My Name is Feng Tian

 XiXi is not one to contain her anger but she respects her dad and grandfather so she tries to come to grips with the situation. Her suppressed anger makes her face turn cherry red and her eyes display a hint of killing intent as she grabs Zhang Yu’s long sleeve, “Dad, how are we going to get home?”

“Honey, I..”

  It is right at this moment Zhang Yu and XiXi hear a branch break nearby and they turn towards the sound.  A tall handsome man emerges from behind the rocks and saunters towards them with his long legs lazily stepping over some debris.

   He is wearing ancient garb, black robes with no design. His long ink black hair is pulled up and tied up high on his head with a jade hairpiece.The striking man is wearing a silver mask on his face which at the moment reflects the midday sun giving him an otherworldly look. 

  XiXi gazes at his appearance and gasps, she has only seen men like this in the ancient dramas she and her friends like to watch. He seems to have an aura surrounding him that you can’t ignore.

   Zhang Yu regains his composure first, looking at this man’s attire, apparently we have crossed both time and space.

      He tosses XiXi his cloak and tells her to put it on, men in these times he knows aren’t ready for her short uniform skirt. She quickly covers herself then  fumbles with the buttons looking up with a hint of blush on her cheeks.

LiMei rolls up the sleeves on the oversized cloak and mutters under her breath, “Dammit.”  A handsome man is in front of me who looks like a male god and I look a mess!  Really a bad day all around! Well, at least maybe he will be of some help. She and her father both look directly at the man who is standing silently watching them with an amused expression.

      “Can you help us get our bearings​? I am Zhang Yu and this is my daughter Zhang XiXi”.

      They both take a deep bow and look sincerely at Feng Tian. He stifles a laugh at XiXi’s petite body drowning in the cloak.

    I do miss the sight of the girl’s long slender legs and her unusual revealing little outfit.

  Where were they from he wonders, he has never seen such strange revealing attire before.The girl seems at ease wearing less clothes than the women he has seen in brothels.

  He snaps out of his trance and says nonchalantly “I also came into some misfortune and landed here. Maybe we can figure out the situation together.”

    XiXi rubs her forehead,  well he is beyond  handsome but apparently useless. {If Feng Tian could read her thoughts he would spit up blood}

   What a mess and I am starting to get very hungry. I thought about now I would be waking up to Mom’s porridge and some juice.

 She glances over at the two men.Two useless men and a quest that sounds frightening.

  ” Sorry to interrupt the staring contest between you two but I think we should first find something to eat.” XiXi winks at her Dad..”Zhang Yu”  I’m not going to keep saying Dad in front of this guy. “What do you have in that Dimensional Bag of yours? Any snacks, a leg of lamb?”

     “I have some dried fruit and meat but maybe we can find some wild vegetables or animals while it is still light out. XiXi looks over at the man in the silver mask, Handsome are you going  jump in and say you will hunt something?  No response. Now what?

     Well, XiXi thinks I’m a modern woman I will go and see what I can find. I was fairly good at Horticulture, not great like those women I read about who transmigrate and know every herb in the forest, but I’m adequate. I never picked anything poisonous on the field trip.

     “Zhang Yu see if you can find some firewood” { well,someone needs to take charge and he looks in shock still} she shouts as she heads into the forest ignoring Feng Tian.

     He seems to have his feet planted in concrete. The trees don’t appear to have any fruit but there are some vines with berries on that look intriguing. XiXi thinks she will give them to the stranger first, he looks like a good test subject.

      Feng Tian is on a branch watching her expressions as she picks the berries.

     She really is an open book, if Che was here I would bet all my peach blossom wine she will offer the berries to me first. I wonder what she will do next.

     Oh, she sees some mushrooms, for a girl she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. He is enjoying watching her every move.

     He Is about to jump down and startle her for fun when he sees a snake  slithering  through the underbrush towards her as she is bent over picking the mushrooms. The girl is humming some strange tune and doesn’t notice the snake.

     Feng Tian grabs her away just as the snake is about to strike and uses his palm to kill it. Not realizing the danger she had been in a moment ago, XiXi slaps his face and wiggles out of his arms.  

    ” You lazy rogue! Stop messing around and help me find some food.”

     Feng Tian rubs his cheek, I can’t underestimate this girl she isn’t swayed by my good looks at all.

      He walks over and grabs the six foot long beast of a snake and says “Here’s dinner” with a laugh.  XiXi looks at the snake and the hair stands up on her neck,some of her friends like exotic food but she would always refuse to try it. 

     XiXi tries to act casual and says waving her slender arm,  “Just toss it away I don’t know how to cook snake. I will keep looking for some edibles here” 

   “That’s fine I will cook it for you, this type of snake makes delicious soup and I see you have some mushrooms and wild onions there” Feng Tian replies.

     “No, I wouldn’t want to trouble you” You aren’t using my precious mushrooms in some nasty disgusting soup} “It would be asking too much of a stranger to cook for us. I don’t even know your name”

     “…” I told you when we first met

     “Feng Tian”

    ” I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you over the cicadas” {hahaha}


      “FENG TIAN!”

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