Chapter 14 Found Her

After Sara calms down she tries to stand up to go to the bathroom. She slowly walks over her legs still shaky, when she is in there she looks in the mirror she touches her pale face, my goodness I have panda eyes and I can still see the red marks on my neck  I wonder how long it takes for the healing cream to work?  Damn that perverted bastard! I have a budget, getting admitted to the hospital is not included in it!

    She washes her face to freshen up a little then  brushes her teeth as she looks around the luxurious bathroom. This is better than a five star hotel room it has all the amenities, there is even lotion, by the bath she sees shampoo and conditioner she has seen advertised at 140 yuan a bottle. She smiles thinkinking maybe when I leave I will take them with me since I am paying for it. 

     She brushes her hair, I wish I had an elastic band to put my hair up in a pony tail, she brushes her long black  hair behind her ear and tightens the hospital gown before she goes back to the bed.

    Now that she is wide awake she wonders if Bi thought to call Zhou Group to tell them she wasn’t going to be able to come into work, and why isn’t Bi at work? Did she have to take off because of me? Sara feels guilty she knows Han Bi never misses work. I have so many grievances against you asshole if I ever meet you again! I swear I will cut off your balls!

   Li Tian is at lunch with Zheng Tielin when he feels a chill going down right to his crotch, he shivers. Zheng Tielin notices his movement, “What is wrong with you Tian?”’

   “Nothing I just had a strange sensation a moment ago. Do you think it is drafty in here?”

   “No, if anything they have the heat turned up too high.”

   “Anyway I wanted to talk to you about the Waterfront Project. Have you received the materials to finish from Fang Construction?”

   “Yes, my foreman called me yesterday they are beginning on the final phase now, the condos should be move in ready by the end of next month. They have been pre sold with only a few left on the lower levels. Why?”

   “Since the lower levels aren’t the most desirable are you lowering the price?”

   Zheng Tielin raises his eyebrow, “I haven’t discussed it with the old man yet. Let’s order I’m starving then we can talk.” He calls the waiter over looking at the menu he orders the Salmon with Grilled Vegetables.”What about you Tian?”

   “I will have the same.”

    Zheng Tielin hands the menu to the server, “Tian, you should try the Plum Blossom Cafe across the bridge, it isn’t a well known fact but do you know who the chef is there?”

   Li Tian wonders why that name sounds familiar, “Why would you go to a Cafe over on that side of town?”

   “Because of the food, you know I’m a foodie. Han Bi lives over by there and when Fang Yunxian had an office party she had it catered from there. I happened to be at Yunxian’s office and the food was amazing so I went to check it out. I asked who the chef was and the server said he is a visiting family member of the owner.” LiTian has a sip of water and interrupts, “Stop with the long winded explanation who the fuck is the chef?”

“Wang Xiaoming”

  “There is no fucking way that asshole would at a dumpy little cafe even if his own mother owned it.”

  “You didn’t let me finish I saw him there.” He starts laughing, “And it is his mother’s restaurant. I guess some little food blogger who is popular had the Cafe on her blog and now the business is booming according to the little busty girl who waited on me and Yunxian.”

   Li Tian slams his hand down on the table startling Zheng Tielin, “Tian what the fuck did you do that for!” He glances around and several people are staring at them.

   That little food blogger is that assistant to Zhou Mo! I knew the name of the cafe sounded familiar. So she was hanging out with that bastard Wang Xiaoming when she was supposed to be delivering my blueprints. Li Tian hates Wang Xiaoming for a variety of reasons now he has one more.

   Zheng Tielin took a picture of the food at the party to show his mother who needed a caterer for a small ladies luncheon. His mother is a foodie also and loves to find a new out of the way restaurant to impress her friends.

   “Here look at the picture, the cake they had was delicious too but Yunxian didn’t know the name of the bakery.” 

   “I don’t want to look at the fucking picture right now.”

   “Whatever, Tian you should lighten up with this angry attitude of yours today what the hell is eating at you?” He sets his phone on the table still opened up to the picture. “Seriously, have a drink or something. Order something else, I have had the tenderloin steak it was good.”

   What I really need is to find that girl! He motions to the server, he comes over to their table and Li Tian orders a double whiskey on the rocks. When another server brings their food, Zheng Tielin asks for some extra limes for his salmon.

   “Tian why do you hate Xiaoming so much you two used to be close friends in High School.”

   “Things change…people change..” Li Tian has a strange look on his face as he gulps down his whiskey, remebering the fight they had that day that severed thier friendship for good.

   Li Tian tastes his salmon, “Well the chef here sucks this salmon is dry and tasteless.” He tosses down his fork it clatters across his plate. Bored and out of a sudden curiosity he picks up Zheng Tielin’s phone, “Motherf*****g shit!” He stands up waving the phone at Zheng Tielin, Why is a prostitutes handler at an office party. She has a fucking day job! “What is this bitch’s fucking name!”

   Zheng Tielin stands up, at this point everyone in the restaurant is staring at the two of them. “Have you gone crazy Tian! Sit the fuck down now.” He looks at the woman in the picture, it is Han Bi, he forgot she was standing by the table talking to another woman when he took the picture.

   Li Tian drags Zheng Tielin by his arm out onto the outdoor patio, “This woman..the one right here.. who is she?” He is pointing at Han Bi smiling talking to someone by the table of food.

   “That is Han Bi, I told you she is beautiful.”

    Li Tian sends the picture to his phone, they looked everywhere for her and she is right under their noses at Fang Group. Now he can finally locate the little kitten.

    “I’m going to the Fang Group.” Zheng Tielin doesn’t have time to ask him anything before Li Tian turns and leaves him standing on the patio.  He watches him storm through the restaurant What the hell was that about and why did Tian flip out like that when he saw Han Bi in the picture.

   Meng Jian finishes talking to Bi and Yibo explaining it was a combination of not eating and dehydration from the alcohol Sara consumed which caused her to faint. He told them she as a bump on her head from the fall and needs to stay overnight for observation. He walks down to the elevator with them. “I will check on her after your visit.”

   “Thank you Dr. Meng.” Bi is happy to hear it is nothing too major, just an overnight stay in the hospital.

   “Meng Jian, I want you to come to my office tomorrow at 10 o’clock I want to finish our discussion from yesterday.”

   “En.” Tzu Yibo offered him the position of Director at their Pushong City Hospital but he doesn’t want to relocate. Also he enjoys being a doctor, he doesn’t like the idea of going into a managerial position.

    When Bi and Yibo get to Sara’s room Bi rushes in Sara is looking out the window sitting in a chair with a faraway look on her face. She hears them come in and turns around as Bi rushes over to hug her, “Sara I was so freakin worried about you!”

   “Sorry Bi, I guess I shouldn’t drink Mai Tais again.” She sees Yibo behind Bi, “Yibo, sorry..” He stops her, “Sara you don’t need to keep saying you’re saying sorry. I’m just glad you are alright you scared the shit out of me when you fainted! Don’t worry about the hospital bill I took care of it.”

   “Yibo, I can’t let you do that!”

   “Sara, I own the fucking hospital don’t worry about it. Just concentrate on getting better. How is your head? Dr. Meng said your CAT scan is normal but you need to have the IV and be monitored.”

     “It hurts a little but not too bad.”

    Sara looks over at Bi,“You took off work becauses of me?”

   “I couldn’t let my best friend wake up to no one here!” She has a hurt look on her face recalling her conversation with Fang Yunxian earlier,  “It’s cool according to the CEO anyone can replace me.” She is still stewing over Fang Yunxian saying Lee Xun could easily do her job. Her phone starts ringing, she sees it is the CEO, “CEO Fang did you need something?”

    Fang Yunxian is staring at Li Tian towering over his desk. This is going to be awkward no way is Han Bi someone who would do such a thing. But this asshole insists she was with a prostitute last night taking money from some man. How am I even going to broach the subject it is too ridiculous. He doesn’t say anything, Bi says, “CEO Fang are you there..”suddenly the phone is hung up. Bi is a little worried why would CEO Fang call then hang up on her, she tries to call him back but Lee Xun answers, “CEO Fang’s office may I help you?”

  “Xun, it’s me Han Bi, CEO Fang just called me and we got disconnected.”

     Lee Xun wishes Han Bi would never come back to work she loves being in the office with the handsome CEO. I even accompanied him to a business lunch today with the head of one of Fang Group’s international companies, it was very exciting. She rolls her eyes, “I took care of it for him we are all good here.”

   Bi hangs up a little depressed thinking he needed her for something. “Hmm..that was strange it was the CEO… then he just hung up.”

   In Fang Yunxian’s office Li Tian glares at him as he bangs his hand down on the desk, “Why the fuck didn’t you ask her?”

   “Because I realized that is crazy she is Han Bi the only daughter of the Han family do you think she would be with a prostitute. It must have been a woman who looked like her at your Club last night.”

   “If she is your executive assistant why isn’t she here at work today?” No one knows anything about those tight lipped Hans. Maybe her family cut her off and she is desperate for money to maintain her lifestyle. I will fucking take a good look at her and ask her myself.

   “She had a personal emergency and I don’t pry into my employees affairs.” I have never seen this cold bastard be so worked up over anything let alone a woman..a prostitute at that. She must have betwitched him that is the only logical explanation for his erratic behavior right now. Fuck he can have any woman in Catang City why is he looking for a little whore?

    He has a faint mischeivous look on his handsome face as  a sudden thought comes into his head. He lazily leans back in his chair with his hands behind his head. “Tian, I’m just going to throw this out there, but if you fucked a girl that was with Han Bi she might have just been a friend of hers she went to your Club with last night. You should consider that possibility.”

   Li Tian’s eyes narrow recalling the scene last night,“No, I saw this woman…” He points to Han Bi in the picture, “Taking money from the man at the table and put it in her purse. Then later the girl told me the man paid for her already.”

   “I would bet my company you were so drunk you misread the situation. Fucking Han Bi is…well… fucking Han Bi..she doesn’t need money.”

   “Then why the hell is she working for you as a little assistant?”

   “…” That is a good question he doesn’t know the answer to. “I have no idea but I do know you are out of your motherf*****g mind. Get out Tian I have work to do.”

   “Listen I need to find this girl. Call Han Bi and ask her then who she was with at my Club last night.”

   Didn’t I just say I don’t pry into my employee’s affairs. Fang Yunxian knows Tian is like a dog with a bone he won’t let it go until he is satisfied. Listen you crazy bastard, I will do it but then you need to drop this, she is the best assistant I have had and I don’t want to lose her because my friend is insane.”

   He calls Han Bi again she quickly answers the phone in an anxious tone she says, “CEO Fang we must have been disconnected, what did you need?”

   Fang Yunxian needs to think of why he would ask her it she was at this asshole’s Club last night, so he begins the conversation, “I was wondering if everything is alright with your emergency.”

   Han Bi looks at Sara, it is probably okay to say I am with a friend in the hospital. She walks away from Yibo and Sara to take the call on the other side of the spacious room. “Yes, my friend was injured so I accompanied her to the hospital this morning but she is doing much better. Thank you for your concern.” She tells him a little of the situation since he sounds concerned which seems out of character for him.

    He taps his pen on his desk,“Good to know she is doing better, Tzu Private is a very good hospital. Will you be returning to work tomorrow?” This I actually want to know your replacement is a talkative annoyance who wears too much perfume and has proven herself incompetent handling the smallest tasks I have assigned her in your absence. Thank God you are coming back tomorrow! 


   “Very good.” He hangs up the phone. The atmosphere in the room is stifling from Li Tian’s dark aura as his unfathomable eyes were staring a hole through him while he was on the phone. “ Tian, I couldn’t ask it would sound too personal and we have a good working relationship. I did find out she will be returning to work tomorrow. Get yourself together and find a way to ask her yourself then. If you approached her while you are in this state she would be scared to death!”

  He glares at Fang Yunxian and grwols, “Useless!” Li Tian takes long strides leaving the office determined to find Han Bi now. I will go over to the hospital. I need to find that little kitten and I know that woman knows where she is.

   Sara can see Bi has a complicated look on her face, “Is everything okay at your office?”

   “Hmm…yeah it is just kind of weird the CEO called me to see what my emergency is, typically he won’t delve into the reason a person takes off work.” She has a faint smile, Could he have been worried about me?

    Yibo gets a call from the Tzu Corporation’s main office, “I can be there in a half hour.” He hangs up, “I need to meet my father at the office, if you need me for anything call me. Sara, you rest and don’t worry about anything except getting better.” He comes over to the chair she is sitting  and pats her head gently, “No more Mai Tais for you in the future young lady!”

   Sara smiles up at him and holds his hand, “Yibo, thanks for being such a good friend, but I will repay you for the hospital bill when I can.”

   “Forget about it Sara.” He winks at her, “What would people think if I charged my own fiancee. I would be known as a cheap bastard along with being a playboy.”

   Bi says “I will walk with you to the elevator I want to ask you something.”

      “…” Yibo wonders what is up with her serious tone. Sara is awake and it looks like she will be fine. “Okay, bye Sara.”

   Li Tian is driving over to Tzu Private Hospital he gets on his phone, “James find out everything you can about Han Bi, find out who she associates with and..well everything you can. See if her family disowned her for any reason.” I am sure she is the woman with the little prostitute last night.

   Yang James is leaving the office and has a dinner date. Dammit! “ The heiress?

   Li Tian responds, “Yes. She is at Tzu’s Private Hospital right now find out who she is visiting.”

“I will get right on it, but you know that family is very secretive not much appears about them in the papers or on social media.”

“She is visiting someone at Tzu’s Private Hospital right now send someone to make sure she doesn’t leave.” I can’t wait until tomorrow when she is back in the office.

   How am I  going to stop her from leaving for fuck’s sake. He knots his eyebrows as he calmly answers in a confident tone, “Will do.”

Li Tian lights a cigarette as he walks down to his silver Masarati, What should I say when I see her? Fuck it!  I will straightforwardly ask her if she was at my Club last night. Then find out about the little kitten

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