Almost Caught

 LiMei wakes up in the morning excited to check out of the hospital, she packs up her mangas and folds her pajamas and robe putting them in her bag. She could hardly sleep last night thinking about spending the afternoon with Dr.Qiao and meeting Dr. Woo. She had googled Dr. Woo yesterday, what an amazing man! He was a professor at Peching University, has numerous humanitarian awards for establishing clinics in remote mountainous areas, an expert in the ancient arts.

     She thought he would be a wrinkled old man with a long white beard, but he is ruggedly handsome, only forty-five years old. She doesn’t want to be presumptuous but she heard there was an ancient technique to unlock memories, she wants to know what happened the day her grandmother and mother died, she doesn’t remember anything of that day. She had gone to hypnotists when she was in high school but they were unable to help her. Maybe she could ask him if the technique truly exists.

     LiMei had showered earlier ecstatic the beast’s marks were gone, no need for the scarf any longer. Now she is just sitting in casual clothes waiting for Dr Qiao to come for her final exam. She picks up the manga she had begun last night, sitting on the bed reading about the MC chasing after the Host Club Prince dressed as a tiny host, the drawings are hilarious. She starts laughing at the girl’s antics.

     A doctor enters but it isn’t Dr. Qiao she is an older woman, “Miss Feng, Dr. Qiao had an emergency surgery he asked me to do your discharge exam.”

     LiMei hopes her face doesn’t show her disappointment. “Thank you Doctor!” She sets her manga down on the bed. The doctor is very friendly, “My daughter likes that manga, according to her no one is more shameless than Mimi.” LiMei smiles brightly, “Yes, the ways Mimi tries to get the male lead’s attention are hilarious.” They talk for a few minutes, apparently she is Dr. Qiao’s aunt.“Rui said to leave the bandage as is, you are going to his clinic later he will remove it.” LiMei is surprised he would mention her to his aunt, she shyly answers, “Ah, yes.” LiMei never heard his first name before, Rui..Rui..LiMei and Rui..sounds nice.

     “Miss Feng..Miss Feng?”

     “Sorry.”LiMei shakes her head coming back to reality.

     “I’m finished, the nurse will give you your discharge instructions after I leave, then you are free to go.”

    “Thank you.”

     A few minutes later a nurse comes in with the instructions and papers she needs to sign. When she finishes she goes out to the elevator, Rui..Rui.. she enters pushing the button for the lobby, she can wait there for Grandpa Du. When the door opens at the floor, two men are talking facing each other, she sees the Chen beast’s face immediately when the door opened so she puts her head down hurrying out the door. As she moves past them the scent of Jasmine floats by , he stares at her back as she walks quickly through the lobby. “That’s the girl!” He signals to Wang Li to chase her.

     LiMei after she runs out the door, sees Wang Li is following her she tosses her bag full of her precious mangas around a corner into the alley. She turns to run, hitting her nose into a hard chest, She looks up into a handsome face smiling down at the tiny girl with a frightened look on her face who just ran into him. Han Weisheng is 187 cm tall so he towers above this girl.

     Wang Li is very close to them so she leans into Han Weisheng’s chest stands on her tiptoes putting her arms around his neck. She quickly presses her soft pink lips onto his, he isn’t expecting this but he is willing to play along, he kisses her back prying her lips open tangling their tongues. This should make her realize running into a stranger and trying to play him is a very bad idea. LiMei can’t escape his strong arms embracing her, trying to push him away she bites his lip drawing blood, he continues to kiss her.

     Her green eyes flash a murderous light with a killing intent, she wants to hit his Zehu point with her palm, Han Weisheng can feel her gathering her inner energy as she raises her palm towards him but he grabs her small hand, “Play nice.” he doesn’t plan on teasing her any further he just wanted to teach her a lesson.

     As he says this she swiftly hits him between his legs with her knee, then moves her leg between his legs kicking him in the side of his knee, his knee buckles, it takes all of his inner strength not to fall to the ground, and maintain balance. At this point she doesn’t care if the muscular man chasing her catches her she will find a way to escape, but this man mocking her…

     Han Weisheng can’t help but react loosening his grip on her, trying to balance himself not to fall she quickly slips out of his arms running into the morning crowd . After a few blocks she leans against a wall, pulling out her cell she calls Chang, “Chang.”

     “Yeah, LiMei why do you sound out of breath?”

     “I wanted to take a run after being cooped up in the hospital. Can Grandpa pick me up at the Moonbucks on the corner of 128th St and Marang Rd.”

     “Sure we can leave now we were waiting for you to call.”

     LiMei walks into the Moonbucks, Dammit, my mangas. She orders a Whipacino then sits by the window waiting for them. Men..

     Grandpa Du and Chang arrive after about thirty minutes.”Thanks Grandpa!”

     Chang asks her,“LiMei where is your bag?”

     “Oh, I forgot it I was in such a hurry to leave, they will hold it until my follow up exam, it’s just my mangas and pajamas.”

     When LiMei gets home she lays on her bed,what should I wear today? I want to look pretty but not too obvious, it isn’t a date. She only bought some casual clothes and a couple business outfits when she arrived in Pushong City, she looks in her closet, Eh..nothing! She decides to go shopping for a skirt and a blouse, some flats. LiMei googles dress shops nearby, there is one that is not far,  she doesn’t have time to go to the mall.

     The store’s name is Plum Blossom it is small but it has a variety of clothes including some traditional inspired dresses. LiMei looks through the racks, she finds a dress she likes it is simple above the knee not too short, It is pink with a few red and white lotuses embroidered on the skirt, it is form fitting, perfect. She looks at the price tag, yikes! The salesgirl sees her shock at the price, she walks over, “This dress was hand embroidered, one of a kind, it looks beautiful on you .” LiMei knows the girl is trying to sell it but she does love the way the  lotuses are intricately stitched almost lifelike.

      “I will take it. The embroidery is breathtakingly beautiful.”

      LiMei walks down the street looking in windows along the way, she sees a jewelry shop she should get a chain for the bunny charm. She looks at the cases she sees a long serpentine gold chain that would be perfect it is long so it will be hidden in her blouse when she wears it. She sees a small crimson jade necklace that would be perfect with the dress she just bought. There are no prices on it that can’t be good. “Excuse me how much is this crimson jade necklace?”

     A man walks over, glancing at her attire there is no way she can afford it. “Miss that particular item is 50,00 yuan.” She thought he was going to say more, that isn’t bad, she really likes it. “I will take it.” She figures she will be working at Hushang and the hotel, she can spend some of the money she brought with her.

     While LiMei is shopping in anticipation of seeing Qiao Rui he is finishing an operation on Chen Jianyu’s cousin Chen Ming he had come into the hospital in the morning complaining of pain in his side. When they discovered he had appendicitis he requested Qiao Rui to do the surgery, he was the only doctor he trusted. Qiao Rui thought if it wasn’t early he would have to find someone else to perform the operation, he wasn’t going to miss going out with Feng LiMei even for Janyu’s cousin.

     Chen Jianyu has gone up to Qiao’s office to wait for the results after he operated on his cousin. He wonders if the mystery girl was a patient, Rui might know her. He is tapping his fingers on the desk while waiting. Wang Li hasn’t returned maybe he caught that little bunny.

    “Jianyu what are you doing in my office?”

     “Ming’s mother called me she is in New York she wanted me to check on him. How is he?”

     “He is in recovery now, the surgery is commonplace, there shouldn’t be any complications.”

     Chen Jianyu pulls out the picture from his pocket, “Rui is this girl a patient here, or a visitor of a patient here?”

     “How the fuck would i know?”

     Qiao Rui looks at the picture, isn’t this the same picture of the missing person hanging on the wall at An’s.

     “Who is she?”

     “The girl who gave me the antidote.”

     It dawns on Qiao Rui that An was lying to him last night, he bursts out laughing holding his side.

     “What is so funny?”

     “Did you have Lau An hang this in Morning Glory.”


     Qiao Rui can’t stop laughing, An is crazy to think Jianyu will marry her. The party tonight should be fun, there is such a thing as Karma.

     “Why are you laughing?” Jianyu is getting pissed off, this guy is such a jerk. “Anyway I don’t give a fuck if you think this is funny, I want to find this girl. Have you seen her?”

     “I have but I don’t know how you would find her, she almost got hit by my car a couple days ago while she was trying to catch a cab. Maybe you could check the cab company it was by 68th and Jinyun St about four o’clock on Tuesday. See who picked her up, where they dropped her off.”

     “That’s actually really good thinking”

     Rui looks at his watch, “I have an appointment at one, anything else?”

     “Yeah Huan’s friend Han Weisheng should be here soon, he wanted to ask you about a patient.”

     “Tell him to call me, I have to leave.”

      “He should have been here by now, I wonder where he is? Alright, I will walk out with you then.”

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