At The Office

 The taxi pulls up in front of the Zhou Group, “Thank you.” Song Sara hands the taxi driver her credit card, looking at her watch she has ten minutes to spare, that is a nice surprise.

   After she enters the building she immediately heads to the VIP elevator that goes directly to the President’s office. Once she arrives she greets the other two secretaries then enters her office placing her lunch under the desk leaving the pink cake box by her computer.

    Turning on her computer she decides to go to the restroom to freshen up, when she looks in the mirror she notices some blood from the wounded cat on her white silk blouse. 

     Sara mutters to herself, “Yikes that is kind of gross!” She dampens a paper towel and uses some soap to wash it off.

   When she returns to her desk she begins working on a few reports to give to CEO Zhou when he comes into the office. It is ten thirty and she hears a strange man’s voice out by the main door, did the CEO come in already he didn’t give her any indication he would be early today. She straightens her skirt to meet them, she walks out smiling then her mouth drops open recognizing the person with the CEO  is the man from earlier this morning, the dangerous man from the hotspring what the hell is he doing here with CEO Zhou?

   “Miss Song make some Blue Mountain coffee for us and bring some pastries.” He likes this new assistant she is beautiful but dresses in a conservative manner which is to his taste and her personality is very pleasant. 

   She quickly adjusts her facial expression as she smiles again answering,“Certainly CEO Zhou.”

     Walking away she panics Dammit! I haven’t gone to get the pastries yet at the cafe downstairs. I guess I can serve the mini cupcakes I brought.

   Li Tian lifts his eyebrow as he stares at her blouse does she not realize you can see directly through that thin white blouse with the large wet area over her left breast.

  When she is in the break room starting the coffee the Director’s secretary is standing at the counter she pulls Sara over, “Sara did you spill something on your blouse? You can see your bra.”

   Sara’s face turns bright red no wonder that pervert was staring at her chest. “Oh my God! Thanks WeiWei!”

   She remembers she has an oversized blue sweater in her drawer she uses when it gets cold in the office. Sara hurries to her desk and pulls out the sweater putting it on over her wet blouse. After she buttons the sweater up to her neck she brings the cupcakes into the break room.

      When the coffee is ready she pours two cups then puts them on a tray. She arranges the mini cupcakes on a plate then places cream and sugar onto the tray also. CEO Zhou drinks his coffee black but who knows how the weird guy likes his coffee.

    CEO Zhou and CEO Li are studying blueprints, Sara places the coffees and dessert on the table for them. Li Tian glances  her direction as she walks past him to the table by the window she is smiling greedily not at me like most women do but… at the plate of cakes?….is she that hungry?

    Well at least the little assistant realized she needed to put something over that see through blouse but the blue sweater she is wearing is really ugly. 

     He looks back down at the blueprints he admires the architect that designed the Mall he is an elusive man who works for Clear Sky Architectural Firm in Hirachi City.

  Zhou Mo is unable to concentrate when he sees the cupcakes on the tray he says, “CEO Li let’s take a break and have some coffee then we can finish reviewing the plans.” CEO Zhou’s eyes light up,  Song Sara brought the cake he really enjoys. He sits down at the table then picks up a cake motioning to Li Tian, “Try one of these cakes they are delicious.”

   Li Tian crosses his long legs he then leisurely  picks up his coffee cup slowly sipping it. He responds to Zhou Mo  with an indifferent tone, “Thank you but I don’t care for sweets.”

   CEO Zhou salivates as he takes a bite then waves his hand, “ CEO Li these aren’t like regular cakes, they are mango and a light citrus flavor. I don’t know where my secretary buys them but they are light and not too sweet at all. He points at the small cakes, “Look at the lifelike flowers decorating the top they are pleasing to the eye also.”

   Sara can hear them as she works at her computer blushing at his compliment, so the man with the dark aura is the CEO of Li Group? Why does he have such a dark aura and his eyes were full of killing intent when I ran into him at the resort?  Yeah, that arrogant man doesn’t look like he would like any thing sweet, sour is probably more to his liking.

    Chuckling to herself that at the resort she thought he was an Underworld boss…haha she must have misheard their conversation. She starts typing the revised report that Zhou Mo wanted with the notes he gave her yesterday.

   Li Tian doesn’t want to insult old man Zhou he picks up one of the cakes, he takes a small bite expecting a heavy sweetness to assault his tatebuds… hmmm… Old Man Zhou is right the cake is light and not overpowering. After a bite he nods, “Not bad.”

   Sara stares over at him daggers shooting from her beautiful blue eyes, what a conceited man! Not bad? Like his opinion means anything! People love my cakes! Bastard! If you don’t like it why are you eating them?

  Zhou Mo has a satisfied look on his face, “I told you they are good,  have another.”

   Still annoyed over his encounter with Sara before the meeting Li Tian notices her giving him a dirty look. How dare a lowly secretary look at me with such obvious disdain. His lips curl up in a faint smile, maybe the stupid girl wants  the cake.

   Uncharacteristically,  Sara  stomps over to the table fuming at his arrogant behavior… trying to keep her temper under control she tightens her fists at her side. Glaring his direction she thinks such an arrogant man doesn’t deserve to eat my cake! Sara grits her teeth but composes herself and in a pleasant voice says,“ Allow me clear these cakes out of your way if they aren’t to your taste”

   Li Tian misunderstands thinking she wants the last piece, he quickly reaches over snatching it from the plate,”I didn’t have breakfast although these aren’t very tasty I will eat this one.” 

    He gives her a devilish grin trying to provoke a response. “I would like some more coffee also the cake is a little dry.” He holds up his cup with a smirk on his face observing her facial expression. Obviously she is upset her chest is heaving up and down but she is maintaining that fake smile on her face. Good… Very good. No one dares to insult me and she has twice this morning.

   Sara can feel the hair standing up on her neck who the hell is this guy! So rude!

   CEO Zhou doesn’t detect the tension between them, “Miss Song I will have another cup also.”

   Sara brings the coffee pot over tempted to dump the hot coffee on Li Tian’s lap, restraining the urge she sweetly asks, “Anything else CEO Zhou?”

   “Not right now.” 

   “Then I am going to make copies of the proposal, I finished editing it for you. How many copies do you need for the meeting.”

   “Twenty five.”

   She picks up the empty plate and takes it to the sink to wash. Honestly who is that man? He must be a VIP the way CEO Zhou is treating him, even coming into the office early. After she dries the plate and puts it away she stops at her computer to send the report to the printer.

   When she enters the outer office she asks the secretary she knows Peng Chunhua,“The man with CEO Zhou, the head of the Li Group do you know anything about him?”

   “Sara are you seriously that clueless? He is the hottest bachelor in Catang City! He just returned from abroad he is the newly appointed CEO of the Li Group, Li Tian.”

   “Why is he here?”

   Her face shows her disbelief, “You are CEO Zhou’s assistant you don’t know? They are discussing  their partnership to build the new Catang City Mega Mall.”

   “Oh, thanks.” She remembers reading part of the Catang City Mega Mall report but she usually doesn’t pay attention to the content just fixes the grammar and any formatting errors.

   When she leaves the secretary she was conversing with leans over to her friend’s desk, “How did that girl get the job as the CEO’s assistant? What a waste! Our CEO will be working closely with CEO Li over the next few months it would be the perfect opportunity to get close to him.”

   CEO Zhou and Li Tian walk out of his office, Zhou Mo asks,“Get close to who?”

   Peng Chunhua stops gossiping then  jumps up bowing respectfully, “ I’m sorry CEO Zhou we were talking about Song Sara she likes Kang Che in Accounting. We shouldn’t have been discussing their relationship at our desks.”

    WeiWei admires her friend’s ability to think on her feet. She just turned it around to put the focus on Song Sara, everyone knows CEO Zhou frowns on coworkers dating, he believes it disrupts the efficiency of the workplace.

   “Don’t let me find you gossiping again or your pay will be docked.” Zhou Mo considers what she said Song Sara likes my nephew Kang Che? I will have to help her out to get close to him she is a nice girl and he should marry soon. {If Sara knew what they were saying she would explode. She avoids Kang Che every time she sees him she went to school with him and he used to bully her constantly.} 

    Both secretaries respond in unison,“Yes sir.”

   “CEO Li the meeting with the architect is set for ten o’clock tomorrow is that time convenient for you.”

     “I can clear my schedule.”

     “Very well, tell the Chairman I said hello we will need to get together and golf soon.”

      “I will.”

      “Secretary Peng see CEO Li out.”

      “No need. Continue working.” Li Tian’s lips curl up in a faint smile amused by the scene of  Zhou Mo’s little assistant staring at the cake as he ate the last bite. Where did she go?

      After the two men leave  Peng Chunhua  sits back down at her desk muttering under her breath,  “Dammit I wanted to escort him out!”

       “Don’t worry about it Chunhua we will have plenty of chances in the future now that Zhou Group and Li Group are working together on this project.”

      Peng Chunhua whines as she picks up some papers, “WeiWei I want Song Sara’s assistant position it should have been mine when CEO Zhou’s last assistant retired.”

     “I heard she got the job because of her connections.”

      Peng Chunhua laughs, “That is ridiculous! How could that ordinary girl have any connection to the Zhou Group?”

      “We should ask my friend Daphne in HR she could check. Maybe we can find  way to discredit Song Sara then the position will be vacant again.”

     Peng Chunhua has a sinister smile on her face, “I would do almost anything to get close to Li Tian, did you see that flawless face and he must be 190cm tall. He is the most handsome man I have ever seen and he is a billionaire. We definitely need to find a way to get rid of the little slut.”

     Sara returns from printing the twenty five copies of the proposal, the papers are neatly placed in folders ready for the meeting in the morning. When she enters the office Zhou Mo calls her over to his desk, “Miss Song, CEO Li’s assistant called he needs you to bring him these blueprints to the Li Group after lunch.”

    “Couldn’t I send them by courier?”  Sara has no desire to see that obnoxious man again.

     “No they are the only copy and I can’t take a chance on them being lost. You can go home from there I’m leaving the office at lunch and I won’t be back this afternoon.”

    Sara’s mood brightens at the thought of getting off early, “Thank you CEO Zhou.”

    “Miss Song I have been wanting to ask you what bakery makes those cakes. It is my granddaughter’s birthday on Saturday and I would like to orderl a large birthday cake.”

     She doesn’t want to tell him she makes them but she isn’t comfortable outright lying to him, “It is a small bakery named ‘Sweet Dream Cakes’ you can order online.”

    “Could you order it, it is a small birthday gathering of a hundred. I will trust your judgment use the company card. It needs to be delivered by two o’clock Saturday afternoon to my home.”

    “CEO how old is your granddaughter? What are her favorite colors? Cake flavor?”

   “She will be eighteen the rest I have no idea. I’m sure any cake from that bakery will be delicious.” Thnking about earlier he frowns, I wanted to save a cupcake for later but that damn brat Li Tian ate the last two!

“…” Usually Sara likes to have some information about personal preferences before she bakes a birthday cake. 

   “You can go to lunch now then deliver the blueprints.”

  “Yes CEO Zhou.” After Sara leaves the office she calls Han Bi, “Can you meet for lunch?”


    “We can meet at the noodle shop by your work I have an errand that isn’t far from your company.”

   ” I can meet you in forty five minutes.”

    “See you then.” Sara knows her best friend Bi is familiar with all the big corporations and their CEOs that are located in Catang City because she is in Public Relations and a big gossip ha ha.. 

    Holding the blueprints Sara has an uneasy feeling as she  gets onto the bus. Finding a seat in the back of she looks out the window thinking about how uncomfortable it will be to work with that rude man. 

       She makes up her mind I need to find out about this damn Li Tian person if I am going to have to work with him. I’m going to ask Grandma why I had such a reaction to him at the hot spring, could he be supressing his demonic aura? Is that even possible?

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