The Interview

Feeling confident about the interview LiMei exits the washroom without looking where she is going. She slips on some water in the hallway and a man walking down the hallway carrying a stack of papers witnesses her beginning to fall. Papers fly into the air as he reaches to catch her, LiMei is cursing the damn high heels she is wearing when she can’t regain her balance.

     LiMei ends up in his embrace staring up into his peach blossom eyes as his strong arms hold her tightly. She has never been held by a man so closely before, pressed into his broad chest feeling his heart beating her heart races.

      LiMei doesn’t make any movement to free herself she is stunned by how handsome the man is, he smells so good too.

    He laughs looking down at her wide eyes staring up at him, “Miss, you can let go now.”

     Embarrassed LiMei begins to blush, “Thank you for catching me, they should have a sign if they just mopped the floor!” Her little face is scrunched up frowning while she is straightening her skirt. His mouth hooks up in a slight smile when he sees her indignation, he casually points to a big yellow sign to the right emblazoned with CAUTION on it.

      Blinking her eyes as she sees where he is pointing, “Oh ..hmm.. I need to hurry.” bowing quickly she runs away down the hallway glancing back at him as he is picking up the papers off the ground. I should have stayed and helped him, but, I might miss my name being called.

     Chen Huan’s assistant hurries to his side, “I will pick up those resumes! I should have brought them myself.”

     “It’s fine, when you didn’t come back from the legal department I just picked them up, no need to keep the second round of candidates waiting, I’m sure they are anxious.”

     Ma Gouzhi watches his boss pick up the papers along with him, Director Chen always takes into consideration the common people unlike that cold and calculating older brother of his Chen Jianyu. No wonder all the girls have a crush on him.

     After all the papers are retrieved the two of them walk to the large conference room where the interviews are taking place.The candidates in this round are to work in the newly expanded Accounting Section, Song Yichen was supposed to oversee the process but he was nowhere to be found this morning.

     They seat themselves at a long table facing ten empty chairs. The door opens and the applicants stream into the room. Chen Huan arranges the resumes in front of him, glancing up at the candidates. The last person to come through the door is that girl from earlier, interesting, she didn’t seem very bright earlier.

     He flips through the papers until he finds her application. Graduated from A University, that is his alma mater. It is a prestigious University, hard to be accepted if your family doesn’t have money and power. He doesn’t recognize her name as belonging to any of society’s elite families. He would remember a beautiful girl like her if he had met her before at any functions.

     “Sir..sir.. Ma Gouzhi wonders why Chen Huan is focused on one resume.

     “Let’s begin, the panel will ask you several questions and the two people chosen will be picked for various factors, not just your accomplishments. He needs to hire that girl without relying on her abilities, from these applications there are seven people more qualified than her.He can’t seem to get the feeling  of her body pressed onto his chest  him out of his mind. Chen Huan surveys the applicants, she is sitting on the end with her tiny jade like hands in her lap fiddling with something, her slender legs are crossed, did she fall before he met her, he can see her knee is bruised and swollen.

     Almost as though she could feel an intense gaze on her legs she pulls her skirt down to cover her knees. Damn, I almost forgot about my knees. She had many worse injuries during her time with Kuang Fu, but she knows these people want a perfect appearance from their female employees. That perfection is probably one of the qualifications the man on the top of the panel is referring to when he mentioned ‘other factors’ she laughs to

     She is so far away with these contacts they all look a bit blurry,when she has time she will have to buy a better pair. After listening to the answers of the other applicants her confidence is fading, one girl stated she is fluent in three languages, studied Finance at Harvard University, her looks are top notch, she must have spent a fortune on her pink Chanel suit. Another woman worked for Zhao Conglomerate for a dozen years, although her face was a bit aged she is still a beauty with a great deal of experience.

     After these two were interviewed, LiMei closed her eyes she doesn’t have a chance, she should have had the old man beef up her credentials. But, then again she doesn’t want to stand out in a crowd. Oh well, maybe she should check with Zhao Company, it looks like they are about to lose a treasured employee, suddenly she begins to giggle at the thought.

     “Feng LiMei.” Chen Huan has been watching her, what i s she giggling about, it was low but he trained in martial arts so he was able to hear her. He appears to be a typical young master but underneath he has his own secrets. He trained in the military before his father forced him to enter into the company.

     She snaps out of her daydream when her name is called, she straightens her posture. “Yes”

     Chen Huan is a bit surprised as he calls her name she doesn’t seem to remember him from earlier.

     “Tell us about yourself, what qualifies you to become a member of the Hushang Group?”

     “I am very good with numbers.” she is clenching her fists in her hand, thinking after she blurted it out. what kind of answer was that LiMei, wake up!

     “…” Chen Huan smiles, he is right she isn’t very bright, how did she graduate from A University?

     A few of the other applicants want to laugh at her answer but don’t dare for fear it might be taken as they are arrogant.

     “Anything else that might qualify you?’

     Li Mei looks adorable as she puts a slender finger to her pink lips, “I am hard working, willing to work overtime, I’m used to hard labor..I mean hard work. While I was in University I managed our club’s finances, charity events to benefit St. John’s Orphanage {Thank you old man for throwing that tidbit into my file, and Father Lam of the orphanage for being my friend when I arrived here.}

     “I see you went to my alma mater A University.”

     Li Mei gulps all she did was google the University, taking note of a few items, a few professors in the Business Department, layout, yikes if he asks me anything specific..I’m dead!

     “They don’t just accept anyone how did you enter the University? He wants to know who her connections are to before he goes any further, the families of Pushong City are complicated and treacherous. He doesn’t want to be schemed by anyone just because he is attracted to this little beauty.

     “I got a hardship scholarship.”

     Chen Huan contributes to that fund which allows qualified underprivileged students a chance to enter waiving their tuition. She is honest to state that in this crowd, he looks at the applicants, not one isn’t wearing designer clothing. Her outfit is neat, business style , but obviously off a department store rack.

     “That will be all, thank you to all the applicants for wanting to join our company. We will discuss and review all qualifications , the two chosen will receive an email in the next few days.

     Everyone gets up to leave, a few of the applicants know each other so in the hallway they are milling about talking. Two girls give her a sidelong look, whispering. LiMei smiles at them, wow..girls in this city certainly are full of themselves. She decides she won’t be getting the call maybe she should apply a few different places.

     The money she stole from Kuang Fu when she escaped is not small, but she needs a job, it won’t last forever with the prices in this town. She is pissed she spent so much on the stockings.

     Chen Huan has made up his mind he will hire the little idiot, “I’m good with numbers.” He wants to burst out laughing replaying her saying that in his mind. His excuse will be she graduated from his alma mater , she had a hardship scholarship which his Foundation funded.

“Ma Gouhzi, I have chosen the woman from Zhao Conglomerate and LiMei Feng.”

“But Boss..that girl..”

     “I have my reasons, she was sponsored in University by my Foundation, I would like to see if the program works, funding disadvantaged students.”

     Ma Gouhzi knows what a philanthropist the Director is, makes sense. “When should I notify them?

     “Wait until Thursday then send the email”

     On her way to the bus stop LiMei passes by the Crescent Moon Hotel, while she is admiring the exterior of the building, she sees a small sign discreetly place on the wall next to the revolving door. Now Hiring For Room Service. LiMei looks down at her outfit, perfect I’m dressed to interview, maybe I can get this job, I have experience for one of my jobs I worked in room service to gain access to the target.

     She shudders remembering the fat balding man naked with a thin haggard looking prostitute when she entered his room. He was on top of the woman, sweating like a pig. Ewww..she didn’t want to kill the poor prostitute, she was just doing her job..once again..ewww. So she delivered the champagne then left feeling nausous from the sight.

     LiMei couldn’t complete the mission at the time, Kuang Fu was so mad he had Kuang Bo assassinate the fat man as he left the hotel. Then he whipped her until her back was bloody, good thing they had high grade healing lotion or she would be a scarred mess, haha.. The only physical reminder of her time under Kuang Fu’s control is the tattoo on her hip, she really should have it removed but she doesn’t want anyone to see the mark of the Black Sky Organization. She would have to kill him after he removed it and she is done with the killing business.

     Smiling trying to focus on the present instead of the horrible past she approaches the front desk. “I’m here about the Room Service position posted outside.”

     The woman looks at her then hands an application across the desk, “Can you start work right away? We have a convention of High End Jewelers with an auction here tomorrow so the hotel is fully booked. ‘

    “Ah, sure”, She is a little tired but a job is a job. Did the woman say a jewelry auction, no LiMei you are not doing anything illegal.

     “Fill it out then sit over there”, she points to a door with a few chairs outside of it.

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