Chapter 17 You Are Dead Part 1

Li Tian is pulling in the parking lot of Tzu’s Private Hospital when he gets a call, “What the fuck do you want?”

  The man with a thick Russian accent growls, “I want my motherf******g money asshole we had a deal.”

   What a pain in the ass I want to go see the kitten, “Man, I told Sergei I wasn’t available until tomorrow, you have some balls to call me on this phone. How the fuck did you get the number?

    Viktor feels confident for once he has the upper hand with Li Tian he taunts him,“From the same person who told me you are fucking some little slut. Since when did you discover the charms of a woman? Frankly, I always thought you were a gay.”

     “…” Li Tian knew this guy has a screw loose but the merchandise seemed worth it at the time. “Call me on this number xxx xxx xxx or you can shove the merchandise up your fat ass.”

    He gets out of his Maserati and lights a cigarette as he leans on the hood. He is blowing a smoke ring looking up at the fourth floor of the hospital, this asshole better make this quick. His other phone rings, “What is your fucking problem Victor? I thought with Kuang Fu breathing down your thick neck you would appreciate the business. I heard he hijacked two shipments in Turkmenistan last month.”

   This asshole loves to get under my skin, well I can’t wait to break the news to him I have his little girlfriend. “Funny you should mention those, according to my source in China you benefited greatly from my loss.”

   “What? You want my sympathy and concern for your stupidity in hiring men from Black Sky to protect the weapons crossing their territory. If you had taken my advice at the time you would have known Kuang Fu is desperate right now. As a matter of fact I heard he wants you dead. If I didn’t buy them someone else would have, I think you are misdirecting your anger.”

   Viktor’s face is red and his veins are bulging on his forehead listening to Li Tian’s cocky attitude. Time to give him a poke, “I decided to recoup my losses from you.”

   “Viktor we have a deal if you try to screw me you know the consequences, you lose credibility and probably your limbs. I’m not a murderer I feel leaving a man alive is sometimes more gratifying than killing him. Watching a once virile man no longer capable of…well you get the picture.”

    Victor cringes holding his crotch thinking about the rumors he has heard about Li Tian’s cruel methods, but it is too late to go back…what is done is done. It may have been impulsive but when Ping Qinhe told Sergei Li Tian was going to rip him off and hijack the merchandise his anger got the better of him. 

     Viktor didn’t believe it at first but when Yang James called off the exchange he accepted it as truth. Then that asshole Ping told him about the girl.“I will follow through with our weapons deal as planned, but I have something…rather someone..I would like you to buy along with the merchandise on the trucks.”

   Li Tian stomps out his cigarette, what the fuck is this Russian maniac talking about. “Get to the point I have somewhere to be.”

  “If it is to visit your little girlfriend she isn’t on the fourth floor in room number 4690.”

   Li Tian’s face darkens and he narrows his pitch black eyes, how would he know about Song Sara I barely found out where she was myself. And girlfriend where did he get that idea? Who would have any knowledge about her and my one night together. Viktor’s information is skewed since she definitely isn’t my girlfriend. The only person that knows I am interested in Song Sara is Yang James and I trust him completely.

   Li Tian voice remains emotionless as he stares at the night sky with killing intent emanating from his body, “You know I’m sure, I never have a woman by my side. I merely went out to dinner with the woman in that room’s friend she drank too much and I offered to drop off the takeout food. The woman I went to dinner with is a friend’s sister so I took it as doing him a favor. I don’t know who is supplying you with this intel but you should double check before you try to rattle someone’s cage. It could definitely backfire.”

   Viktor looks over to Sergei, they already have the woman if she is useless to Li Tian they might as well sell her as a sex slave. She is blindfolded and can’t identify them. Either way I will make money. 

     Victor has a deep laugh as he says,Sergei must have misunderstood the situation sorry for bothering you. You know what a hot head he can be, when you delayed the payment and exchange he sought this method. I will punish him for his insolence.”

   Li Tian knows Viktor. I will need to locate her quickly before he does something to her for being useless in negotiating with me. But if I acted concerned he wouldn’t stop at only asking for money. The kitten must be scared out of her mind… I need to save her before she gets sent out of the country or worse. His blood boils thinking of another man touching her body. Whoever has been spying on me and got Song Sara kidnapped will pay a heavy price for this!

   His voice remains cold and indifferent, “So Viktor anything else? I told you I have somewhere to be.”

  “ “

   “Before you hang up Victor, one more thing.” There is an eerie silence for a moment. “I don’t like to be threatened the deal is off the table. If you have a problem with that take your frustration out on whoever gave you that faulty intel. If you want to retaliate against me  I will make an exception and kill every one of you Russian motherf****rs.”

      Li Tian hangs up and kicks his Maserati then calls Yang James. He can’t take the risk of going into the hospital to check and see if Song Sara has been kidnapped, if Viktor has anyone in the hospital it might alert them.

   Viktor is a short muscular man in his fifties, he was in the Russian military and his body is still hard as a rock from his daily conditioning routine. He has gray bushy eyebrows that right now are tightening together as he stares with a murderous look in his beady eyes  at Sergei who can sense the situation didn’t go as planned. Sweat is pouring off him looking at his Uncle’s face contorted in anger. 

   Viktor furiously stomps over towards him and Sergei cowers, Viktor grabs him by the collar then flings him into the wall like a rag doll. Sergei hits the wall with a thud his body crumples as he slumps to the ground. Viktor punches him in his head a few times to vent his anger then kicks him in his side with his steel toed boot, “You fucking useless dog! You just cost me 30 million!” I would kill you but you are my sister’s only fucking kid.

   Speaking in Russian Sergei spits out along with a bloody tooth, “Boss…Viktor..Boss I’m telling you Ping Qinhe is Li Tian’s uncle he would know. He hates him for taking over the Syndicate instead of him. Why would he lie?”

   “Who knows? Who fucking cares! All I know is now I have those weapons and no one to sell them to in this area. Li Tian controls this territory no man  would go against him.”

   Sergei holds onto the chair to try to stand up the blood dripping from his head streaming down his face, shaking from fear of the old man his voice trembling, “Boss, I heard Amir Malouf is in Pushong City what about him.”

   Viktor rubs his forehead,“Where did you hear that?” Usually Sergei does collect good information from his sources.

   Speaking in Russian Sergei sees a chance to redeem himself,“I know one of his men Rashid Hamid, I sold him a woman  six months ago she spies for me to see what the competition is doing. Альбина was really angry when she heard he was fucking some fancy socialite in Pushong City, she called me and wanted to come back to Russia. I of course laughed and told her that if she wants her younger brother to live to suck it up and continue her job.”

   “Get on with it, you are sure they are there?”

   “Positive I called Rashid told him I would be in Pushong. I went drinking with him and his stupid brother Hamid at the Red Scorpion Club two nights ago.”

   “Call him see if Malouf is still in the city.”

   Sergei rubs his jaw, “Boss.. another thing..” He wants to tell him about the Golden Dragon, Hamid was drugged up and drunk  he kept bitching about Amir and let it slip, but Viktor is already heading for the door. Viktor turns around glaring at Sergei, “You better hope he wants the fucking merchandise. Load the other bitches on the ship. Tell Gregor to leave for Bashu City so the women can be transferred to the buyers. I’m leaving for Milan, have Malouf call me if he is interested, tell him it is top quality military grade merchandise.”

  Sergei put Sara in the room on the ship with three other women while she was still unconscious from the sedative. Waking up now she is groggy, at first she thought it was a nightmare but it seems all too real right now. She is on a dirty twin mattress on the floor, she glances at the other women they have glazed looks on their faces and are huddled together sitting on the concrete floor. She looks around, where am I?

   Sara has her coat on over her hospital gown and is freezing her teeth are chattering from the cold. She pulls the beige coat tightly around her shivering body trying to warm herself. The freezing temperature in this room is probably why the women are holding each other for warmth they are only wearing thin dresses. Their appearances are disheveled, none of them are wearing shoes. A pretty younger woman’s cheek is red and swollen as though she had been slapped in the face. 

   The room is dark the only light is streaming through  the small round window on her right. The women are staring at her and their frightened gazes are unnerving, should I say something to them…maybe they know something.

   In the parking lot of the hospital Li Tian calls Yang James who is getting out of the shower to get ready for bed. The phone rings and rings with no answer, Li Tian feels his head is about to explode from the rage inside of him, how dare that motherf****r have the nerve to kidnap the kitten! I finally find a woman I want and this shit goes down! 

    Impatient he calls Yang James again, who is walking towards his bedroom wrapped in a towel when he sees his phone lighting up on the table, tired and irritated he doesn’t want to answer. What the hell does the Boss want now? He hesitates then answers the call, “Yeah Boss?”

   “Get twenty men together right now and find out where that bastard Viktor is. NOW!”

   “Right.” He can tell by Li Tian’s murderous tone Viktor did something to infuriate the Boss. What the fuck! I guess I will find out soon enough. He looks at his watch it is two o’clock in the morning. Why didn’t I put a locator device on Sergei when I met with him a few days ago?  Are there any clues to where they might be… I did notice the wheels of his SUV were covered in wet sandy mud, they are most likely somewhere by water but shit that could be anywhere by the waterfront. He calls a man named Donnie, “Get twenty men and meet me at the warehouse, make it quick.”

   After he hangs up he calls his informant who works on the docks. “Hey man have you heard anything about some Russian assholes who came into town a few days ago?”

   Yen Ming is at a bar drinking after his night shift with some guys from work, “ You mean the Russins who were looking for women?”

  “What do you mean looking for women?”

   Yen Ming walks away from the table holding his beer, “They asked me if I knew any little sluts who might want to make some extra money.”

   “They were looking for prostitutes?”

   “That is what I thought until last night when I was unloading some cargo from a German ship around midnight. I saw the Russian guy that looks like a little weasel and two taller men pushing some women onto a cargo ship. I thought about getting involved but shit… they had guns and you know I got a family.”

  “Why didn’t you call the police?”

   “…” Yen Ming takes a gulp of his ice cold beer, I never thought of that. I avoid cops whenever possible.

   Yang James is brushing his hair while he is talking, Besides selling arms they are human traffickers that’s right …what fucking scumbags, they must want to sell the women as sex slaves.

   “What ship?”

   “It is a cargo ship third on the left past the warehouse.” I hope to God he doesn’t want me to go check it out.  I ‘m having a good time and I just saw the little slut I like walk into the bar. She is a kinky little whore who knows how to satsfy me. 

  “Third on left, okay.” Yang James hangs up, should I take a chance that is where they are? If I am wrong the Boss will be pissed off but how the fuck can I locate those Russian pricks at two in the goddamn morning.

   He thinks about it then dials Donnie’s number, I should at least have a better indication they are there before I call the Boss. “Send a couple men to investigate a cargo ship see who is on board.” Yang James gives him the information he just received from Yen Ming. “Get back to me as soon as possible it is urgent.”

   Li Tian is waiting by his car in the parking lot of the hospital to hear back from Yang James he opens his trunk under the hard cover are several guns. He picks out his favorite a Chiappa Rhino modified with armor piercing capability, sticking the gun in his jacket he gets back into the car. Looking at his watch it has been fifteen minutes, why is Yang James taking so long to locate Song Sara. He lights up another cigarette impatiently tapping on the steering wheel with his slender fingers. He dials Yang James, “What the fuck is taking you so long! He has my woman! ”

“…” Holy motherf******ng shit! How did Viktor find out about the little chick so quick and have the steel balls to kidnap Li Tian’s person? He really is a stupid lunatic!

     Yang James begins to sweat. Viktor is a fucking dead man and I will be too if I don’t locate him quickly and get the little chick back for the Boss!

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