Chapter 11 Dr. Meng

Sara stirs the Hangover Soup,  lost in thought she still wonders who would drug her while they were at the Black Jade Club. 

     Who was that man, his face is a blur…Bi interrupts her thoughts as she reaches past Sara dipping a spoon into the soup. Tasting the Haejang-guk  she exclaims  “Oh that is good!” using the spoon she points to Yibo still passed out on the couch, “Look at that guy! He has been snoring all night! I could barely sleep!” 

     Sara can’t help but smile Yibo looks cute, he is so tall his long legs are hanging off the couch and his messy black hair is covering half his face, “We can wake him up when the soup is ready.”

   There is a knock at the door Sara freezes who could that be at seven o’clock in the morning! The man from last night  didn’t find me did he? Frightened she stares at Bi with her blue eyes wide whispering, “Who could that be this time of the morning!”

   Bi shrugs her shoulders, “How would I know?” She walks over to answer the door Sara follows he then grabs her arm,”I don’t think we should answer the door.”

   Bi shakes off her arm, “Sara maybe it is the new Korean face masks I ordered from Amazon.”

   “Yeah it could be a delivery…okay.” Sara sighs, I need to get it together and stop being paranoid no way could that big  pervert find me, I went around the block to catch the cab home.

   Bi has a quizzical look on her face hearing Sara’s over reaction then looks through the peephole, it is Yibo’s driver. Bi answers the door and a tall muscular man in a black suit walks into the living room.

   Sara screams dropping the ladle in her hand when she sees Yibo’s driver, startling Bi, the man at the door and waking up Yibo. Sara’s heart is pounding erratically as fear overwhelms her looking at the intimidating man. Is he one of the beast’s henchmen come to take me back? 

     Her face turns pale at the thought of being caught by him, suddenly she faints onto the living room floor.

   Bi runs over, “Oh my God! Sara!”

   Yibo sat up when she screamed, half awake he witnesses Sara falling to the ground.

      Kicking off the quilt covering him he jumps off the couch. “What happened!” Rushing over to Sara he kneels on the floor next to her motionless body.

   His driver is standing at the door staring at Tzu Yibo as he stands up, the Young Master was sleeping on that tiny couch?

   Yibo looks worriedly at Bi, “Should we take her to my family’s hospital?”

   Bi has a concerned expression she knows Sara wouldn’t want to go there they might call her father. “Lift her onto the couch I will get a cool washcloth.”

   Yibo nods to his driver, Chan Ah comes over carefully picking Sara up and placing her on the couch. He thinks she is too thin as he holds her slender body, maybe she has been starving herself.{Sara would laugh if she knew what he was thinking.}

   Yibo covers her body with the flowered quilt he tossed off when he sprang from the couch, worried her face is very pale. 

    Bi hurries back with the wet cloth then gently wipes her forehead and face. Sara’s long black eyelashes flutter she can feel the coolness on her skin but can’t open her eyes.

   Yibo’s voice is firm, “Get dressed Bi we need to get Sara to the hospital!”

   Bi nods in agreement she noticed Sara’s breathing feels too light. What the hell caused her to suddenly faint?

   Sara can hear them talking and wants to say NO! I don’t want to go! But she can’t seem to form the words, helplessly she lies there while they are talking above her.

   Bi comes out of the bedroom she quickly washed her face and brushed her teeth. “Let’s go.”

    Chan Ah picks up Sara,they are about to leave the apartment when he says in a flat tone, “Miss, the soup on the stove is boiling over.” 

     He stares at Bi amazed the girl ran into the bedroom to get dressed and in five minutes came out looking like she walked out of a fashion magazine. He looks down at Sara and this girl looks like a beautiful fairy. Chan Ah glances at his boss with admiration, as expected of the Young Master.

   Bi turns off the stove and smiles at Yibo’s driver, “Thank you I totally forgot!” She stares longingly at the soup she was looking forward to having that for breakfast. Yibo doesn’t like the way Bi is looking at Chan Ah, “Bi stop flirting with my driver and hurry up.” He grabs his coat then pulls her along out the door.

   “…” Han Bi and Chan Ah look at Yibo, Is he jealous?

   When they get to the hospital Yibo has Chan Ah  go in to alert them at the desk Tzu Yibo’s fiancee is unconscious. The nurse quickly sends out two male nurses who put Sara onto a stretcher wheeling her into the emergency room. A young doctor comes over, “Director Tzu I will have them prepare a VIP suite immediately. First, I will take her vitals to decide if she needs to be put on a drip.”

   ”Dr. Meng I’m counting on you to take good care of Song Sara.”

   While the doctor is examining Sara, Bi takes out her phone to call Fang Yunxian she doesn’t want to leave Sara alone. “CEO Fang I have an emergency I won’t be able to come into work this morning. If it is resolved I can come in the afternoon.”

   Fang Yunxian is surprised, Han Bi has never missed a day of work he is worried but doesn’t want to pry. He rubs his forehead I wonder what the emergency could be? I can’t let her know I will be lost without her at her desk. 

    He composes himself replying in a calm tone, “Miss Han, please take care of your emergency I’m sure Secretary Lee can handle your work. If you need more time to settle things that will be fine.”

   “…” Bi feels a little disappointed Fang Yunxian thinks that stupid wench Lee Xun can do her job so easily. “CEO Fang don’t forget you have a meeting with a representative of the Li Group at 1:00 concerning the Mega Mall deal. CEO Zhou sent the proposal, you have the email. The Zhou Group and the Li Group are still in the process of acquiring the land so you could push the meeting back until I can accompany you.”

   “No need. Lee Xun is very capable she can take notes during the meeting and study the information you prepared for me Monday.” He searches for a folder on his messy desk. Dammit! I forgot about that fucking meeting! I really need her input, conflicted he considers her situation, he doesn’t want to burden her if she has an emergency. “If there is nothing else, Let Lee Xun know when you will be returning to the company”.

   Fang Yunxian hangs up the phone looking over at Bi’s empty desk. The first thing she does everyday after she bows and greets him is come over and organize his desk for him, bending over him with her delicate sweet fragrance. He shakes his head as he pictures Bi leaning down next to him her soft hair brushing against his cheek as she straightens his papers.

   Bi has no idea her boss is fantasizing about her right now. She feels dejected she expected him to at least ask what the emergency is. Yibo sees Bi’s expression, “Don’t worry Bi, Dr. Meng maybe young but he is an excellent doctor.”

“I’m sure he is, what did he say?”

   “They are putting her in a VIP room for observation. I told him what happened and he said without tests it is hard to detect why she fainted, they are going to monitor her then take her in for a CAT scan. While he examines her there is nothing we can do should we get some breakfast?”

   Bi lost her appetite when Fang Yunxian was so cold to her on the phone. “I’m not hungry.”

   “You need to eat something.” He drags her down the hallway to the cafeteria. “The food in the VIP cafeteria is delicious, if you aren’t hungry you can at least drink some imported calming tea.”

   Dr. Meng finishes his examination and tells the nurse to take Sara to the third floor room 3267. He pushes up his gold rimmed glasses as his handsome face darkens reflecting his bad mood. 

     The beautiful young girl looks pitiful, her tender white skin covered in love bites and her pulse is weak. It wouldn’t be appropriate for him to check but it appears she had very rough sex from the bruising patterns on her lower abdomen he noticed when he lifted her sweater.

      I would need to remove her pants to examine her further but I have no reason at this point to do that. It wouldn’t be proper although I am curious as to the extent of her physical injuries.

   He knits his brow as he taps his pen on her chart, he had the nurse draw blood to confirm his suspicions but it appears she was given a strong aphrodisiac and consumed a large amount of alcohol. Her feet are red, swollen and covered in cuts as though she ran barefoot on pavement. 

     I’m not going to put this information in her chart, if the news leaked out she would be ruined.

   Most likely the patient is physically and mentally exhausted from her experience and dehydrated from the combination of alcohol and the aphrodisiac. 

     How could Tzu Yibo’s fiancee end up in such a state? He is obviously unaware of what caused her to fall unconscious.The girl dressed to hide her condition wearing that turtleneck sweater and socks. Tzu Yibo didn’t seem to know much saying she was in the kitchen making breakfast then screamed and fainted suddenly.

   Walking out to the garden behind the emergency room he lights a cigarette, what a fucking shame. If Tzu Yibo were to find out his fiancee is no longer a virgin he would probably dump the girl. What bastard did this to you Song Sara?

   The culprit Li Tian arrives at his downtown office to prepare for the meeting he postponed yesterday. Carrying the blueprints he stopped by his villa to pick up he walks down to the conference room. His phone rings, “Did you find the girl.”

   “Boss it might be hard to locate the chick. ”

   “Why?” He tightens his grip on the phone he thought Yang James was calling saying he found the little thing.

   “ Well I don’t even have a name or good description. I don’t know if it was intentional or not on her part but she went around the corner on 8th St, then called a taxi I presumed to pick her up. But where she waited the street camera is blocked by a large Chinese Oak so looking at the tape you can’t see the license number of the taxi or even the name on it.

   I assumed she would travel down the street then another camera would pick up the taxi but it is like the taxi disappeared into thin air. She must have had the driver go down the alleyway.” {Actually it was purely by accident the driver was avoiding an accident that he heard on the news and went down the alleys to avoid being stuck in traffic.}

   “What the fuck!” Li Tian takes long strides down the hallway. “What about the woman in red? Her handler.. did you track her down?”

   “I asked around and no one seems to know the woman.”

   “Are you fucking kidding me! How hard is it to locate one prostitute?” I need to find her before the woman in red sells the little thing’s body to another man.

   “Boss are you sure she was a professional?” Yang James is dumbfounded trying to figure out Li Tian right now. His mind can’t wrap itself around the fact the Boss is determined to find this chick…Seriously boss you can have any woman you want why would you want a little hooker?

   “I’m fucking positive!”

   “Well I will check with the Serpentine Syndicate they oversee most of the prostitution in Catang City and Pushong City. Do you think she might be from Pushong? Su Wan might know the woman in red with all his connections, that disgusting club he owns has an auction coming up soon and he has been collecting fresh young women to offer the wealthy degenerates that frequent Su Wan.

   “How the fuck would I know! James, unless you want to be transferred to Zimbabwe you better find her before the sun goes down!” Killing intent is flashing in his narrowed eyes,if the little kitten falls into Su Wan’s hands she will be in big trouble.

   “…” Holy fucking shit! How am I going to find that little slut! “I’m on it Boss!”

   Li Tian hangs up as his phone rings again without looking at the name he thinks it is Yang James and growls into the phone, “What the fuck do you want! You are wasting time!”

    Zhou Mo chokes on his saliva, he heard Li Tian could be fierce but has never heard him raise his voice, “CEO Li this is Zhou Mo I need to travel to Pushong City today I won’t be able to meet with you could we reschedule for tomorrow?” 

     Zhou Mo received a call from Qiao Private Hospital his wife Vicki was found beaten and unconscious in an alley behind the Red Scorpion Club last night. She remains in a coma. Although he has little feelings for the cheating slut, she is his wife, he can’t let a scandal hit the papers when he is working trying to get the Mega Mall project off the ground. At least she was taken to Dr. Qiao’s hospital and admitted to the VIP wing, they are known for their discretion.

    “Additionally,my assistant Song Sara is out sick today.” Bi has Sara’s work number and called the office to let them know Sara was hospitalized.

   The little assistant is sick? I wonder what is wrong with her she seemed find yesterday as she dodged meeting with me. The little faker is probably bullshitting the old man for a day off. His voice is edged with annoyance, “CEO Zhou that won’t be convenient for me have your assistant call me when she returns to work.”

   “Very well, I did want to inform you my investigator has located the farmer’s son, later I will have more information. If the son can convince the old man to sell we should be able to begin the project within the next month.”

   Li Tian responds, “If you need help persuading him let me know.”

   Zhou Mo hangs up, “Bring my car around we need to go to Pushong.”

   After Li Tian gets off the phone he paces around the empty conference room if that old fart can persuade the farmer’s son that’s a huge win. Huang Yuan walks into the room and Li Tian turns around when he hears the footsteps behind him.

   Huang Yuan has an amused expression his usually flawlessly handsome cousin has dark circles under his eyes. “You look like shit sleep last night?”

  Li Tian shoves him,“Fuck off you little shit! Where is everyone?”

   Huang Yuan stumbles backwards he must have hit a sore spot, Yang James told him some chick ditched his cousin, he couldn’t believe it but it seems to be true. He is smart enough not to poke further,“They should arrive soon it is only eight thirty you scheduled it for nine.”

   Li Tian has a lot of pent up frustration he really wanted to fuck the little kitten this morning and woke up to find his bed empty. Now that incompetent Yang James can’t find the little thing anywhere! He isn’t in the mood to deal with bureaucratic idiots this morning. “Yuan take over the meeting I’m going to the gym.” 

     He storms out of the conference room as he pulls his tie off. Where are you hiding little kitten?

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