Chapter 12 The Gym

Li Tian enters LT Fitness on Nuyin, the gym he owns and immediately the eyes of the women inside are greedily feasting on his handsome face and perfect body, staring at him as he walks past them. Cold and aloof he takes long strides ignoring the stares without bothering to even glance their direction.

      He enters his private workout room’s changing area to put on his workout clothes. A short muscular man in athletic wear approaches him grinning, “Boss long time no see!”

    “When did I say you could allow women to join?”

   “I sent you an email last month I assumed when you didn’t respond it was a yes.”

   “…” Usually a non response means no.. not yes!  “So without confirmation you went ahead and changed my basic policy of men only?”

   “Listen Boss my wife made a good point our membership level doesn’t compare to other clubs that allow women.”

   He pokes his finger into You Tao’s chest as he narrows his dark Phoenix eyes,  “You Tao do I fucking need the revenue this gym provides? I opened it so my friends have a place to workout, I got tired of them coming to my villa. I like to come to play racket ball not to be bothered by women. Get rid of them.”

   “Boss our female membership…these women are members of elite families I can’t kick them out they all paid and signed contracts. You Tao is getting a migraine, “Boss, you have your own private area they won’t bother you.”

      You Tao is tired of listening to his wife bitch about how he works for a sexist man like Li Tian, her friends kept asking him why women can’t join the most luxurious gym in Catang City that he manages. They have no idea the owner is Li Tian, a man notorious for avoiding women, even in his company Li Group all the employees are men.

   Li Tian came to relieve his tension from Yang James being unable to find the little kitten. Now he is even more knotted up after seeing his gym overrun by women. “If even one woman disturbs me today you will help me open a gym in Siberia. Is Gu Dong here today I want to have game of raquetball.”

   “He will be back in fifteen minutes Miss Long asked him to get her a fruit protein drink from Jamba Juice next door.”

   Li Tian moves directly in front of You Tao’s face, the poor man can barely stand up from the pressure, with an oppressive tone Li Tian growls, “My employees are not here to run errands for these haughty bitches, do you understand!”

    You Tao’s legs are shaking, “Yes Boss!” Didn’t the boss tell me to run this Club as I saw fit when he hired me? And Long An is his fucking fiancee how could I refuse?

   “Get out!”

   Li Tian decides to swim a few laps before Gu Dong returns. He changes into a swimsuit and grabs a towel to go to the indoor pool.

   Long An saw him enter the gym when she was on the treadmill waiting for her juice drink, he must have seen me and totally ignored me. Who was the slut seen leaving his Club this morning, as soon as my investigator finds her she is dead!

   Gu Dong brings her the drink, she wipes her forehead with the white towel as she steps off the treadmill, “Set it on the table.”

   She sits down waiting to see if Li Tian comes back out, she hasn’t been to this gym before and has no idea he has his own separate private area. Jiang Wenli comes over to sit with her, “An wasn’t that your fiance CEO Li who just came in the gym?” She was over in Pilates class when he walked by the glass partition. “Where did he go?”

   “ To change I suppose, he should be out shortly.” She plays with the straw in her watermelon protein drink.“Wenli, you went to the Black Jade Club last night with Yan did you see Li Tian there?”

   “Why?” Jiang Wenli has been friends with Long An since High School she always appears calm and collected unless it involves that asshole Li Tian. She wants to tease her so she gets upset but looking at her serious expression maybe now isn’t the best time to fool around.

   “I’m asking you a question! Did you see Li Tian there?” She doesn’t want to say with a woman.

    “I saw him leaning over the railing staring at the bitches with Tzu Yibo, when we were on the second floor going to Ping Qinhe’s party. I said hello and that iceberg  man of yours totally ignored me, seriously like I was air. You would think since I am your best friend he would give me face!”

   Long An’s brown eyes narrow, “Who was with Tzu Yibo? Isn’t that playboy engaged to the timid little mouse Song Sara?”

   “He was hanging out with me and Yan until that little bitch showed up with Han Bi.”

   “Yibo was with Song Sara and Han Bi?”

   Jiang Wenli motions to Gu Dong to come over, the drink An has looks really tasty. He walks over to the table, “Yes, Miss Jiang?”

   “Go get me a watermelon  protein smoothie from Jamba Juice.”

   “Miss Jiang I am a personal trainer not a waiter.” You Tao told him how furious Li Tian was about the women in his gym. I knew it was a bad idea! Rich women are too much trouble, demanding and obnoxious, this chubby woman shouldn’t be drinking such a high calorie drink. I saw her trying to run on the treadmill and she looked like she couldn’t breathe.

   Her voice sounds grating as she points towards Long An’s drink complaining,“You got her one! I will tip you when I get my purse.”

   “…” Tip me? I was an Olympic weightlifter!I only work here because I owe Li Tian a debt and I like hanging out here, well that is before all you bitches joined. His face darkens, he only went and got one for Long An because she is the Boss’ fiance. “Sorry Miss Jiang my next client is here.” He walks away shaking his head why did You Tao insist on letting stupid arrogant bitches into the gym!

    “Just get a bottle of mineral water from the machine.” Long An wants to continue this conversation. “Hurry up.”

   “Sheesh..” Jiang Wenli goes to get her purse from her locker, as she does she overhears Li Tian on the phone in the next hallway, “ I’m at the gym about to take a swim. What do you mean even Su Wan doesn’t have a clue? She couldn’t vanish into thin air!”

    Jiang Wenli quietly walks to the corner to try to hear what he is saying. She is startled when You Tao comes up behind her, “Miss, no one is allowed access to the VIP area. Please return to main gym or I will have to revoke your membership.

   She smiles, “I’m new I got a little turned around, I was getting my purse.” Revoke my membership just for walking the wrong way? That seems excessive. Maybe he saw me eavesdropping on Li Tian. He is probably afraid of him, no one dares provoke that bastard.

    He isn’t going to take a chance she disturbs Li Tian, “I will escort you out then.”

   “Thank you I will be troubling you then.” Dammit! I wanted to hear more, he must be looking for a woman.

   Jiang Wenli goes to the machine and gets a bottle of water slowly walking back to the table.

   “What took you so long!”

   Jiang Wenli is about to tell her about overhearing Li Tian’s conversation when Lin Yue joins them at the table.

   Long An clenches her fists at her side her knuckles turning white what the hell does this gossiping wench want.

   Lin Yue is wearing a skin tight pair of black leggings with a red stripe up the side and a short red top accentuating her large breasts. She curls her lips up in a condescending smile “Long An when did you join? I remember in High School you were well..not very athletic. ”

   “What do you want Yue?” She is not in the mood to play games with this scheming bitch.

   “Actually I was wondering if you are attending the Leng Enterprise banquet in Pushong City tomorrow night?”

   “Of course I will be accompanying Li Tian, why do you ask?”

   “Well I heard Zhou Jason works for Leng Enterprises now.”

   “…” It has been awhile since she thought about her crush from her time at University, her heart starts pounding in her chest as she recalls those days. She calms herself, “What does that have to do with me?”

   “My cousin is learning the hotel business and is assistant to the banquet manager at the Crescent Moon Hotel where the banquet is being held. She was telling me that Zhou Jason came to the kitchen to discuss some arrangements yesterday. I thought you might like to know he will definitely be at the banquet.”

   Long An’s heart flutters but she remains seemingly unmoved as she sips her drink, “I am engaged to Li Tian now so if you are trying to cause a problem it won’t work. I could care less if I were to see Zhou Jason again.”

   Lin Yue can see Long An’s eyes betray her feelings, it should be a good show when Long An meets Zhou Jason again at the banquet. “Speaking of Li Tian where is he? I saw him when he came into the gym.” She looks around, “Did he leave already?

   Wenli decides to help Long An out she is her friend and Lin Yue is such a spiteful bitch.“An weren’t you going to meet him at the pool?”

   Long An stands up taking the cue from Wenli,”Yes he probably wonders where I am, so if if you are done gossiping Yue I will say good bye.” She tosses the cup into the trash and walks down the hallway. Damn that bitch! Bringing up Zhou Jason to embarrass me! Her face flushes as she recalls him turning down her confession by the gazebo in the University courtyard. One of the most humiliating experiences of my life and that wench happened to witness it. She will never let that drop!

   Jiang Wenli and Lin Yue are still at the table as Jiang Wenli picks up her water bottle to leave Lin Yue grabs her arm, “I was at the Black Jade Club last night who was the woman with Tzu Yibo you drugged?” I know it was Song Sara but I want to see you squirm a little for fun.

   Jiang Wenli’s face turns white, how does Lin Yue know what she did. “I don’t know what you are talking about, let go of my arm!”

   Lin Yue’s nails dig into Jiang Wenli’s arm,“I would sit down if I were you. I actually wanted to talk to you, bullying An was just an added pleasure.”

   She sits back down, keeping her voice low she threatens, “You better shut your mouth accusing me like that! I will sue you if you say that to anyone. That is blatant slander!”

   “I want you to do me a favor I won’t tell anyone it will be our little secret.”

   “I just told you I didn’t drug anyone.”

   “Well this video on my phone says otherwise.” She takes her cellphone out of her pocket, playing it without sound. “I have it muted although it is better to watch with your whiny voice.”

   Jiang Wenli’s eyes widen as she tries to grab it away, “How did you get that!”

   “You were so green eyed with jealousy you didn’t even notice me and Little Yifan sitting right next to you. If Tzu Yibo were to know you drugged his fiancee what do you think his reaction would be?”

   “What do you want Yue.. money?”

   “Sweetie do I look like I need money? My family is richer than yours. No I appreciate the fact you acted so rashly, I also hate Song Sara and Long An. Watching Li Tian take a drugged Song Sara up the stairs in his arms and then obviously ruining her gave me great pleasure.”

    Jiang Wenli leans into the table towards Lin Yue, “Li Tian and Song Sara?” Oh my God what did I do! She feels like she is going to throw up if this comes out she will not only lose her chance with Tzu Yibo but knowing Long An she might end up dead!”

   Wait.. no way would Li Tian take Song Sara to bed he never has any scandals and the only women he is seen with are purely for show according to An. “Yue how do you know Li Tian and Song Sara…”

  “Once I saw the scene unfolding I had a man watch to see if she left and what condition she was in, he is the one who leaked the pictures to the internet site. But obviously it was Li Tian who had them immediately removed.” 

     She taps her bright red fingernails on the glass table top, “At first I thought the humiliation of a woman leaving Li Tian’s Club in his over coat would be enough revenge on Long An but I changed my mind when the story got squelched so quickly.”

   “I know why you hate Long An is because of Zhou Jason but I don’t understand why you hate Song Sara. Although she stands in the way of me getting Yibo, I have never seen her offend anyone. That is part of the reason I can’t stand her, she always seems happy no matter what crap gets tossed on her. I was drunk when I decided to drug her and angry she was with Yibo. ”

    “You don’t need to know why, all you need to know is I want her ruined as much as you do. We will both win. I will have my revenge and you will have Tzu Yibo.”

   She looks at her watch, “I need to change I have a meeting at my company, I will call you later to discuss my plan. You are going with your family to the Leng Enterprise banquet tomorrow night right?”

  “Yes, why?”

  “I will explain later.”

  “Wait, how can I be sure if I help you that you will destroy the video?”

  “You can’t but know if you don’t I definitely will let Tzu Yibo know what you did. As she leaves the table she turns her head slightly, ” Sweetie, you really should do some cardio.”


   Meanwhile Long An goes into the changing room and comes out in a blue swimsuit that hugs her curves. It has a cutout revealing her tight stomach and the top emphasizes her cleavage. Looking in the mirror she admires her shape, how can Tian resist me in this swimsuit? I will make him forget whatever slut he was with last night. She walks down the hallway to where the pool is located, two men are standing outside, “Miss, the pool is being used you will need to wait.”

   “Do you know who I am? Get out of my way!”

   “I am aware of your identity but our Boss instructed us he didn’t want to be disturbed while he is using the facilities.”

   Annoyed she tries to push her way past but is easily stopped, “I am telling you Li Tian invited me to the pool.”

   “Unless he tells us otherwise he said no one is to intrude on his workout.”

   Long An stomps away mumbling, “Who do those blockheads think they are?” She takes her phone out of her purse dialing Li Tian’s number, he is sitting stretched out on a lounge chair talking to his friend  Zheng Tielin. He sees the caller is Long An, he knows she saw him come into the gym she was on the treadmill. Knowing her personality if he doesn’t answer she will keep calling or worse barge into the pool area.


   “Your stupid guards wouldn’t let me into the pool area.”


   “Li Tian! Stop avoiding me I want to talk to you.”

  “Then speak.”

   “Tell them to let me in or I am calling your Grandfather and telling him you are bullying me!”

   He is not in the mood for her whining, “That threat would work… but he is at his mountain retreat.”

   “Li Tian whether you like it or not we are engaged if I throw a fit don’t you think your family will be bothered? If he isn’t in town I will call Auntie Yufei.”

   Shit! What a bitch! I can’t wait to figure out a way to break this fucking engagement. “I will tell them to allow you to enter.” I’m going to make that incompetent bastard You Tao pay for letting women into my gym!

    Long An has a satisfied smirk as she approaches the door to the pool. Tossing her hair back she hmmphs as the guard opens the door for her.

   He rolls his eyes after she is out of sight, how does the Boss put up with that little piece of work!

   She sees Li Tian talking to Zheng Tielin she sways her hips as she walks over, “Tian, Zheng Tielin.”

   As soon as she is near to him Li Tian gets up diving into the pool splashing water on her, she jumps back,” Ahh..”

   Zheng Tielin starts laughing at the scene.

   “Shut up!”

    “An, when are you going to learn you can’t win with Tian. Beauty, if you were with me I would treat you like my queen.” He has a devilish grin on his handsome face as he flirts with her.

  “Zheng Tielin save it for that actress girl friend of yours, what is her name?”

   “Ming Meifen, her beauty doesn’t compare to yours , I am only dating her for publicity for our drama.”

   Long An starts laughing,“Does she know that? I saw an interview with her a couple days ago on XiXi’s Talk Show,   she said you asked her to marry you.”

    “…” I am going to need to talk to my agent what kind of nonsense is that. “You can’t believe the garbage you see on television, it is all made up by the company.”

   She watches Li Tian as he swims the length of the pool, his strong arms going in and out of the blue water as he quickly reaches the other side. She sighs there is no doubt he is a very handsome man but his cold indifference is infuriating

    Li Tian swims a few more laps then gets out of the pool, with water dripping everywhere  he brushes back his wet hair with his fingers as he walks over to get a towel. Long An gulps as she stares at the water droplets running down his bare chest onto his firm abs. He towels himself off and walks over to sit down.

      Long An snaps out of her trance when he gruffly says, ‘So what the hell is so important you needed to barge in here and bother me?”

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