Once in the elevator, LiMei puts her contacts back onto her eyes, she takes the wig from under a plate cover on the cart. She reassures herself, no one would suspect me. LiMei wheels the empty cart into the kitchen, Han Wu has an irritated look on his swarthy face, LiMei smiles as she figures he will be in big trouble with someone for not coordinating with the homely girl. She wishes she could see the look on her face when she tries the room card, since they aren’t marked there is no way to know what room it actually goes to, they can’t trace it back to her.

     Feeling satisfied LiMei sees the time is almost nine, she has a short shift tonight so she will be off soon. For a first night work it was quite eventful! If she catches the 9:30 bus she can watch her soap opera ‘ The Young Master’s Woman’ at ten then catch up on her manga “Host Club Princes”. This volume Celia dresses as a boy to enter the club to be close to her love. Yes!

     She sees Mari is getting ready to leave too, how should I give her the money without it being awkward, maybe the Kitchen Manager could help. She notices him in the back of the kitchen at his desk doing some paperwork.

     “Boss, could I speak to you for a minute.”

     “Sure what do you need.”

     “I didn’t want to mention it in front of anyone but the pervert gave me a big tip for fixing his computer I think that is why he didn’t hassle me. I am a single girl I don’t need a great deal of money. QiQi told me Mari’s husband got laid off, she has a son starting school I would like to give her money but it could be awkward since we aren’t friends. Could you possibly give it to her under some pretense?” LiMei hands him some banknotes.

     “LiMei that is a lot of money. You should keep it.”

     “No, I was helped by Father Lam when I first arrived in Pushong City, I’m just giving back a little.”

     “LiMei, I will figure out a way to give it to her, thank you. You did a good job , see you tomorrow night.” He watches her leave then looks at the money for Mari, there aren’t too many young girls that are considerate of another’s plight. He puts in his drawer, Feng LiMei seems to be an unusual girl.

     As LiMei is leaving through the lobby a tall muscular man in a black suit with an earpiece bumps into her as he is rushing towards the Concierge’s office. He looks like a bodyguard maybe they discovered the rich man was drugged. Well, not my concern anymore.

     The evening is cool she wishes she had brought a jacket while she is waiting for the bus,she is shivering from the brisk wind that is blowing. Luckily, the bus pulls up right on time it is fairly empty because of the time of night, she finds a seat towards the back trying to stay warm under one of the heat vents. As they drive past the hotel she can see a black luxury car screech up to the front and a woman rushes out of the back seat towards the entrance. She recognizes the woman, looks like homely girl is about to get beaten again.

     Wang Li and the Concierge open the door to the Penthouse. Chen Jianyu is lying on the bed disoriented. Seeing his boss disheveled and incoherent Wang Li tells the Concierge to call a doctor. The Concierge quickly calls downstairs for them to get the CEO’s friend Dr. Qiao, he is discreet. He observes the situation, what a mess, CEO Chen looks drugged.

     It doesn’t take too long for the doctor to arrive, he opens Chen Jianyu’s eyes to examine them , his pupils are dilated, his heart rate is unusually high. He doesn’t want to administer anything to him until he knows what drug he is dealing with so he draws some blood. “Wang Li drive this over to my lab on 134th street. Tell them it is a rush job, wait then bring me the results. “

     Wang Li hurries out the door, what the hell kind of day is today, Boss was shot at in the street now drugged.

     The Concierge begins to sweat, CEO Chen isn’t someone you want to anger, who could possibly have got access to his Penthouse. He sees the bottle of wine on the table and remnants of a meal, he needs to find who the room service person was and take care of them himself.

     Song Da Chun texts Han Wu to meet her in the garden of the hotel, she needs to get rid of that punk. Lanying sees her mother storming towards her in the cafe. No time to hide, I will get a beating tonight for sure. How did I get the wrong room card? When I went up to try the door it didn’t work, is that my fault? No! It is that stipid girl’s fault!

     Song Da Chun sees there are too many people in the cafe to make a scene, she calmly walks over to her daughter. “Lanying you are here, come with mother.” She throws some money on the table for the bill, takes Lanying’s hand squeezing it until Lanying feels she is going to faint from the pain.

     When they get outside in the garden Song Da Chun grabs her by her hair, “You useless wench! I had it all set up all you had to do was enter the room, what the hell happened!” She slaps her face without holding back, “What are we going to do now? Now, that bastard won’t stop looking until he finds out who drugged him.”

   Lanying holds her swollen cheek tears forming in her eyes,  “Mom! Let Go! It’s not my fault the room card wouldn’t work.”

     “What do you mean?”

     “I texted you! When the girl didn’t text me she had delivered the drugged wine I waited about twenty minutes and went to Chen Jianyiu’s room. The room card didn’t work!”

     “What girl! I sent Han Wu to do the job. Where the hell is he!”

     “What? There was a girl delivering the food when I first went to the Penthouse.”

     “ What did she look like?” She is going to have to investigate what went wrong, get rid of any loose ends, especially now that her plan failed miserably.

     “I don’t know long black hair, green eyes, wearing a uniform from the hotel.”

     Song Da Chun needs to call her son Yichen to find this girl if she works in the kitchen, who could have bribed her to interfere, did she switch room cards with her dummy of a daughter. Did she sleep with Chen Jianyu?

     When Song Da Chun realizes Han Wu isn’t going to show up she drags her daughter out the back of the garden to the exit. She calls her driver to come to the rear of the hotel. Absolutely nothing went right today!

     Wang Li gets the results from the blood test rushing back to the Penthouse. When Dr. Qiao sees the results he can’t believe his eyes, CEO Chen ingested a very strong aphrodisiac then a powerful antidote, he recognizes the antidote, it is a rare formula he knows the creator Xinghi, he is very reclusive, not anyone can buy his products..Who would have access to this top grade antidote and feed it to Chen Jianyu? Who drugged him in the first place.

     He looks at Chen Jianyu who is mumbling in his sleep, someone is going to die when he finds out who drugged him. Who saved him? That aphrodisiac is potent if you don’t have a woman to satiate your sexual needs , your body temperature can rise to deadly levels.

     LiMei has no idea the chaos at the hotel, she is laying in her pajamas eating some snacks watching her favorite soap opera talking to the television, “No Lance is a bad guy..don’t fall in love with him..Derek..Derek..the handsome brother he needs to win your love!” Errrr those writers, poor Camilla she has no idea Lance killed her father. She turns off the drama, her eyes are getting sleepy, no manga I guess she thinks, too tired!

     She gets a glass of water, plops onto the bed hugging her plushie, what should I do tomorrow? I think I will run in the park over past the noodle shop, then what..

     LiMei gets under the covers hoping she doesn’t have that reoccuring nightmare where Kuang Fu and Kuang Bo find her and drag her back…it always makes her wake up in a cold sweat.

     Dr. Qiao, the Concierge and Wang Li stand at Chen Jianyu’s bedside listening to him ramble, “Jasmine..jasmine…” What does he mean by that? Wang Li turns to Qiao Rui , “Do something for him now that you have the results!”

     Dr. Qiao responds, “Now that I see what he ingested, I can’t prescribe any medication, the antidote is currently counteracting the aphrodisiac effects, it will just take time to run its course in his system. He isn’t in any danger, he will merely have nightmares, sweats, chills..”

     Wang Li stops him, “Merely! That sounds terrible, you need to do something to relieve his distress.”

     “If I gave him even ibuprofin it would upset the balance the antidote is creating within him, it could cause irreparable damage to his ability to even have an erection in the future.”

     Wang Li’s face pales, if the Boss heard that statement..whoo..I don’t want to think about the consequences.

     The Qiao Rui continues, “At this point, he will experience flu like symptoms that will be gone in the morning.” He packs up his bag to leave. “You know whoever gave him the antidote saved him, the type of aphrodisiac he was given is from the black market out of Morocco, fairly new, the full range of side effects aren’t even known yet.”

     The Concierge walks him out handing him a stack of bills. “Dr. Qiao I appreciate you coming, and of course this is highly confidential.” Qiao Rui nods, it seems too many women these days want to crawl into the bed of a powerful man using this despicable method.

     He shakes his head looking back at Chen Jianyu, he is getting quite used to getting these calls that’s why he keeps up on the latest developments. He is curious who would have that antidote according to his sources it costs a million dollars to even see Xinghi, then the cost of the pill on top of that.

     He met that crazy bastard Xinghi a few times when he worked for the Underworld.. the fucking Serpentine Syndicate assholes.. I don’t miss those days. Being on call for men like his old college room mate Chen Jianyu is easier and more rewarding.

Qiao Rui sticks the wad of money into his pocket as he enters the elevator. He was damn lucky someone gave him the antidote...

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