick up he dials Little Qian. When he answers Li Tian tightens his grip on the phone, “Stop Piezhi! The little girl is still on the freighter somewhere, find her or don’t either of you come back.”

   Li Tian’s killing intent can be felt through the phone, Little Qian can see the freighter in the distance, it shouldn’t be a problem to find the girl before they blow up the boat. He tries Sun Peizhi’s phone what the hell, why isn’t the idiot answering?

   Sun Peizhi sets the explosives on different levels of the freighter to achieve the maximum effect, Little Qian should arrive soon with the motorboat I will take a lifeboat load it with the artifacts that will be the easiest way to move them, he looks at his watch,. then I will set the timer for twenty minutes. That will be more than enough time to get a decent distance away so as not to be affected by the explosion. He has a devilish grin on his ruggedly handsome face as he rubs his hands together, I haven’t blown up a ship in a few years this should be fun watching the freighter explode.

   Li Tian goes to the upper deck of his luxurious yacht pacing nervously back and forth, incompetent idiots, if she even has a hair out of place…sleeping with Song Sara was the first time I have enjoyed a good night’s rest. Something about her body calms down the demon inside of me. I must have her in my bed!

   Once the lifeboat is loaded Sun Peizhi lowers it into the water when he sees the motorboat approaching he waves at Little Qian then sets the timer. Little Qian pulls up along side of the lifeboat with the motorboat while waving his arms screaming at Sun Peizhi “Fucking idiot! Why didn’t you answer your phone! The boss’ woman is on the boat! Cancel the explosion!”

“ We got her off earlier with some other women.”

“I’m not fucking around cancel the motherf*****ng or we are both dead along with the little chick!”

“You know the rules once the time is set there is no way to cancel.”

“We need to find her!”

“Take this shit and secure it.”

   After Little Qian ties down the crates and puts the silver suitcases in a compartment he hops onto the ladder to get onto the ship, screaming up at Sun Piezhi, “What deck did you find the women on? She can’t be too far from there. Didn’t you guys sweep the ship for any crew members?”

   Looking at his watch Sun Peizhi calmly says, “We have fifteen minutes to find the little chick and get the fuck away from this ship. She has to be on the bottom deck somewhere hiding or we would have seen her. Why the fuck did that little bitch say she was Song Sara!” 

   They both run down to the lower deck, “Which way was the room you found the women?”

   Sun Peizhi glances around, “Down this hallway.” He has been trained not to lose his cool in emergency situations when he was in Army intelligence so he methodically checks  the hallway searching in the rooms one by one. Nothing! fucking shit! He looks at his watch, maybe if they save the cargo at least Little Qian can live. It is my fault I didn’t secure the boss’ woman.

   “Little Qian you go to the motorboat if we aren’t there in ten minutes leave with the merchandise.”

   Sweat pours off his forehead, “No way man. If we don’t find the woman I’m as good as dead anyway. I will look down this hallway.”

   Sun Peizhi recalls the scene earlier,Where would she hide? That’s right that fat man and bald guy were outside a door, could they have been guarding her separately? He goes down the hallway and quickly opens the bathroom door to see Song Sara huddled in the corner asleep. He rushes over quickly scooping her up into his strong arms. Running down the hallway he shouts, “Little Qian I got her let’s get the fuck out of here.”

   Little Qian hears him and comes running towards them anxiously asking, “How much time?”

   “Just go!” He looks down at the tiny woman in his arms she must be in a coma she hasn’t moved.

   They run to the ladder leading to the top deck, once they get there Sun Peizhi orders him, “ Get the motorboat as close as possible”, the only way we can make it is if he pulls up as close as possible and I dive into the water with her, I can’t climb down while carrying her and she won’t wake up.

    Little Qian pulls the boat as close as possible and holding Song Sara tightly in his arms he jumps into the water then swims to the motorboat handing Sara to Little Qian he pulls himself into the boat, “Go!”

   Little Qian takes the throttle to full speed heading away from the freighter, Sun Peizhi realizes they will be too close when the freighter explode. Pushing him out of the way he ties the steering wheel with his belt so the boat will go straight in the water then looks at his watch, “ Little Qian, lay on the bottom of the boat!”

   Sun Piezhi places Song Sara under his body pressing her petite body down with his muscular frame to protect her then covers  her ears with his large hands. Suddenly the freighter explodes lighting up the pitch black night with blazing fire. The motorboat shakes and rocks with water splashing heavily into the motor boat. The boat keeps moving forward away from the exploding ship. When Sun Peizhi feels they are out of danger he breathes a sigh of relief rolling off of Song Sara. This relief doesn’t last long he grimaces looking at the delicate woman who had been pressed under him. Her beautiful face has no color and her lips are a faint blue. He picks up her delicate limp body that has been frozen from being submerged in the water putting her on his lap, he can feel her heartbeat but her breathing is faint.

   “Little Qian this is bad!”

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