At The Villa Part 2

 LiMei finishes her soggy noodles, her eyes are getting sleepy again she needs to take a quick shower and go to bed. She would like to soak in the bath but it is already two in the morning she needs a little sleep or she will have panda eyes on her first day of work. She turns on the shower as it is heating up she hears a knock at the door, did he come back? Such a nuisance after tomorrow she hopes their paths don’t cross again. “Who is it?’

     “It’s Marisol, I brought you some pajamas.”

     “Oh.” LiMei opens the door Marisol has an embarrassed expression on her face as she hands them to LiMei . They are light blue cotton with cartoon characters on them. “Miss I hope these will do, I just recently bought them”

    LiMei thinks they are cute. “Thank you Marisol, I love Fuzzybear!”

     Marisol brightens up, she thought the girl would laugh at her. “If you need anything the phone has numbers on it for the staff I am #3 let me know.”

     “I will.”

     Marisol leaves and LiMei throws the pajamas onto the bed. When she is in the shower she can see she has bruises from being thrown into the table and on her arms from the pervert grabbing her. Her body is sore from fighting, although she doesn’t plan on getting involved with any more situations like last night she decides she is going to train again. Slacking off for three weeks weakened her abilities.

     Downstairs Qiao Rui has arrived. “Why are you all the way out here in this Villa? You never come here. Chen Bao the last time she was here called me to complain about you ignoring her.”

     “I told you on the phone I found the mystery girl Kang Mei at the resort. Fucking Sun Yichen sent men to kidnap me so I would miss the meeting tomorrow with Old Zhao. She happened to be with me{He doesn’t need the details of why she was with him} She got hurt when we escaped.”

     “Let’s go take a look, I need to get some sleep.” Chen Jianyu and Qiao Rui start walking towards the stairs.

     “You do look like shit! Too much fun with the woman you brought to the resort?” Chen Jianyu likes to tease Qiao Rui since they were roommates in college. It isn’t hard to make him explode.

     “Fuck off! You should count yourself lucky if you ever meet a girl like her. You are such a cold bastard I don’t know what a woman would see in you.”

     “I’m glad you are over Lau An, I heard she was going to announce her engagement at the party I wonder who the man is to get old man Lau’s stamp of approval.”

     “…” Qiao Rui realizes Chen Jianyu doesn’t know Lau An’s plan. “Which room?”

     “The second door on the right.”

     When she gets out of the bathroom she puts on the pajamas, she is swimming in them they are several sizes too big on her. She remembers she has Qin Delun’s belt in her purse she wants to get a new belt for him that is identical when he comes to Pushong City. LiMei puts it around her waist then rolls up the pant legs and sleeves. The material is soft, she folds down the covers and sets the alarm on her phone for six o’clock she needs that extra hour to sleep.

     LiMei sighs the shower relaxed her, she lays in the bed it is perfect, not too soft not too hard. She is moving around getting into a comfortable position when she hears voices outside the door. It is two men, who is Chen Jianyu talking to out by her door, it doesn’t sound like the old butler. She tries to listen to what they are saying.

     “Rui, be careful with her she told me not to call a doctor. She is stubborn and willful”

    “Jianyu, you actually have concern in your voice for a woman, haha”

     “Shut the fuck up!”

     Chen Jianyu knocks on the door, “Kang Mei are you awake?”

    “She shouldn’t go to sleep if she has a head injury. We should wake her up and examine her.”

     OMG, it is Rui!

     LiMei doesn’t answer, maybe they will go away, she locked the door after Marisol left.

     How is this happening? Chen Jianyu is my bad luck star! I told him I don’t want to see a doctor! Of course he called Rui. That arrogant man only does what he wants to do.

     Chen Jianyu tries the door it is locked. “I need to get the key from my room wait here.”

     Qiao Rui wonders what this woman is like to change Chen Jianyu as long as he has known him he has never let a woman next to him except Lau An. That is because they are childhood friends, he has never shown a romantic interest in her or anyone. His curiosity is peaked, he vaguely recalls her when she ran in front of his car on the way to the taxi, she was pretty but didn’t seem special.

     LiMei is frozen on the bed, this is it, her dream of being with Rui is now over. No! She needs to escape before that nuisance opens the door! She looks at the window, she needs to jump down, then what? No matter, I need to not be in this room when that door opens. LiMei jumps out of bed tripping on the pajama pants.

      Shit I can’t get on the ledge with these. She undoes the belt dropping it and the pants to the ground. She grabs her purse slings it over her shoulder, my dress I was wearing, where is it? She sees it on the chair and shoves it into her bag, Rui might recognize it as one of the dresses he bought her at the Boutique.

     Opening the window she climbs onto the ledge, there is a bush below if she jumps it might break her fall, but she also might break her legs it is the second floor. Dammit what should I do?

     She decides to slide across the wall to the next room it has a balcony. Clutching the wall with her slender fingers she carefully moves next to the balcony, she jumps over the railing Once she is on the balcony she tries the glass door leading into the bedroom. Locked.

     Crouched down on the balcony she can see through the sheer curtains of the door Cheng Jianyu comes into the room, looking in a drawer, must be for the key. She watches him walk to a phone, she presses her ear up against the glass. “Jing bring the key to the bedrooms to me, I will be by the guest room.”

     LiMei sees him leave and takes a hairpin from her purse she wiggles it inside the doorknob right before she makes the turn to open the door she sees a small red light blinking above her.

    An alarm system,damn, she must have lost her touch, of course he would have a security system. She sits on the balcony with her arms around her knees shivering, it is the middle of the night and freezing cold. She is just going to be a frozen corpse in the morning if she stays here. She huddles in the corner of the balcony behind a large potted plant trying to block the wind.

     Butler Jing brings the key and hands it to Chen Jianyu. Rui yawns as he watches him open the door, he looks at his watch. When the door opens no one is in the bed. Chen Jianyu walks to the bathroom door that is shut “Kang LiMei ?” When there is no answer he is afraid she passed out in the bath and kicks the door open. The bathroom is empty, did that little girl climb out the window?

     Rui is watching the scene with amusement on his face, his cold and indifferent friend is frantic over this woman. He needs to see for himself the woman who is making him lose his cool.

     Chen Jianyu in a panic, “Jing did you see her leave?”

     “No, I was in my room{I was trying to sleep! The first time you come here and you startled this old man awake twice.}

     Rui walks over to the bed and sees the cotton cartoon pajamas on the floor, it looks like she stepped out of them in a hurry. He picks them up and holds them, blue bears are printed all over the huge pant legs. He is still pissed about having to come here when he says sarcastically, “Jianyu you have a heavy taste.”

     Chen Jianyu knocks them out of his hand and glares as Rui is laughing.

     “Jing, wake up the other servants and have them search the house for her.” He walks to the window and opens it hoping not to see her delicate body on the ground below. He mutters a sigh of relief she must be here somewhere.

     Rui doesn’t know what to make of the situation, Chen Jianyu’s face pales as he opens the window he decides to reassure him.“Jianyu no girl is going to climb out a window on the second floor and jump, she would be seeking death. Maybe she went to the kitchen.Aren’t you overreacting?”

     Chen Jianyu nods, but she isn’t like other women she is a crazy girl she might do it. His heart is pounding, he made her comfortable, he didn’t bother her why would she suddenly disappear?

     “Jianyu I will wait downstairs on the couch when you find her come get me.”


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