At The Resort

  Chen Huan calls his brother, “Jianyu, I have a date for you for the party tonight, she is a model from Peshing Entertainment, truly unparrelled in her beauty, I am taking her twin sister.”

     “Huan, that is ridiculous no way am I going with you with two girls who look alike, that is fucking weird.”

     “Jianyu they aren’t identical twins actually they both have their own charms.”

     “I’m not going to Lau An’s party anyway. After the week I have had I am not in the mood to mingle. Also the Zhao Family will be there and I want to avoid old man Zhao until Monday. It took me all day to fix the proposal I neglected the last couple days.I even included a few concessions because I blew him off twice.”

     “Jianyu you have to go I promised Lau An…I mean it is a big Charity event for Rui.”

     “I’m having Nuying go to represent me I prepared a big donation for her to give in my name I am going to call Rui. Shit, knowing him he will find an excuse not to go either.”

     Huan knows Lau An has something big planned asking him to make sure Jianyu attends.”Listen Jianyu just make an appearance, you know our families are close Lau Zemin will be insulted if you don’t go.”

     “You are going, that is representation enough.”

     “I need to relax, my mind has been clouded in the last few days since the incident the other night. I might even go to the White Cloud Mountain Resort to soak in the hot spring, relax, then be fresh for the meeting on Monday.”

    “But Jianyu…”, Huan is trying to think of a way to persuade him but Jianyu isn’t one to change his mind. Lau An is going to be disappointed I wonder what she planned.

     “Say hello to the Lau Family for me.”

     Chen Huan  stares at the two women lounging on his couch. Well maybe I will just take both of them as my dates, it will show I am the most envied man in Pushong City. He puts his arms around the two beautiful women in evening gowns. “You will be joining me at Hushong Entertainment right? We can negotiate after the party at my house. “

     Chen Jianyu sits on the couch in his Penthouse with his legs crossed having a cup of tea, not one godamm phone call.. not one. How can that be not one person recognized the mystery girl. Wang Li returned from the cab company, the driver had let her out on Jinyun Street by a noodle shop. He is going to show to the owner but they won’t be back until Monday.

     Fuck this waiting! He decides to pack a small bag and go to the resort, he should get there by dark if he leaves now.

     Lau An looks at the dress she bought the other day, it was worth making a scene over with the haughty salesgirl, the light blue will make her skin look soft and white. She has to look perfect tonight when her father makes the announcement. 

     A hairdresser comes into the room to fix her hair, a makeup artist is waiting to do her makeup. The jewels she is going to wear are sparkling diamonds worth over sixty-nine million yuan She wants to look like a Princess when she dances with Chen Jianyu tonight after the announcement.

     Nuying is pissed off, that damn Chen Jianyu! She has a blind date scheduled for tonight then she got the call she needs to attend the Lau’s party tonight to present the donation, why couldn’t he just mail the damn check! He gave her a black card to use to pick out a dress, and shoes, he even said go ahead and buy some jewels to complete the outfit.

     She would be representing him  she needed to take her style up to another level. Arrogant capitalist! that bastard throws money around like it is paper confetti. She needs to buy a dress for one night, well she will sell it on the internet tomorrow.  When she asked for a raise last year it took three days of negotiation to get a 15% raise.

     Chen Jianyu sneezes as he gets in his black Maybach to head to the mountain resort. He puts on some music, an hour and half trip is not bad to go to the mountains to forget his problems. It has been a years since he came to the Qiao’s resort, the last time he was in University and Qiao Rui, Lan An and him came on Winter break.

     Qiao Rui and LiMei go to the front desk when they arrive. A gorgeous woman in a blue and white uniform greets him, “Dr. Qiao it has been awhile the two adjoining suites are ready on the Sky Floor.”

     “Thank you Ling.” He has a room card for his permanent suite, he takes the room card for LiMei’s suite.

     “LiMei before we go up you need some clothes, the White Cloud Boutique should have everything you need we should go there first.”

     “But..” She is embarrassed there is no way she can afford any clothes here looking around this is a luxurious resort.

     “Just think of it as my appreciation for you helping out at the clinic on Saturdays, also it was my idea to bring you here.”

     LiMei nods. He takes her hand and they walk into the shop. The salesgirl hurries over to them, he looks rich, her commission could be large if he purchases even a few items for the girl with him.

     “May I help you find something?”

     LiMei is standing there like a statue, all the clothes look expensive.

     Qiao Rui can see her nervousness, her shy look is adorable he wants to hug her.”Miss she will need a swimsuit , nightwear, clothes for hiking, a few dresses anything else you think she might need for the weekend.”

     LiMei looks at Qiao Rui as the salesgirl leads her off, he is smiling at her, how did he get so lucky as to have her come into his life. He is looking forward to getting to know her but so far her personality suits him perfectly. He has to admit he was missing any warmth in his life until he met her.

     The salesgirl’s eyes light up what a handsome man and so generous. Lucky girl! Why can’t she find a man like that, she has been working at this resort for three months hoping to hug the thigh of a wealthy man. She walks over to LiMei checking out her size she is very slender, “Miss come with me this way our smaller sizes are over here.”

     “Call me LiMei”, she looks at the girl’s name tag, Cherise she looks a little younger than her. “Your name is very pretty.”

     Most people that come into the Boutique are from rich families and order her around like a servant. She smiles and puts up with it because the commissions are high. This girl is the first person to acknowledge her. “Thank you Miss, it is French, my mother is French. How about this swimsuit? She picks out a bikini ,this girl has a perfect figure and the gentleman would probably like it. LiMei starts turning red and shaking her head then she picks up a conservative one piece.

     Cherise thinks this girl is too old fashioned that suit is for someone older with no shape. “I think that one is no good”, so she picks up a one piece that has cutouts at the waist but isn’t too revealing. “Yes, This one is perfect.” LiMei thinks it will be alright, Cherise likes it.

     Then Cherise starts picking out several other clothes, LiMei and her are going back and forth with the hangers then they start laughing. Qiao Rui can see from his seat the salesgirl keeps trying to get her to choose sexier clothes, LiMei keeps blushing tossing them back. It is quite fun watching this scene.

     When they are finished Cherise lays them on the counter, Qiao Rui walks over and hands her a black card. Her eyes get big even though rich people frequent this resort she has only seen a black card twice. Who is this man? LiMei is very lucky she thinks, but the girl is sweet it is nice to see her being pampered by this handsome man.

     After Qiao Rui pays he tells the girl to send them to the Sky Floor. LiMei grabs Cherises’ hand, “Thank you Cherise for your hard work!” LiMei is happy with the clothes they picked out although she thinks it was too much she will work hard to pay him back.

     Cherise watches them leave, the Sky floor! The only one that occupies that floor is the heir to the Qiao Corporation, Qiao Rui. Was that him? She heard he was a cold and indifferent man that never smiled. If she was to come into contact with him she was just to bow and do her job r she could get fired.. This handsome man  was smiling , laughing, teasing the girl he is with pampering her as she shopped.

     She watches him holding her hand as they walk to the elevator. Rumors truly are made of smoke.

     In the elevator LiMei looks up at Qiao Rui, her eyes filled with affection,  what perfect day.  Now they are going to a hot spring. Yesss! 

     “LiMei are you hungry? Do you want to eat first or go to the hot spring first, there are lights surrounding it so we can go after dark also.”

     “I don’t care what do you want to do?” As she says this her stomach begins grumbling

     Qiao Rui’s lips curl up, “I think your stomach is saying we should eat first. When they send your clothes up you can shower and change, there are several different restaurants here that is very good.”

     “Chinese ?”

     “Of course.”

“That sounds good!” She is craving dumplings.

     “But Rui we didn’t get any clothes for you.” She is feeling selfish she just now thought of that.

     “I stay here on occasion I have a closet full of clothes.’ He opens her room for her, “When you are ready come next door to my room.”


     She can’t believe her room! It is huge and it has floor length windows that look out onto mountains and a lake, it is breathtaking!

     Qiao Rui lays on his bed with his arms behind his head, he can’t remember when he has been this happy spending time with someone. Maybe when he first started dating Lau An before he realized she loved Chen Jianyu not him. Once he found out it broke his naive heart, even though they had a relationship until he left five years ago it wasn’t love, he doesn’t know what he would call it some sort of codependency.

     He sits up and starts taking his clothes off to get in the shower. He is thinking of the look on her face when her stomach start making noises..haha..she is too funny.

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