Black Lotus Club

  Wang Li has been at the Police Station , the Department of Vehicles, no luck tracing the girl. Dong He checked all the databases he could without a match.Wang Li checked in with Chen Jianyu earlier but didn’t want to tell him finding that girl is like finding a needle at the bottom of the ocean! He wonders if the detective found any clues at the Penthouse.

     Wang Li’s phone starts ringing, it is his ringtone for his wife, she is going to bitch at him for working so late. He hits ignore, he will head home after he stops by the Penthouse. His cell rings again, shit it is Chen Jianyu calling.

    “Get over here.”

     Chen Jianyu is pacing around the Penthouse, he hasn’t been able to get any work done today he is consumed by wanting to find this girl. The detective couldn’t find one fucking fingerprint! How am I  going to locate her, I have absolutely no clues at all. His cell starts ringing, Huan again. He has been calling me all day what does he want. “Huan, what the hell do you want I’m busy!”

     “You ignored my calls all day what are you doing?”

     “I’m working on a project, it is taking up all my time today. What do you need me for did anything happen at Hushang?”

     “What are you doing for dinner, do you want to meet at The Black Lotus? I have something to discuss with you.”

    Chen Jianyu looks at his watch, “8 o’clock.”

     Wang Li arrives at the Penthouse empty handed and out of ideas. The atmosphere when he enters is gloomy, his Boss is in his casual clothes pacing around. “Boss..I..”

     “I know Dong He called me earlier, it doesn’t look good it is like she is a ghost. I am thinking she must live in the vicinity of the Morning Glory Cafe if she was waiting for a bus there or she works around there, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier. I want you to have flyers made with the picture I gave you earlier, have several of the men pass them out around the Morning Glory Cafe.

     Make the reward 500, it isn’t a high end district, that would be a good amount for a resident there, if we make it higher people will go crazy over it. DO NOT put my name or phone number! Buy one of those cheap phones under an assumed name.”

     “Yes Boss.” Wang Li nods, this actually isn’t a bad idea.

     Chen Jianyu is in a better mood since he came up with a possible solution, it is a busy area, people might know her or have seen her. His mood suddenly improves. “ Do it first thing in the morning when people are leaving for work. I will tell Lau An to post it in her Cafe also. Wang Li , here”, he hands him some money. “Take you wife out, Peng Wei told me she has been bitching about your long hours. If you find this mystery girl I will give you a bonus, a weekend at our new beach resort outside Bashu City, tell your wife.”

     Wang Li’s eyes light up maybe she will stop bothering him about his crazy hours so he can find this girl. “Thanks Boss!”


     Chen Jianyu takes a shower, he will find her soon! In a better mood he goes into his closet to pick out a suit to wear to The Black Lotus, Huan’s friend owns it so he frequents it quite a bit but Chen Jianyu finds it loud and the girls to be too obviously greedy, wanting to hug a rich man’s thigh.

     He had left the sweaters she was laying on last night on the floor, he bends over to pick one up inhaling the scent she left on it. He sets it on the dresser, remembering her in his bed again. He shakes his head, damn that girl escaping like that. Choosing a deep blue suit, white shirt no tie,he leaves the top button undone, he wants to be comfortable.

     Chen Jianyu drives to the Black Lotus Club ,he tosses the valet the key to his black Maybach. The Club is busy for a Thursday night. There is a wait at the door but he walks right past it, he is greeted by a beautiful girl wearing a skin tight short black dress, “CEO Chen your brother and his friend are waiting for you in the boss’ private room follow me.” She swings her curvy hips as she walks trying to entice him, he is used to this she must be new and not know his reputation.

     They arrive at the room when he enters he sees Huan, the owner Xiaobo, and some strange man sitting on the opposite couch. “Jianyu this is my friend from the military Han Weisheng” He stands to shake hands, “Huan told me about you when we trained together.”

     “Are you a member of the Han Family in Bashu City”

     “I am but I am not involved in the business, I followed the tradition in my mother’s family of joining the military.”

     “We partnered with them when we built the Crimson Jade Resort there two years ago, I worked with your brother, Tingfeng.”

     “How is Tingfeng?”

     Han Weisheng’s face darkens, an ominous air surrounds him. “He was kidnapped two weeks ago, we waited for a ransom request but it never came, no one has been able to find out what happened to him. The police are useless, so I took a leave from Army Intelligence to help with the investigation.” He takes a gulp of whisky thinking about his younger brother.

     “Shit! If I can be of any assistance let me know, any resources I have you can use, I got along well with Tingfeng, how is his wife doing?”

     “Not well, she is six months pregnant with their first child. She is staying with my parents outside Bashu City at their country home. As for your offer of help thank you, I had a lead that led me to Pushong City that’s when I contacted Huan. I didn’t know you had worked with my brother, but two years ago I was in Africa on a mission.”

     He tries to calm down, “Hey, let’s not ruin the atmosphere.” Han Weisheng pours another glass of whisky, “Xiaobo this Club is the coolest I have seen since I came back to China!”

“Yes it is.” Xiaobo shamelessly replies. He designed the Club himself using part of his inheritence to renovate an old mansion. It has been featured in many design magazines

     Xiaobo is also friends with Weisheng, the three of them are tight buddies after sharing missions together. He still uses this Club to filter information to Army Intelligence, it is a popular spot for foreigners, rich black market traders.

     The door opens several girls dressed in traditional Chinese dresses bring in plates of delicacies setting them on the table in front of the men. Each girl is beautiful with a perfect figure. After they set up the table, they sit next to the men to serve them their food. Pouring wine in Chen Jianyu’s glass a girl with short black hair puts her hand on his thigh. He immediately knocks her away, she is shocked as she lands on the floor. “Jianyu have some manners!” Huan smiles at her picking her up off the ground.

     Jianyu smirks, “I came to eat and drink with you not be harassed.’

     The girls look at each other is Huan’s brother gay?

     They cluster around the other men leaving Chen Jianyu sitting on a couch by himself. He picks out some lobster dumplings with his chopsticks. Pouring his own wine he sips it, “Xiaobo this red is delicious is it French?”

     “No you snob! is from California, I own a small vineyard, it’s excellent isn’t it.”

     Chen Jianyu laughs,“I will concede, I am a snob and this wine is delicious, I will take a couple bottles home with me.” He definitely isn’t ordering wine from room service at the hotel any more.

     Huan laughs Xiaobo is funny, he always makes his stone faced brother laugh with his irreverent remarks. You would never know he he is a modern ninja who could slit your throat before you blinked.

     One girl is sitting on Huan’s lap whispering in English in his ear, he is smiling. “No not tonight I have to discuss business with my brother.” he takes his chopsticks places a shrimp in her mouth. “We are auditioning next Monday you are invited to come.” He hands her a business card, she presses her red lips onto his cheek, “Thank you Director Chen!” She sits staring at the card, her beautiful face lit up at the thought of modeling for Hushang Entertainment.

     The other three men roll their eyes, Huan is like a pimp collecting girls with his new Entertainment Company. But they have to admire his business acumen, after only a few years his company is number one in the Chinese market, he is expanding into Europe soon.

     “Huan if you want to talk get rid of these girls and wipe that trashy red lipstick off your face. Xiaobo have them clear the dishes away and bring another bottle of this Cabernet” Jianyu has finished his meal he wants to know why his brother asked him here.

     Xiaobo waves at the girls to clear the table and leave.

     “I want to hear about you being drugged the other night.”

     “What the hell? How did you find out?” His eyes narrow and his face darkens as he looks at Xiaobo and Weisheng, this is an embarrassing topic for strangers to hear.

     “Jianyu we are all men here my god Xiaobo how many times have women tried to drug you.”

     “Lost count.”

     “Don’t look at me.” Weisheng pours himself another glass of whisky.

     “Fuck! Who told you?” Qiao Rui  wouldn’t dare and he doesn’t like Huan.

     “No, I overheard Sun Da Chun and her daughter.”{he assumes it was those two idiots}

     Jianyu is thinking that confirms his suspicion. He is drunk he feels like getting a few opinions on this situation.

    “How did you avoid it?”

     Jianyu pours himself another glass of wine, “It was strange, I was drugged coming out of my bathroom, then there was a girl not Sun Lanying. This girl was beautiful, dressed as a room service employee, long black hair, unusual deep green eyes with flecks of gold, slender body, perfect skin.” {He won’t go into details no need for them to know.} “She gave me an antidote.”

     “Do you know who she is?”


     “Why would some strange beautiful girl give you the antidote.” He starts laughing,”You are making this up you slept with that ugly Sun girl didn’t you! Haha..” Huan is fascinated by this story.

     Xiaobo and Weisheng are just listening at the side, Weisheng keeps pouring whisky.

    “Fuck off! This is the truth, I can’t remember her face I was too drugged up.”

     “So the antidote worked you didn’t have sex with this mystery girl.”

     Jianyu gulps his wine he might as well finish the story, Huan won’t repeat it and Xiaobo is tight lipped, this Weisheng seems the quiet type.

     “ No! I seriously don’t know what this girl’s endgame is why she gave me a million dollar plus antidote, I didn’t hear from her or see her again.”

     “Million dollar pill? What are you talking about, you are drunk.”

   “The Doctor who examined me took blood and had it analyzed, he told me you can only get it from some fucking recluse named Xinghi. It is a million just for an audience” He doesn’t want to mention Rui’s name that bastard has a short temper.

     When Weisheng hears the name Xinghi he  stares intently at Jianyu. What woman in Pushong City would have a connection to that maniac?

     This is an interesting development. I was only expecting to swap old stories with Xiaobo and Huan tonight and ask for their help finding my brother.

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