At The Villa

Chen Jianyu is going to make Sun Yichen pay for this, he was going to wait until the Board Meeting, but now he has gone too far. LiMei is sleeping soundly in the passenger seat she has the coat up to her neck so only her face is exposed. The swelling on her cheek hasn’t gone down and is still bright red. He calls Wang Li, it is one o’clock in the morning, his wife was up getting a drink of water, Wang Li is snoring. What does that demanding boss of his want this time of night, she puts his phone on vibrate, Li needs his sleep. The phone goes to voicemail, “Li when you get this I have an urgent matter call me.”

     He is going to need a few men to accompany him to the meeting in the morning, if he doesn’t meet Old Zhao at nine the deal will fall through this time. He didn’t think Sun Yichen was that desperate to sabotage the Hushang Group he is a part of also, there must be someone pulling the strings from the shadows.

     “How incompetent are you!” Kuang Bo yells into the phone using the voice modulater. he has a thick Russian accent when he is speaking.

     “Hey he had a woman bodyguard that took my men out. When two of my guys went to the house to check on an arms shipment the four guys were knocked out,one guy was shot in the arm. When I interrogated them they didn’t want to say what happened . It took beating the shit out of the little weasel to find out it was a woman.”

     “All you had to do was prevent Chen Jianyu from attending the meeting.” Kuang Bo is pissed he knew he shouldn’t have had a shitty local Syndicate take care of it for him. But he didn’t want his Crimson Jade Syndicate involved with such a petty matter.

     Zhao would lose face if Chen Jianyu didn’t show again for the meeting then he would stop the merger. Hushang Group would lose money but the subsidiary of the Zhao Corporation would go bankrupt after a few months without being part of the Hushang Group. Then his company could acquire it for a cheap price, this textile company would have been his for the taking, his Paris clothing company would save millions.

     “We could take him out on his way to the meeting.”

     “Forget it you moron I don’t want Chen Jianyu killed.” He hangs up the phone rubbing his temples.

     Kuang Bo plans on using Hushang Group in the future to bring down the Zhao Corporation. The woman must be a new bodyguard of Chen Jianyu’s, he checked out his bodyguards and there were no women in the group. He didn’t want any one to be overzealous causing a death, corpses can cause trouble. When his contact told him Chen Jianyu would be at the resort by himself he assumed it would be easy to delay him. He can’t believe how useless the Serpentine Syndicate turned out to be.

     He runs his fingers through his ink black hair, when he goes to Pushong City he needs to check this woman out, they said she was beautiful and fragile looking but ruthless. He laughs to himself the description sounds like Daiyu but she would never take a job as a bodyguard for someone as high profile as the CEO of the Hushang Group, she wanted to disappear to lead a normal life.

     Chen Jianyu decides to go to his Villa in the exclusive Willowtree  District instead of the Penthouse. He calls ahead, “Jing wake Marisol up I am bringing a guest and she will need to attend to her.” The butler is shocked, the Young Master hasn’t been to this house since he bought it a year ago, now he is bringing a woman. In all the years he has served him he has never seen the cold and indifferent man pay attention to any woman. Even when his sister Chen Bao stays when she visits from New York he doesn’t come here.“Yes Sir, when will you be arriving?’

     “I am approximately fifteen minutes away, tell Marisol to prepare the room next to mine.” Chen Jianyu decides his approach will be cautious, he should show her he is a gentleman. Kang Mei seemed to warm up to him after the time they spent together in the forest, he just needs time to win her over. He has never met such a stubborn and headstrong woman he will be patient, he touches her hair brushing it off her face.

     He opens the gate and drives into his garage, he lifts LiMei from the passenger seat careful not to wake her up. The Villa has several bedrooms so she will feel more comfortable in her own room. After the last time in the Penthouse he plans on trying this new approach. There has not been one time he has failed in this life getting what he wants, and he wants her. He carries LiMei up the stairs, she snuggles into his chest, his heart is pounding as she clutches onto his sleeve. Her voice is muffled as she whispers a name, he can’t make out what she is saying.

     Butler Jing’s mouth is hanging open as he sees Chen Jianyu carrying LiMei through the living room to the stairs. “is the room ready?”

     “Marisol is up there now.” He used all his strength in his old body to get that plump girl out of bed, she was sound asleep clutching her pillow whispering “Jianyu..” He dragged her out by threatening to tell the Young Master she was dreaming about him. Knowing Chen Jianyu the thought would disgust him and he would kick her out even though it is 1:30 in the morning.

     Chen Jianyu takes long strides into the bedroom gently laying her on the bed. His eyes have a pampering look Marisol notices, who is this girl?

     “Marisol go to my sister’s room they look to be about the same size, Bao is a bit taller and heavier, bring nightclothes and a dress for in the morning.”

     “…” Heavier? Miss Chen is a supermodel. “Yes Sir.” Marisol bows and is about to leave now that she has seen him again her dream should be even better. Chen Jianyu stops her, “I’m going to leave her to you, run the bath then help her wash and put on the nightclothes. She is weak and injured, he doesn’t like seeing her in this condition, he needs to call Rui to examine her.

     Marisol yawns as she leaves the room, when she looks into Chen Bao’s closet she doesn’t know what to pick, she doesn’t want the girl to look good, but all the clothes are gorgeous. She picks out the most simple smokey  gray dress it is long sleeved with white around the bottom of the sleeves and a high neck.

     Maybe Chen Bao needed to attend a Memorial, all the other designer clothes designer have more feminine look to them. She opens the drawer with the nightgowns,they are all sheer, which one should she pick out. Maybe she could say there weren’t any nightgowns, no that would be stupid. She picks a pink one, Chen Jianyu doesn’t like women it isn’t like he is going to sleep with this girl or even look at her in the nightgown.

     LIMei starts to wake up, where is she, it isn’t the Penthouse. That bastard took her somewhere, is this his home? She needs to call Rui she said she would call him when she gets back, she will deal with Chen Jianyu afterwards. What if he comes into this bedroom, she looks around it definitely isn’t the Master bedroom. She locks the bedroom door then picks up her phone dialing Rui’s number. He has been waiting for her call, he thought she would be back sooner than 1:30 it isn’t that long of a trip even in a shuttle. “LiMei are you home?”

     LiMei doesn’t like to lie to him but she has no choice, “Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t call sooner but I needed to get a taxi the rest of the way once the Shuttle arrived.”

     The shuttle should have dropped her off at her home, he clenches his fist he will fire the driver letting her out at a taxi stand at this time of night.

     “It should have taken you to your home!”

     LiMei realizes she might have got the driver in trouble. “Rui I was tired and just got off with everyone else at the hotel, it wasn’t the driver’s fault.”

     Rui shakes his head this girl doesn’t think sometimes he will need to take care of her in the future, get her own driver, she can’t be wandering around the city.

     LiMei hears someone trying the door, she rushes into the bathroom and locks the door, is Chen Jianyu coming in what is his plan?

     “LiMei can you hold on just a moment I have a call on my emergency line.”

     Marisol wonders why the door is locked from the inside she doesn’t have a key, she knocks, “Miss I’m the maid, my name is Marisol, the Young Master asked me to help you bathe.”

     Chen Jianyu sent a maid to help her? She hangs up on Rui, she will pretend they got disconnected when he calls back. She opens the door. “I don’t need help.”

     She tries to shut the door but Marisol sticks her foot to stop it. If Chen Jianyu said to help her, that is exactly what she will do. No one lives that disobeys him. “Miss the Young Master told me to help you.”

     LiMei looks at the plump girl with a pleading look on her face. Right knowing that arrogant man his servants are probably afraid of him. She can see she has clothes in her hand, well maybe she should be grateful he isn’t ‘helping’ her himself.

     “Leave the clothes, I will bathe and dress myself if you could get me something to eat I would appreciate it.” After drinking the whiskey on the way down the mountain her stomach is in a knot. All she had to eat earlier was the small plate Qin Delun had brought into the changing room.

     Marisol really would rather go to the kitchen and fix something for this girl to eat, she might have a snack too.

     LiMei’s phone starts ringing, she smiles at Marisol holding up the phone shooing the maid towards the door.

     “I’m sorry LiMei, I have an emergency I need to go, but I will pick you up for breakfast at 7:30 then I will take you to the Hushang Group Headquarters.”

     “You will be tired, should you just pick me up for lunch”. Her voice sounds throaty.

     “LiMei do you feel alright your voice sounds hoarse.” Rui is thinking that fucking bastard Chen Jianyu if he hadn’t called on the Emergency Line he wouldn’t have answered it, old Dr. Hong could go look at the girl. He doesn’t know how long this will take and he does need some sleep afterwards he has a four o’clock surgery scheduled.

     “I’m just tired.” She does need some hot lemon honey water, her throat still hurts.

     “I guess that would be better I don’t know how long this will take his home is outside the city.”

     LiMei is relieved she needs time to get home and get ready for work, she can’t be late on her first day.“I’m not sure what time I get lunch it is my first day after all, may I call or text you.”

     “Call me”, he loves hearing her sweet voice.

     “Rui..I” She wants to say she can’t wait to see him but she thinks that would be too much.

     “What?” His voice is low and sexy, it seems like she wants to tell him something.

     Marisol is back already? She hears a knock at the door, she needs to get off the phone, “You should go, see you tomorrow.”

     Rui looks at his cell, thinking that was abrupt when he sees a text message: I’m sorry I had a stomach cramp I need to lay down. Heart.

     “Just a minute Marisol.” LiMei wants to finish texting.

     Rui texts back:I will come check on you. I don’t like the idea your throat is sore and your stomach is bothering you. He will definitely call old Hong to go to Chen Jianyu’s if LiMei is sick.

     LiMei quickly texts: I’m having a cup of hot water with honey and lemon I will be fine.

     Rui : If you feel ill in the morning you can’t go to work I will tell Chen Jianyu.

    OMG! This is getting out of control : I will be fine don’t worry. I’m going to sleep now. Smiley face heart smiley face heart.

     Rui knows he needs to leave it will take forty five minutes to get to Chen Jianyu’s Villa, he texts: Sleep well LiMei.

    LiMei holds her phone to her chest he is her dream guy, “Sleep well LiMei “ so sweet and sexy, as she opens the door her smile is blinding.

    Chen Jianyu’s face darkens she is clutching the phone to her chest with a soft faraway look in her green eyes, who was she talking to when he walked up to the door at this time of night.

    “Who were you talking to just now?”

    ” None of your business Chen Jianyu!” she holds the phone behind her back.

     “Where is Marisol?”

     “I asked her to get me something to eat I can bathe myself. I told you to take me to the Cafe, why am I at your house?” She asks in an aggrieved tone.

    “You were sound asleep, you didn’t look in any condition to wander drunkenly down the street to wherever you live and you wouldn’t give me your address.”

     He sees the sheer pink nightgown on the bed he gulps imagining her wearing it with Rui examining her. He is startled out of his thoughts when a massive woman’s arm comes through the door holding a tray of food. Marisol is shocked to see Chen Jianyu standing there and almost trips spilling the hot noodles onto him.

     “Sir, I didn’t see you there!” Marisol is thanking Buddha for stopping the tray before it slipped out of her hands.

     The air around him turns freezing cold, “Marisol give her one of your nightgown”, he picks up the pink nightgown and tosses it back to her.

     ‘…” It would be like a tent on that tiny girl, but she can’t refuse, “Yes Sir.”

     LiMei thinks maybe the pink nightgown belongs to one of his girlfriends and he doesn’t want her wearing it.

     “Set the food down and go.” 

    “Chen Jianyu you didn’t need to yell at the poor girl, I don’t want to wear your girlfriend’s pink nightgown anyway. I’m hungry could you leave I start my new job tomorrow, I want to get a few hours sleep. Then I will get a taxi back.”

     My girlfriend? This girl is too dense, she can’t see I like her? I have never even come to this Villa in the year I have owned it, I only brought her here so she would feel comfortable. He is incredulous at how brazen this girl is giving him orders, telling him what she is going to do. He has never gone out of his way for a woman before and she doesn’t even appreciate it.

    “No taxis come out to these Villas. My driver will drive us back to the city, take you to your work, you can wear that dress, it will impress your boss it is from the famous designer Chloe for Henri Couture.”

     This man is unbearably bossy, no way can she let him know she works for his company in the Accounting Department. Her coworkers won’t be impressed by the dress they will be jealous of her on her first day at work!

     She has an idea she will pick a company close by get dropped off there, go to a clothing store and buy a sensible outfit, then walk to work. Yes! She sees her noodles are cooling off, they will be soggy.

     “Fine I need to be at work at eight thirty. “{actually nine but she needs time for her plan.}

     “Go, so I can eat.”


     He was about to tell her his doctor friend is going to examine her but decides he will just bring Qiao Rui up when he arrives.

     LiMei picks up her chopsticks and begins eating her noodles, they are slightly soggy but she is starving.

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