Chapter 16 Sara’s Room

Han Bi notices the complicated look on Li Tian’s face, maybe the iceberg man is interested in me..well sorry I am unavailable! I need Yibo to find a way to have that snotty wench Lingling break off the engagement with Fang Yunxian. I will let Li Tian down easy if he flirts with me… he is friends with my brother after all.

   Li Tian decides not to ask any more questions he will wait until Yang James sends him the woman’s picture. Chang’s sister isn’t bad, she is rather funny talking about how their brother Chao changed his name to Kang Jin become a singer and how angry her father was at the time. Now, her father secretly listens to his music.

   He tries some of the restaurant’s signature shark fin soup, he nods his head it is tasty. They both eat silently lost in their own thoughts. Han Bi is gobbling down the food hoping it sobers her up a little before she goes back to see Sara.

   Li Tian is finishing his chicken curry when his phone has a notification. He quickly puts down his chopsticks then stands up, “Sorry, I need to check this, continue eating and order whatever you want to take to your friend.”

   Han Bi watches him leave he isn’t as scary as he seemed to be at first actually he is rather charming and interesting. She has some water then continues eating while looking at the menu that the server left, she chooses several dishes to take to Sara.

    Li Tian sees the email from Yang James it is a copy of Song Sara’s chart but there is no picture, I need a goddamn picture to confirm she is really the little kitten! As he reads he sees the notes seem rather vague, she fell in her apartment striking her head this morning but no other pertinent details. Bump on the head…She had a CAT Scan, why would the doctor administer an IV? This information lacks details, it doesn’t seem very consice for a doctor’s report. I need to go see for myself, she is in room number 4690. I need a picture, he calls Yang James, “Why the fuck isn’t there a picture of her? I need a picture!”

    “I had Niu pose as a male nurse to sneak a picture of her but her doctor is in the room with her and turned him away at the door. Niu said it was kind of weird because another nurse told him Dr. Meng is the only one one who has been in the room with her, no nurses at all are allowed. Strange don’t you think?”

   Li Tian frowns, yes, very strange coupled with this sketchy report what is going on? “Have someone page this Dr. Meng him for an emergency then have Niu go in and take a picture.”

   Yang James looks at his phone,that is ridiculous. but if that is what the boss wants. “Will do.”

   When Li Tian goes back into the private room Han Bi has ordered the food for Sara, “Thank you for dinner. I ordered the takeout it should be ready soon. I can take a taxi back to the hospital if you are busy.”

   “No I took care of it on the phone. I will send you back.” I will even escort you up to the room.

   Han Bi thinks she misjudged him from the one time he spoke to her at the office and the rumors that swirl around him. He isn’t the cold overbearing man I thought him to be. {if she only knew..}

   The server brings the takeout and Li Tian hands her his black card, she politely refuses it, “Your bill has been taken care of by Kurisu.”

    “Tell your boss I appreciate his goodwill.” This Japanese restaurant is a front for the Falcon’s Head Syndicate it launders money for Yun Shi. He owes him for deflecting a police investigation recently. Li Tian tosses a few thousand yuan down on the table for the tip then waving  his hand towards Han Bi, “Shall we go.”

   Han Bi eyes light up as she looks at all the money he is very generous she giggles,  maybe I should be a server here. She wobbles a little when she stands up and Li Tian holds her arm to steady her, “If you aren’t feeling well I can take the food to your friend and my driver can take you home. The rice wine they serve here is very strong. I should have realized that before pouring you more.”

   “ I’m fine, Song Sara wouldn’t want a stranger coming to her room and I want to see how she is doing.”

   “Actually I have met Song Sara at the Zhou Group we are collaborating on a project together.”

   Han Bi now recalls Sara complaining about Li Tian, this is embarrassing but Sara definitely wouldn’t want to see him. “I want to visit with her but thank you for your considerate offer.” He really is so much nicer than people think. It just goes to show you can’t trust first impressions or rumors.

   When they get outside the fresh air hits Han Bi and she feels dizzier, she sways as they get into the backseat, Dammit, I do feel drunk. I should call Yibo to take the food to Sara. She takes out her phone muttering to herself, “I need Yibo to take the food”, She tries his phone no answer, shit!

   Li Tian lips curl up in a satisfied smile, this is my opportunity to see for myself who is in the hospital room. “I left my car at the hospital underground garage earlier, I can have my bodyguard deliver the food to Song Sara if you think she would be uncomfortable having me come up to her room. My driver can take you home after he drops me off at my car.” Han Bi thinks she has no other choice she feels nauseous from drinking too much sake. She wants to hurry and get home she has the urge to vomit.

   Barely able to hold her food down she thanks him as she hiccups, “ I will be bothering you then.”

  Li Tian has a devilish gleam in his eyes as he sees Han Bi lean back in the seat. It was unintentional Han Bi getting drunk but this will work out well.

   When they arrive at the hospital Li Tian takes the food and instructs his driver to drive Han Bi home, she is sleeping in the back seat.

   I will find out for myself. He can feel his palms with a thin layer of sweat, if it was her how am I going to get her back in my bed? It would have been so much easier f she was a prostitute. I want..I need to press that soft body under mine or I will go crazy with this pent up desire.

   When they are in the elevator he tells his bodyguards to make sure no one disturbs him when he goes into her room. They go to the fourth floor and walk down the hallway to Sara’s room.

   Dr. Meng has left Sara to take care of an emergency, he is confident the sedative will help her go to sleep soon. The sedative takes effect Sara is drifting off to sleep when Li Tian enters the room. He had been trying to think of what to say, fuck it I’m Li Tian..I always get what I want! I won’t let her refuse.

    There is only one light on in the room, Li Tian walks over to Sara’s bedside, her long black hair is spread over the pillow and her pink lips are parted as she sleeps. He gulps, it is her, Song Sara is the girl from last night… What the fuck! He sets the takeout food on the nightstand when he does he sees the ointment, it is hard to read in this light he walks over to the bathroom and turns on the light. Healing Vaginal Ointment… was I so rough she landed in the hospital? The report said nothing about injuries, was the doctor covering it up to protect her privacy? Probably .

   He looks at the  tube of vaginal ointment that has been opened, did some fucking doctor apply this to her, touch my property with his hands? His eyes narrow and his face darkens thinking about another man touching Sara.

   Li Tian takes long strides over to the bed then looking down at her, he lifts the gown to see the red marks he left on her tender body last night. They have faded some but are still evident on her creamy white neck...How can the little kitten be Song Sara of all the women in this city?

   He feels his body reacting just looking at her laying there in the bed. He can’t resist, his body is heating up gazing at her flawless face as she sleeps.. He leans down kissing her parted lips, tasting her, yes it is you Song Sara. How the fuck did you end up in my bed? Now I have to possess you, no other man can have you..only me. He touches her soft hair and plays with it in his fingers.

   Laying down on the bed on his side next to her he pulls down the quilt then lifts her gown and gently spreads her slender legs to see her injury for himself. Her sensitive area is red,swollen and there are bruises and love bites on her inner thighs. He takes the ointment putting some on his finger then gently applies it. Sara is heavily sedated and has no idea of his actions as his finger gently enters her rubbing the ointment inside.

  Recalling when he first  entered her last night her body was extremely tight, could I have torn her inside since it was her first time with a man?

      He glances with a guilty expression at her delicate face as she sleeps then he puts more ointment on his long slender finger tenderly masaging  it into her body again until he is satisfied he didn’t miss a spot.

     His heart is pounding as he touches her intimately with his fingers, and his pitch black eyes are full of lust. He has been thinking about her delicious body ever since he woke up this morning, unable to concentrate on his work. Even to the extent of postponing accepting a shipment of weapons from the Russian while he was searching for her,  pissing off the arms dealer who was waiting for the exchange.

    Li Tian is obsessed he can’t control himself kissing her seductive soft lips licking and biting them. He embraces Sara’s fragile body holding her tightly in his arms, breathing in her intoxicating fragrance. Gently touching her face he whispers, “I won’t hurt you again baby, but I need your body. If I have to marry you I will.” According to the doctor’s notes you are due to be discharged in the morning I will figure it out then.

   Now that he has confirmed Song Sara is his little kitten he decides he will leave. Smiling he touches her silky black hair then kisses her one more time and affectionately tucks the covers around her. 

     Holding her tiny soft hand in his he has an intense gaze as he squeezes it feeling her warmth on his palm. I found you and you aren’t going to get away from me…ever. You are my fated lover, I have never felt such pleasure with any other woman. Afterwards laying next to you in the bed holding your sweet body in my arms I felt the rage inside me calm down. 

   After he leaves the room he calls Yufei, “Send a woman over to my club she needs to be petite and have long black hair and blue eyes. An innocent face… wearing a sleeveless  black dress…hurry.”

   Yufei hangs up the phone, how the hell am I going to find a woman like that on short notice? She makes a few phone calls, when she is done she sighs, “I’m getting too old to deal with this picky asshole.”

   When he gets to his club he goes directly to his office and pours a glass of whiskey. I would marry her…why not? I rather have a wife I want to fuck than one I don’t. He looks down at his body where the hell is the woman Yufei is sending… I need to get off.

   A few minutes later there is a knock at the door, “Boss, there is a woman downstairs who says Yufei sent her.”

   “Bring her up.” He looks up and sees a slender young woman smiling at him in the doorway, she is obviously wearing blue contacts and she is pretty but not fairy like in the least. Well, she will have to do.

   His voice is gruff and cold,“Come here.”

   She walks over to him, Yufei said to please this man or I don’t need to come back. “What would you like me to do?”

   “Take off the dress.”

   The woman starts to strip,  the black dress she is wearing slipping down as she  moves her hips seductively. She unhooks her bra revealing her breasts, he watches her slide her panties down her legs, now she is standing there only in a pair of black high heels. As he watches her, he isn’t feeling excited by the sight of her body, he leans back fantasizing about Song Sara standing there shyly trying to cover her private areas after he ripped off her dress. Then her warm body pressed onto him as he kissed her… now he feels himself getting hard.

   The woman can see his pants bulging and thinks it because of her alluring strip tease, she comes over and puts her hands on his shirt to take it off, he roughly pushes her hands away. His aura darkens, “Get off me.” I have no desire to bang this bitch she isn’t even a good substitute.

   Nervously she removes her  hands and steps back, his cold aura is frightening, “I..I want to please you.”

   He frowns, this slut’s voice is shrill and high pitched, Song Sara’s voice has a sweet melodious sound to it. “Don’t talk.”

   Motherf****r! This fucking whore isn’t doing it for me. He drinks more of the whiskey,his voice emotionless,“Use your mouth.”

   He leans back picturing the little kitten in his bed last night as the woman kneels in front of him between his muscular legs. Well at least this whore knows what she is doing.. he moans as she expertly does her job. When he is finished and pulls out she looks up at him her obscene lips wet she licks them, the lewd look on her face is disgusting as though she wants to fuck me now… in her dreams. He lazily points to a table with  money on it, his voice cold, “Get out.”

   The woman scrambles to get up off her knees then barely pulls on her dress, quickly  picking up the money she scurries out the door like a scared mouse.

      She had heard about this man from Yufei but didn’t believe what she said until now. Although Li Tian is incredibly handsome and has a perfect body his frigid demon like aura is terrifying.

    When she leave he zips his pants, he feels unsatisfied.Dammit! I want to fuck the little kitten. He storms out of his office and goes to his apartment upstairs to take a shower.

      After the quick shower he hurriedly gets dressed in casual clothes and leaves his apartment taking the back elevator. I’m going back to the hospital.

   He gets into his Maserati the tires screeching as he pulls away from the Black Jade Club. He drives recklessly down the highway weaving in and out of traffic. Pounding his hand on the steering wheel, “I will have you Song Sara underneath me.. pressing you down, no matter what it costs.

    Dammit, I need the little kitten’s body  now!

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