First Encounter

  Qin Daiyu stands waiting for the bus, leaning against the lamp post contemplating how she could easily get lost in this huge city. 

     Looking around she feels confident thinking The Black Sky Organization will never be able to find her in Pushong City, it is halfway across the country from their base. I dyed my blond hair back to ink black and I am wearing contacts that disguise my hazel eyes, making them a deep brown color. No one from Black Sky will recognize me.

     Laughing to herself about how careless Kuang Bo was allowing her to undertake the last mission by herself without her handler, did he really think I was in love with him? He deluded himself because he felt no woman could resist his handsome face.

     The port in Bashu City was the perfect place to make her escape. She easily stowed away on the cargo ship not caring where it was headed as long as she didn’t need to work for those bastards anymore. Who should I curse first…Kuang  Fu the cruel leader of the assassin network, Kuang Bo his brother or my heartless father who sold me to them to save his shitty business.

     Looking around at the Cherry Blossom trees lining the street, the bustling shops, people chatting as they walked past her, Daiyu feels happy for the first time in five years. Today she is interviewing at the Hushang Group for the position of an accounting clerk. 

     Daiyu has always been good with numbers, she had planned on going to University but because her father’s company failed he owed the wrong people a great deal of money. When he couldn’t repay the loans he offered them her so they wouldn’t kill him. She went from future University student to future assassin that terrible day.

     All that unpleasantness is in the past Daiyu decides, she took the money she had brought to buy some business style clothes and rented a small room from an elderly couple.

      It is time to begin my  new life as Feng LiMei!

     She whispers to herself, “I am Feng LiMei..Qin Daiyu is gone..”

      Clutching onto her purse containing her CV and the ID the Old Man created for her in Bashu City, she smiles exposing two cute dimples. I like my new name and identity- Feng LiMei a recent graduate of A University, twenty one years old, no parents or siblings. The Old Man  did a good job creating a new backstory for me.

     LiMei trusts the Old Man implicitly because she saved his only son from drowning, he swore on his son’s life he will take this information to his grave.

     Looking at her watch LiMei realizes in her excitement she is twenty minutes early for the bus, behind her is a small cafe, she can smell the inviting aroma of coffee. Smiling she spins around..I’m free !

      Quickly walking over to the Cafe she steps in a small bit of mud on the sidewalk. Dammit! She takes out a tissue out of her small black purse to wipe the mud from her heels she had just purchased for the interview. 

     Throwing the dirty tissue into a waste bin, she adjusts her shoe,  when she looks up she accidentally trips falling into a tall man’s firm chest.

     Their eyes meet, the stylishly dressed man has a cold and indifferent look in his eyes, as though they were looking right through her. She quickly pushes herself away from him, he doesn’t look like someone I should disturb. He is wearing a suit from Henri Armand’s latest collection and his watch must be worth twenty million.

     “Ahh..ahh.. I’m sorry..” She quickly bows her head then rushes past him into the cafe.

        The handsome man stands there staring at her back,what the hell! audacious woman!  A look of disgust darkens his handsome face as he brushes off where her hands had touched him leaving dirty fingerprints on his designer suit jacket. 

     This is the only time of the day Chen Jianyu allows himself to relax, stopping by his childhood friend Lau An’s cafe for some special Blue Mountain Coffee she imports exclusively, no one else carries it in the city. 

     He drives to the cafe without his guards that constantly follow him, sits in his reserved spot in the back, reads the news before his hectic day begins at the office.

     Black lines form on his forehead as anger rises in him thinking, that unruly woman didn’t even fully apologize for staining my suit with her grubby little  hands. 

     No longer in the mood to sit and relax he goes to the counter to get the coffee to go.

    A beautiful woman approaches him smiling, you aren’t sitting at you table today?”

     He scowls,“Not in the mood.”

     She can see his usually emotioness face is contorted in anger, what is bothering him today ?

     Before she can ask she sees him glaring at a girl getting coffee at the next register. The girl is very slender and  beautiful, she is smiling brightly at the flower boy behind the counter thanking him for the coffee. 

     Does Jianyu know that girl? Usually he has such a poker face you don’t know what he is thinking, that is one of his traits that makes him one of the most feared CEO’s in Pushong City.

     Lau An wants to know the scoop, they have been friends since childhood she hopes one day to win his heart but he is always his cold and indifferent self. This is the first time she has seen him openly stare at a girl showing a strong emotion in his unfathomable dark eyes.

   “Jianyu, do you know that girl?”

    “No. I will have my usual.” He can’t take his eyes off the girl smiling as though she didn’t have a care in the world after ruining his expensive suit, I should say something.

     Before he can walk over she hurries out the door her hair flying while she is looking at her watch.

    He impatiently taps his fingers on the counter, “Lau An could you hurry with that coffee, I have an important meeting at nine o’clock.”

     “Of course.” Damn that stupid girl! I  wanted to tell Jianyu about a party at my parent’s house this weekend!

      Lau An took great care in wearing this alluring outfit today that highlights her curves thinking as they sat while he had his coffee she would mention it to him.

     “Jianyu I want to ask you something.”

     “Call me after eleven. I need to go.”

     Daiyu doesn’t know the two people in the cafe are very curious as to who she is as she sips her coffee waiting for the bus, she still has ten minutes.

Sipping on her steamy cup of coffee she sighs..Oh..the coffee is delicious. She continues to look around enjoying the brisk morning air.

     Chen Jianyu  grabs his coffee, opens the door of the cafe as he does a man on a rooftop across the street adjusts the scope of his sniper rifle, he is getting an enormous amount of money for this job so he can’t make any mistakes. 

   The sniper patiently watches as Chen Jianyu exits the cafe. I need to shoot right before the bastard gets into the black Maybach. If I hesitate there are two obstacles, the bus stop and those trees to the right which will hinder my shot. 

    Looking through the scope of the rifle he complains, why does this have to be the only time of the day that Chen bastard is without his guards surrounding him. I guess that is why that little bitch Sun Yichen is paying me such a huge sum for the hit.

     The sniper patiently waits finishing his cheap cigarette as Chen Jianyu slowly moves across the sidewalk. LiMei happens to glance up as the light is reflecting off the high powered scope, is that an assassin? Did Kuang Fu find me all ready ? She wrinkles her delicate eyebrows together, No…that can’t be possible. She notices the rifle is aimed not toward the bus stop but slightly to the left towards the arrogant man she had run into as she entered the cafe. 

     She fidgets, what should I do? Let him die? If I intervene will I be exposed? Why hasn’t the stupid bus arrived yet? I would have been gone from the scene if it was on time.

     Qin Daiyu finishes her coffee then casually walks to the waste bin, as she does Chen Jianyu notices her. The stupid woman must be waiting for the bus, I need to say something or it will bother me all day. He takes two long strides over to LiMei then stands directly in front of her with an angry look on his face The sniper sees this moment is his only chance if Chen Jianyu moves further away he will be blocked by the trees.

     Chen Jianyu curtly says,“Miss.. I..” before he can say anything else, LiMei pretends to trip forward using all her might she pushes him down to the ground as the bullet whizzes by his head hitting the waste bin behind him. Ping..Ping..The sound of the bullet hitting the metal alerts some men standing waiting for the bus. As she and Chen Jianyu fall she doesn’t want him to realize she saved him she carefully uses her palm to strike his Zehua Point knocking him unconscious.

     “Someone is shooting this direction!” the people start screaming almost in unison. LiMei takes this opportunity presented by the chaos around them to jump off Chen Jianyu’s body running towards the bus which is now pulling up to the bus stop.

     The sniper looks down at the crowd scene cursing, I had the perfect shot until that stupid woman tripped into Chen Jianyu. How am I going to explain this to to the boss, sweat is forming on his brow, maybe I should just pack up and leave town.

     She quickly pays then finds a seat towards the back. LiMei can see out the window a crowd is surrounding the man on the ground. She leans against the window, well I couldn’t just let him die in front of me could I ? Watching  as the bus pulls away she notices the beautiful woman who was in the cafe rush over to the man sprawled on the ground screaming hysterically as she stares at his face, “JIANYU ! JIANYU !”

     They must be close the way she is frantically waving her arms crying while she picks up his head.  She thinks as she sees the woman clutching the man, LiMei you did the right thing. I’m tired of seeing people die and it all happened so quickly no one probably even noticed you.

     LiMei doesn’t even want to take the time to analyze who the man is or why someone would want him dead. She just doesn’t want it to come back to her in anyway. Looking at her torn stockings and bloody knee, she scrunches up her face, she will need to stop somewhere to get new ones before her interview. Luckily she will be early maybe there is somewhere close to the Corporation to change, her skirt is loose she can pull it down to cover her knee.

     Why does trouble seem to follow me, I just want a quiet life, good food  and time to sit around reading mangas.

LiMei rests her beautiful face in her hand while leaning against the window. Closing her eyes she tries to concentrate on the upcoming interview, I need this job...this is my new beginning..

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