Chapter 18 Wrong Woman

Donnie sends two of his men to investigate the freighter, he did some investigating and found out the ship is registered to a Russian Corporation set to leave port in an hour.

   Located on the lower deck in the small room of the freighter Sara wakes up on a dirty twin bed that is stained and ripped. She grimaces at the sight, stuffing is coming out of the mattress by her arm as though an animal has been knawing on the fabric. 

     She pulls her arm away quickly feeling a spider crawling onto her thin arm, bleary eyed she knocks the black spider off as she shudders then jumps off the bed. 

     Glancing around the room she decides to talk to the three women she sees who are across from her huddled together on the filthy floor. 

     The temperature in the room is freeezing, Sara tightly wraps the beige cashmere coat around her slender body as she shivers from a chill going to her bones. Looking around at the appearance of the room Sara has an idea of where she is. Obviously we are on a cargo ship of some sort, there is a small porthole with a stream of light coming in from somewhere. 

  She wants some answers to attempt to figure a way out of this situation.“My name is Sara, do you know why they have us here?”

   One woman who is shivering in a torn blue striped dress shakes her head no, her eyes wide in fright as she points to the  small metal door.

   Sara looks towards the direction she is pointing, her legs still weak she stumbles over to the door. The steel door has a small round window covered in a film of dirt, she wipes it with her coat then  presses her face close to  the filmy glass looking out into a long empty hallway. Pulling on the door handle she sighs, why would someone kidnap me from the hospital, does Yibo have any enemies? Who are these women?

   Slowly walking back to the group of bedraggled women she leans down, “Did you hear anything when they brought you here, any reason they put you in this room?”

   The younger of the three women is licking her parched lips, her throat is dry she hasn’t had anything to drink in hours. She coughs then speaks, her voice is hoarse, “Traffickers.”

   Sara’s face pales, traffickers? Human traffickers, oh my god!  She blurts out, “WHAT?” This is insane!

  “Sex…sex traffickers.”

  Terrified,  Sara holds the shaking woman by her shoulders forcing her to look into her deep blue eyes, “How do you know this.”

  “The bastards …they were speaking Russian, my ex husband is from the Ukraine so I could understand.” She wipes her nose with her sleeve, “They are taking us to Romania to be sold.”

   Sara gulps, “We need to get out of here before this ship leaves port.”

   “Ha ha ha..” A voluptuous woman whose clothes are disheveled and her makeup smeared starts laughing hysterically, “ Bitch you think we would be sitting here in this freezing room if there was a way to leave?”

   Sara realizes that was a stupid thing to say, “I’m sorry, but we all in this situation together I just want to find a way out same as you do.”

   The slim young woman who spoke first says, “We were taken from the bar at the end of the wharf, well, not taken exactly… we followed them thinking they were looking for a good time. They waved money in front of us and we stupidly followed them then they shoved us into this room.”

   Sara looks at the three women… so they are prostitutes… but why kidnap me from the hospital that is across town from the waterfront?

   The older woman slaps the girl whose name is Bixue across her face, “Can’t you see this bitch looks down on us why tell her anything!”

   Bixue holds her  red and swollen cheek crying “ Sophie maybe she can think of something. Maybe someone is looking for her.” She can tell from her coat she is from a rich family it is a designer cashmere coat {Little does she know it is Bi’s who quickly grabbed it for Sara to wear when they were taking her to the hospital.}

   Sara gently holds the young woman patting her matted hair, “I know people have different circumstances I have my own set of problems believe me. Right now we are all in the same mess.” She brushes Bixue’s hair back, “Someone will be looking for us, I was abducted from a hospital.” She glares at Sophie then raises her voice slightly in indignation, “Women should stick together not fight among ourselves, especially since we are all trapped here needing to find a way to escape. ”

   Sophie stares at Sara with an intense gaze, why would these traffickers bother to take a woman from a hospital, who is she? How did she end up on this stinking ship with us?

  Sara gulps thinking I can only pray someone finds us before they leave port, this situation looks very bad, but she pretends to be brave, “I will see what I can find out.”

   Sara walks back to the door and starts banging on it attempting to get anyone’s attention. After a few minutes a fat man in blue overalls comes to the door, Sara’s banging woke him up he was asleep on a chair outside the door.

   He rubs his bloodshot eyes as he slides open the window with a heavy Russian accent he growls, “You want to die bitch!”

   Sara holds in her fright at the sight of his bulging bloodshot eyes glaring at her, “Mister, I need to go to the bathroom.”

  “Go in the fucking corner like the other whores did.”

   Sara’s face turns crimson red no wonder the room reeks. I’m glad I don’t actually need to go, “Please I can’t do that, I won’t be any trouble I promise.” She flutters her long black eyelashes at him seductively. “Please..”

   The Fatty has a lecherous look as he gazes at her beautiful blue eyes, maybe I can bang this pretty little slut in the bathroom. “I will take you but if you try anything I won’t hesitate to slash that smooth white face of yours.” I won’t… it would bring down your value but you don’t know that. He grabs his crotch, Little brother we will have fun playing with this tender looking girly.

   The rusty metal door creaks as he opens it, Sara sweetly says, “Thank you.”  She follows him down the long hallway then they turn right. They pass a short bald man smoking a cigarette, “Fatty, where are you taking the merchandise?”

  “Fuck off Baldy, the slut needs to piss.”

    Baldy can see the lascivious gleam in Fatty’s  red eyes, “Don’t think about fucking this little bitch, the Boss said to keep our hands off of them three or he would chop off our d**ks. Someone should be here soon from Pushong City to buy one of the whores.. the other two..well I guess they are still coming with us.”

   “I thought we were taking them with us then picking up the other bitches in Bashu City to take to the rich fucker in Romania?” Three women there are four does he not know about this woman who they brought an hour ago? His eyes light up I could have here for myself and hide her in my room.

   “Plans changed. Hurry up and take her to do her business the other men should be here soon.”

   Sara feels as though she is going to throw up the stink in this boat is overwhelming her senses. She holds her stomach with her small hands that are trembling, “Please take me to the bathroom first, I’m…I’m going… going to vomit.” Her face is pale and she is shaking as she leans up against a wall this she isn’t faking.

   Fatty looks at her WTF is she sick? I don’t want to catch anything from her even if she is beautiful like a fairy it isn’t worth it. He pushes her towards a door, “Make it snappy, I will wait here for you.” He was going to follow her into the bathroom to fuck her but now he is hesitant. Maybe I will toss her back in the room and grab the skinny young one replacing her with this sick bitch.

   Sara is very frightened and still doesn’t feel well from hitting her head in the morning. She leans over the dirty toilet and begins to throw up, between her headache and the stench in this bathroom she feels as though she is going to pass out again.

   Suddenly she hears a commotion outside the bathroom, it sounds like men are cursing and fighting. Then she hears a few loud bangs then an eerie silence. Oh my God! What is going on out there? She wants to rinse out her mouth but is afraid to turn on the water and be discovered in the bathroom, shivering she wraps her coat tightly around herself and waits.

   Donnie’s men have burst onto the boat looking for Sara, the noise she heard was them killing Fatty and Baldy as he was putting out his cigarette. 

     Donnie’s men move down the hallway looking in each door, Sun Peizhi heard the fat man say the women were locked in the room at the end of the hallway. They have already killed all the men on the other levels of the ship when they came on board.

   When they reach the door at the end of the hallway they see three women sitting together on the floor. 

    Sun Peizhi walks into the dimly lit room first. He knows he appears intimidating with his tall muscular frame and dressed all in black, so he tries to sound comforting lowering his voice and speaking softly to the frightened women.“Don’t be afraid we are here to rescue you. Which one of you ladies is Song Sara?”

      Sophie pinches Bixue that haughty wench! I knew someone would come looking for her. She quickly calculates a plan if the man isn’t sure of what Song Sara looks like Bixue is pretty and young with about a thirty per cent resemblance. Bixue can figure out what Sophie is thinking by the scheming look on her face. She has worked with her long enough to know she has a strong sense of self preservation, but is hesitant. Noticing Bixue’s slow reaction Sophie quickly points to Bixue, “She said that is her name.”

   Bixue wants to protest when Sophie grabs her wrist putting it behind her thin back twisting it until she is about to cry from the pain. Tears are forming in Bixue’s eyes when the man gently picks her up from the floor, his voice sounds worried and gentle, “Don’t cry Missy the Boss sent us to save you. Did they hurt you?” He respectfully looks her over, her dress is torn and  dirty but he doesn’t see any blood or injuries. 

Sun Peizhi breathes a sigh of relief, Li Tian told Donnie if the girl has even a scratch on her he and his men would pay for not being fast enough in rescuing her from the ship. Bixue nods no afraid to speak..what if they will recognize her voice. She is sweating, the man hands her his neatly folded handkerchief,“It will be alright.” He motions to Sophie and the other woman, “Come with us.” He isn’t sure what to do with them Donnie just said to find the little chick named Song Sara.

   They all leave the boat as they are walking down the dock  Donnie has arrived and is waiting for them leaning on the wooden railing. Sun Peizhi tells the women to wait while he walks over to talk to him.

   Donnie instructs him, “Peizhi take the ship out into open water then set an explosion using this device.” He hands him an explosive pack and a remote control. He found out Viktor and Sergei were not only transporting these women but some valuable stolen artifacts when he was researching the ship and its Russian owner. 

     “When you are ready I will send Little Quan in a motorboat to pick you up. Find the two containers on the ship marked 6590-098-09 and 10 remove the product inside and load onto the motorboat. If you attempt to unload the containers now you might be discovered.” He glances over at the women still walking towards them, “Did the other two women see anything?”

   “No, Zemin dragged the dead bodies out of sight before we got the women out of the room.”

   “Then just let them leave. I need to call the Boss and tell him we have Song Sara.”

   He dials Li Tian who is driving down the highway to the waterfront now, “Boss we have Song Sara what do you want us to do with her?”

   Relieved Li Tian relaxes, “Is she hurt?” The likelihood is slim since Viktor would want to get the most money for her from the buyer.

   “No. I don’t think so anyway… do you want to speak to her?”

   “No, I will arrive in about a half hour wait for me on my yacht the next dock over from the cargo ships. You have been on it before right?”

   ”Yeah, okay.” He tells Sun Peizhi, “Take the ship out and do exactly what I said.”

   He motions to Bixue, “Miss Song the Boss wants you to wait on his yacht he will meet us there in a half hour. Bixue’s eyes widen as she glances over at Sophie and Kimmie who are walking down the dock. 

     Bixue decides now that she is out of danger she doesn’t want her real identity exposed by whoever this boss is. He will be angry she isn’t this Song Sara woman. He must be a very powerful man  by the looks of these men he sent to rescue that girl. Bixue suddenly thinks about Song Sara, should I tell them she is still on the ship? 

   She stops walking her voice is firm as she makes her decision,  “I want to go home.” I’m sorry Song Sara you seem like a nice person but I need to take a page out of Sophie’s book and worry about myself.

   Donnie shocked by her request and glares at her, No way! The boss will motherf****ng kill me if I let her leave!  Believing she is Li Tian’s girlfriend he thinks telling her Li Tian is on the way will calm her nerves and she will cooperate. “Miss Song, Li Tian is on his way he is very worried about you. I’m just escorting you to his yacht. Don’t worry  you will be reunited with him soon.”

    Bixue’s face loses all its color, she wants to spit blood, Fucking Li Tian! Oh my God! I need to get the hell out of here now!

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