Calculated Moves

 After the bodyguard leaves Kuang Bo rips off his mask revealing a flawlessly handsome face. His perfect lips curl up a smile as he runs his slender fingers over the deed to Zangwa Yan’s mansion and stock certificate. He never thought he would gain this much from one investment he made six months ago. This is working out better than I anticipated, I should thank Han Weisheng when I meet him. I never expected Zangwa Yan would be so easy to intimidate.

     Now I have  to ensure the project of his fails miserably, so what if he loses a few million what I will achieve in the future from the the stocks alone will make that seem like a drop in the bucket. I will gradually become the largest shareholder in the Zangwa Group, after taking control of the company I will move on to destroy the Zhao Corporation. He has an evil smile on his face as he dials a number in Pushong City.

     Scorpion positions himself on a rooftop of a restaurant in a small town a short distance away from the entrance of the Military Hospital. He opens up a black case admiring the rifle encased it it. He sets up his newly acquired CHEYTAC M200 sniper rifle, it has an effective range of 2500 meters, it combines ‘accuracy, range and firepower’ according to the brochure the Boss was looking at last week. I will see if it lives up to the hype.

     Scorpion can’t wait to pull the trigger and kill the bitch. He met her when he was with Kuang Bo, he hates scheming sluts, his  wife played him when he was in Africa on a mission. He smirks picturing his wife naked lying in a pool of blood next to her little lover with his pants around his ankles when he returned unexpectedly.

     Scorpion his eyes cold and determined fondles the sleek rifle, he figures he is about 1800 meters away from where they will enter the hospital he adjusts the high powered scope attached to it. This distance will give him plenty of time to escape, he has a black MCC Turbo motorcycle parked behind the restaurant able to go 227 mph . Scorpion has worked for three mercenary groups before moving to China to work for Black Sky, but when he thinks of the equipment he is provided with now by Black Sky he laughs to himself how he even survived before.

     They spare no expense outfitting their members with the best. He scratches his head then looks at his watch, should be here in fifteen minutes according to the time they left Qiao’s hospital. He lays on the roof, lights a cigarette blowing smoke rings he looks at the dark sky as the float away, “ Fucking bitches..”

     The Military ambulance carrying Cindy is traveling down the highway she is laying down with an IV in her arm, her head is hurting from the bumps in the road, “Will we be there soon?”

     A Corporal next to her was looking at his phone texting his girlfriend, “Huh?”

     Cindy doesn’t bother repeating herself it would take too much energy. She is anxious to arrive there, why did I provoke the wrong people? If I had just stayed with Jack instead of being so greedy.

     The driver looks back, “We should be there in five minutes. Fan!Get off your fucking phone.”

     They stop at the gate showing their identification, the guard opens the gate for them to enter.

     Cindy hears the gate open and she breathes a sigh of relief, she is finally safe. The ambulance stops at the entrance, Fan hops out swings open the back door, the driver comes around to help pull out her stretcher.

     Scorpion is looking through the scope he is amazed he can see a pimple on the one man’s cheek, this scope is top quality. He puts out his cigarette tossing it off the roof, his finger is on the trigger, waiting..waiting..

     The stretcher is lowered, Fan leans down to tie his shoe as he does a bullet whooshes past his shoulder hitting its target, Cindy didn’t have time to let out a whimper, she dies instantly as part of her brain flies onto the drivers uniform, Fan lifts his head, “What the fuck!”

     The driver is stunned as bits of flesh and hair are stuck to him, blood flew everywhere.on him He is a trained soldier and doesn’t let this scene bother him. As he wipes the blood off his face,“This is Sun Zhi, close down the roads for five miles out from the base, the patient has been killed..repeat shut down roads leading out from the Military Hospital.”

    From what he can judge from the impact and trajectory it was a skilled assassin using a rifle with the capacity to hit a target from a great distance. The bullet came from the small town not far from the hospital.

     Scorpion takes 90 seconds to break down the rifle and get down from the roof, he hops on the motorcycle heads through the town at a normal speed. Once he is out of the town on the highway he turns up the throttle and puts his head down speeding down the highway at top speed. He knows the local authorities will be alerted so he takes the motorcycle off road cutting through some fields, once he is along the river he briefly stops. “Completed.”


     Scorpion can hear sirens in the distance, what a bunch of losers, their net won’t catch me. He lights a cigarette and takes a few puff then tosses it in the river.

     Kuang Fu makes a call to Pushong City, “Take the location of Han Tingfeng and deliver it to his brother he is staying at the Crescent Moon Hotel.” He doesn’t like accommodating an arrogant man like Han Weisheng but he doesn’t want Han Weisheng meddling in the Black Sky Organization, he should be satisfied with finding his brother and busy repaying his Uncle for abducting him. He tosses a knife in his hand at a picture on the wall, “One down.”

     In front of the hospital people are rushing out.“Dammit, now I need to call Han Weisheng he is going to be pissed…very pissed”, Sun Zhi glares at his buddy Fan, “If you didn’t need to tie your fucking shoelace we would have been inside!”

    “Hey man someone with that skill..isn’t an ordinary killer.”

     They both look at each other then the body covered in a sheet.

    Sun Zhi has followed Han Weisheng for  a few years, he knows how on edge he has been about finding his brother, now he has to call him with this bad news. Fucking Shit! “Sir..”


     “The woman is dead.”

     Han Weisheng wants to throw the cellphone at the wall, “What did you just say!”

     “A sniper shot her as we were to enter the hospital.” He knows Han Weisheng only wants the facts no bullshit.

     Han Weisheng’s face darkens, as he is about to say something to Sun Zhi there is a knock at the door, “Urgent delivery .”

     He opens the door, there is a man in the hotel’s uniform holding a yellow manilla envelope, Han Weisheng reaches into his pocket and hands the man a tip. As he closes the door he rips open the envelope, in it is a map with an address and pictures of his brother tied up and his Uncle standing by him. He hangs up the phone, a murderous glint in his eye, Uncle you dare do this to your own blood related nephew! He picks up the phone, “Meet me at 689 S. Murong Rd.”

     “…” Sun Zhi doesn’t know how much trouble he is in right now.

     Han Weisheng grabs his gun, rushes out of the Suite to the elevator he knows it isn’t a coincidence Cindy was just murdered and he got this information, but he will investigate after he finds Tingfeng

    Kuang Fu calls his client, Kuang Bo using a voice modulator picks up a phone in a French accent says, “Yes?”

    “It’s done and the information is delivered to Han Weisheng”

     “The money will be in your account.”

     Kuang Fu likes this client, he always pays on time and doesn’t want the details. If all his clients were this good.

     Kuang Bo hangs up the phone smiling, it feels good to play his brother, he sometimes wants to laugh when he deals with him as Henri. Ultimately when he gets his cut he basically is paying half price and the Black Sky Organization just did him a huge favor. When Han Tingfeng blocks the beachfront construction the property he owns inland will be worth a fortune, he plans on selling it to the Hushang Group or the Han Corporation.

     Kuang Bo also tipped off the Uncle and his Crimson Jade Syndicate supplied him with the credentials he needs to relocate to France. He is meeting him there next week to collect his shares in the Han Corporation.

    He has a smug look on his face, soon he will be a force to deal with in the business world. Soon he will have a piece of all the top families pies..He launched a fashion company in France he is going to check on also when he goes to Paris. It is a popular brand thanks to Jack Cranston helping him recruit several celebrities to wear their clothes.

   His phone rings, “Yeah?”

  “I need you back here there is a problem.”

   “Deal with it yourself I told you I’m working on the code for the virus.”

   Kuang Fu knocks the papers off his desk, “Listen you son of a bitch, If I say get back here you better get your ass on the next plane!’

   “Kuang Fu, what are you going to do to me? You used to have Qin Daiyu to threaten me with, but she disappeared, what leverage do you have? Also the client in the espionage case has the potential to find the Compound and destroy you if we fail. I told you not to take him on as a client but you didn’t listen. So wouldn’t you say fucking with Interpol’s evidence should be a priority?”

    Kuang Fu can’t refute this, those fucking bastards in the spy business are as ruthless as he is and have more resources. He can only rely on Kuang Bo at this point to complete the assignment.

     “I will give you a bit of advice elder brother, you should have more foresight when you take on clients, your greed is out of control and could bring the Black Sky Organization down.”

    “Brat! How dare you lecture me!” Kuang Fu knows his brother likes Qin Daiyu and he would threaten harm to her to keep him in line,when that little slut escaped he did lose his leverage. Kuang Bo always acts like he doesn’t care if he lives or dies, he has always been like that. He needs to find that little girl to get him back in line.

   “I have a lead on Qin Daiyu’s whereabouts.” Kuang Fu wants to get a reaction from Kuang Bo.

    He knows Fu is baiting him so he calmly replies“When you have her in hand then we will talk. Right now I need to finish my work here.”

    Kuang Bo hangs up the phone, was Fu bluffing? He needs to find her first to protect her.

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